Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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Kris - April 6

Hey everybody! My husband and I are a mixed couple. I am a fair skined white woman and he is a darker black man. I know when mixed babies are born they tend to be light skinned with "black" featers..but what about after. I have baby blue eyes and he has dark brown eyes. What are the chances of my child having sumthing other than brown? All I really want is a healthy baby but my family and I are very curious as to what my 1st born will look like! Any one who has a mixed child or knows a situation Give me sum info!!


Clara - April 6

Only time will tell, you just have to wait and see.


sm - April 6

Your baby will be beatifull!!!!


to kris - April 6

does it matter?


Sara - April 7

Dark color is usually dominant, light color is resessive (remember Biology cla__s?) Bigger chance your baby will have tanned skin, and brown eyes. But who knows you might be surprised :) I'm Asian and my hubby is white, we're curious how our baby will look like too :) But it doesn't matter the color of skin as long as they're healthy and smart. Everytime I see a mixed race couples I always observe their kids. They're mostly are beautiful.


Liz - April 7

I think mixed people are some of the most beautiful-Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams,Mariah Carey,Alicia Keys Ect... Best of luck with your preg. and delivery : )


Lou - April 7

Kris you shouldnt worry there are many entertainers that are mixed and if you have a little girl think of Halle Berry and if you have a little boy think of Shamar Moore.I have a mixed child and he is the most beautiful child.You will be ok .


rose - April 7

i agree that mixed races create beautiful children!!! but you never know the outcome....your child could be as white as you or as dark as your husband or a complete mixture of the two!!! either way, your child will be beautiful!


sammy - April 7

I had a boyfriend in high school who's mother was a stunning African woman (extremely dark skin) and who's father was from Spain. Father was blonde with green eyes and very light skin. This boyfriend had beautiful carmel skin, kinky light brown hair, and the spookiest tan colored eyes. He was absolutely gorgeous!!! You never know. It's true dark colors are dominant (hair, eyes....) but genes are an unpredictable thing. Either way, I wish you a happy, healthy baby!


~m~ - April 7

Mixed babies (and adults) are sooooo beautiful!! I always think of Derek Jeter. Mixed, but greenish eyes. Gorgeous! Also, even though dark is indeed dominant, it doesn't always work out that way. Hubby and I are both white, but I have blue eyes, he has brown. One of our children has blue, one has brown. Weird how it all works out! Either way, what a gorgeous baby you will have!! I wish I was mix!


Leahp - April 7

Ha!! I knew of a guy in highschool, had the biggest crush on him, I was only 14!! But he was a big senior and lifeguard at the pool and the most gorgeous thing you would of ever laid your eyes on, dreads down to his shoulders, creamy tan skin and beautiful blue eyes, not to mention his buff bod!!! I know this isn't exactly baby talk but it's even fun to imagine what your baby will become. I'm anxious to see what my little bundle of joy will become since my husband is a handsome dark italian and I'm olive complected with brown eyes as well, but I'm curious to see if my grandmother's strong blue eyes will come out!! It's fun to think about!! Either way I know I will adore and love this child and every parent thinks that their baby is the cutest on earth!!! Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!


Lou - April 7

It’s true what they say that dark skin is more dominate but in my case it was in tanned and my son sperm donor (not really a sperm donor we are not together and do not get alone so that’s my name for him) is very dark but my son came out with the nicest caramel complexion curly dark brown hair. But that’s your child and you will love s/he for what ever she looks like


kenya mama - April 7

your baby will be beautiful!


Ann - April 7

I have a six year old son who is mixed, I am white and his dad is black and he has caramel colored skin, sandy dark blonde hair and light brown eyes. He is a very handsome boy if I can say so myself :) I am now 28 weeks pregnant with twin girls who are mixed with black & white as well and I can't wait to see them. will they have dark or light hair, curly or somewhat straight, what color eyes, how dark will they be....no one ever knows until they are here. Good luck with your pregnancy!


tiffani - April 7

My best friend also has bi racial children and they both have the most beautiful skin. Mom has fair white skin, dad is in the middle as far as the shade of his skin, not light and not dark. Their mom has very light blue eyes, and both kids have their dad's brown eyes. Brown is dominant color so having a mixed baby with blue eyes is rare, unless the father has light eyes in his genes. One notable thing, the babies are born looking almost white, but their skin gets darker as time goes by. By the time they turn 2, their skin is usually the color is will remain. Congratulations on your baby to be. :o)


sarita - April 7

im curious too, and i dont even know ya'll!! lol...you should have a beautiful baby!!...what a thrill to have to wait and see what features he/she has!! <<jealous :P


~S~ - April 7

My bf and I are a mixed couple as well and we're expecting our 1st child together. We both always wonder what our baby will look like. I'm half white half native, my bf is black from the caribbean. He's pretty dark and I'm somewhat fair, but we both have dark hair and brown eyes, although mine are sort of light brown. Anyways, I'm super excited to see what we've created.



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