Mixed Baby Im Light White He S Dark Black

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karen - January 1

I am a white woman with blue eyes and brown hair my 5yr old sons father is dark black...my son is very light and has green eyes and blonde hair..just depends on who has stronger genes! good luck


jilly - January 1

your baby will be so cute because it is believe it baby your going to have a top supermodel


YAHrah dahVAH, W.C.W.P. - January 2

your baby can't be any lighter as you are and no darker as the father. The turn out carmel color with brown eyes or capucinna with you eyes color. thank you.


HELLO PEOPLE - January 2



Ashley - January 3

go to this website and scroll to the bottom of the page on the right. Itll predict your childs eyes based on genetics. PS. Im in the same boat. www.thetech.org/genetics


wannabamommie - January 4

my fiance' has a mixed child. his mom is blond hair brown eyes, and my fiance' is brown hair brown eyes. His son came out with blue eyes and sandy hair! Anything is possible!


Jay - January 6

To answer a lil bit of your question. I have 2 biracial children, both mixed with black and I am white. I just had my 2nd child on Dec. 15, 2005 and honestly when he was born he was very white, but the nurses knew he was of another color due to he started to getting some color after a few hours and his private parts and on his ears were of color, so when you have a biracial child they come out lookin like a white black baby, because of the features of the baby, so don't shocked if the baby comes out completely white with black hair, believe me wait a few hours or a day or so the baby will start to look much other white. now my son is 3 weeks old with a pretty tan complexion and he had straight hair until I washed it with water and now all it does is curl up. I have to say when your child grows up they say all mixed people have good hair well my oldest son has some real thick hair and it is hard to take care of, so I keep it in braids and it cost money to take care of there hair right, but all in doubt they are beautiful children and yeah I get some stares sometimes, but I just stare back and smile.


Lesleyh - January 6

Jay, My daugther is going to have a biracial little boy, Nathan in March. We are so curious about his eye color and skin color. My daughter is olive skin, green eyes, the daddy is medium tone black, with brown eyes. What color are your son's eyes? Were your children born a really pale white? I just want to know what to expect? Also, what color is your son's hair?


Jay - January 6

Lesleyh I would probably say your daughters son will come out light and his eye color will be dark with straight hair but it will curl up most likely my oldest son has brown hair and brown eyes I have blonde hair and blue gray eyes and he has a caramel skin tone when her son is born he will be light with probably alot of black hair but as time he will get color but will probably stay light the first year and later get to a caramel color my son who just born is already getting color and his hair is curling up but I would like to know how your grandson turns out but he will be really cute when he is born believe me


medstu - January 7

I know a famous dark-skinned soap actress who had a white child (her husband is white). I remember hearing that she was often (rudely) questioned about her actual relationship to the baby, as if she couldn't possibly be the mother. You just never know what you are going to have. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by wondering about this too much - in the end you have no control over it.


Nataya8041 - January 8

It depends, I used to babysit these 2 kids that their parents were mixed. The son which was the oldest came out completely black and the little girl came out white as a ghost, so it just depends.


Tiffany - April 2

Depends on the mixture in the black parent. I am black almost as black as coal. My daughters fathers is 50% white, 25% cherokee indian, and 25% black. My daughter is caramel with wavy curly hair. It is all the way down her back. She looks like a cherokee indian. People are always shocked for some reason that she is my daughter. A white lady told me that I was lucky that her hair turned out as nice as it did. I just laughed. I don't take peoples comments to serious. You never know how they will turn out , most important is they turn out health. Tiffany.


mjvdec01 - April 3

Brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive.


faith - January 8

I know this thread is old ...but i have a child who is bi-racial ...and he is handsome and adorable ...i am light in complextion and my sons father is dark in tone . my son has green eyes light complextion and beautiful hair . Dont worry im sure he / she now is lovely :)


Miss_J - January 9

im half asian half white and my bf is blacK..hehe cant wait to see what the baby looks like.


soraya - November 1

Kris - I just had a mixed baby. I am white and my husband is black. I have olive skin, brown wavy hair, heart shaped lips, and hazel eyes. My husband has dark skin, wide nose, full lips and brown eyes. Our baby was born with a full head of soft curly black hair, blue eyes, olive skin, a delicate nose, heart shaped, yet full lips. She is true combination of both of us. She is only 3 months old, and so far she doesn't look white, nor black. She looks latin. I was surprised by how light she is. She is just as white as me and she hasn't gotten darker (at least not yet) I was also surprised that she has light eyes like my mom. Recessive genes can come through. With any baby, you never know what you are gonna get. I am sure you will have a beautiful baby. Best of luck!



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