My Sister Takes Drugs And Is Pregnant Please Help

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KAY - October 7

i have a sister who takes cocaine and drinks alot of alochol and would like some advice because she is 30 weeks pregnant and i would like to know what implications this will cause to the new baby and if she will carry to term please help me as i dont know what to do.


j - October 7

sorry to say this about someone you love, but your sister is a selfish b___h. she needs advice? tell her she doesn't deserve a baby. there is no telling what will be wrong with it. guaranteed though that it will have problems, whether physical, mental, or both. tell her to give that baby to someone who will love it. she obviously doesn't. she has made that made an addict! have you ever seen a child born to this? it's horrifying. oh, and tell her if she's gonna be a worthless druggy, get a hysterectomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


j - October 7

that sentence is supposed to say she has made that baby an addict!


kay - October 7

i totally understand with what you are saying and i would love to give the baby a home here with me, i have 3 children myself


Sonia - October 7

I am only a candy stipper (volunteer) at a Hospital but from what I understand these types of babies can have alot of health issues. Anything from heart problems to mental disorders. Most doctors will actually give addicted babies small doses of drugs to a__sist them w/withdrawal from the cocaine. Not giving them anything can be very dangerous. Some woman do actually go into premature labor b/c of the drugs and alcohol. Sometimes even the baby is born not alive. Only time will tell. It is hard to know the exact implications until the baby is born and checked out. Sometimes implications do not present themselves until later in life. I do sincerely hope everything is fine w/your new niece or nephew which does happen to. Life after all is a miracle. My prayers are with you & your niece or nephew.


kay - October 7

thanks very much for your support sonia.


E - October 7

Wow J - You have a narrow minded view regarding addiction. Addiction is not "selfish" as it is an illness. She needs help. She will likely have her baby early and the docs need to be aware that the baby may be addicted at birth.


j - October 8

Narrow minded? Maybe. Human? Definitely! I understand addictions. I lost a cousin to meth Christmas night last year. Trust me, I know what addiction looks like. Pardon me if I'm bitter about it. It doesn't start out an addiction, it starts out a choice! And when Kay's sister found out she was pregnant, she could have put herself in rehab if she cared enough about the pregnancy. She could have gotten help. And addict does see clearly every now and then. That's the time to make the right choice!


""""""""""""""""&quo - October 8

i know alot of drug users who are friends and have children. in most cases the babies are loved and no harm is brought to them at all. just because they are drug users doesn't mean they can't be good parents.


r - October 8

sounds like a good crowd you run with """"""&quo! and a drug user cannot be a good parent. Addicts can't even take care of themselves, much less children. sounds like you are speaking of yourself. therefore, you couldn't have a firm grasp on reality.


""""""""""""""&quo - October 8

thanks for the comment (r) i am not a drug user for a start as i have 3 children of my own and would not dream of taking drugs. you are so full of opinions when you probably dont know any users if i were you, you should get your facts right first.


j, not r - October 8

I hit the wrong key. i am j, not r. so """""""&quo, scroll up and read my posts, and you'll know that I have first hand experience with knowing drug users. I apologize for accusing you of being a user. Glad to hear you're not. However, since I have lost someone EXTREMELY close to me to drugs, it is a very touchy subject with me. And I suspect it is with most people in my shoes.Bottom line: although addictions can spiral out of control, there are still choices to be made. And to carry a baby for 30 weeks while still using IS selfish!


janine - October 8

i am a registered midwife and would like to inform alot of people that we are talking about cocaine and not heroin they do not have the same affects on babies. heroin users put their babies at alot more risk than what cocaine abusers do. a cocaine babie is weaned of the drugs alot quicker than what heroin babies are. i do agree that that nobody should take drugs while pregnant but unfortunately it is a ilness which needs to be dealt with, it is an addiction just like smoking. how many women smoke during pregnany that are told to give it up but can't, why can't they because it is an addiction. kay the only advice i can give to you is to make sure your sister gets regular checkups and to get the alochol under control as that could damage the baby alot more than what the drugs will depending on how much she takes.


Kay - October 8

There are many babies that come out fine and others who have problems from the. Some babies don't show signs until they are older. I really don't think she is ready to parent this baby, if she cannot stop doing drugs for herself and teh baby growing inside her. Does she want help or not? If not, maybe you have a family member or friend of the family who wants to adopt. They can do an open adoption so she can still see her child grow up. I am looking to adopt again and I know that an adoptive couple will love that baby soo much. Look into that and try to get her some help, if she will tak eit. I hope the baby is strong and healthy. I don't think there is much you can do now. How much does she drink? I wish you luck.


Scot - October 8

I don't know that you can do much because she is an adult. However, try to be supportive w/o letting her think you agree w/what she is doing to her body and the baby. Unfortunately, there is potential for implications but right now it is too early to tell. With luck hopefully everything will be fine. Try not to worry it's not good for you either.


Becca - October 10

I had a sister who did drugs with all three of her children..THANK GOD all three of them are healthy and extremely happy. Unfortunately the children have had an absentee mom most of their lives. She has been in and out of rehabs, in jail, and out doing drugs. My husband and I have had custody of them for over two years. I am not saying that your sister's baby wont have complications, but either way in the long run that child is going to need your support.


2 Kay - October 11

you really should try to get that baby b/c when he/she comes out with all the drugs in her/his system..the baby will most likely get takin away.



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