My Sister Takes Drugs And Is Pregnant Please Help

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2 Kay - October 11

you really should try to get that baby b/c when he/she comes out with all the drugs in her/his system..the baby will most likely get takin away.


angel_one - October 11

if you sister is drinking alot baby may also have fetal alchoal syndrome, on top of drug related problems! and most of the damage is proberly already done, im not sure and all but im just going on what i have heard! kay i sugest you pray for the baby and give your sister a boot up the arse!


To N - October 11

Congratulations on being clean for 6 years! Good for you.


kay - October 11

does anyone know whether i could get custody of my sisters baby because i am her sister with children of my own.


qtip - October 11

You would need to prove her to be an unfit mother and that will cost plenty in court and legal fees. Your word against hers will not get you custody. There would need to be a paper trail of her mishaps and neglect. It could also take years but maybe you are up to it? Obviously, consult with a lawyer.


Becca - October 11

Like I said in my last post.. I have custody of my sister's kid's because of her drug use. I got custody of them after they were removed from her form the DCF. The baby may be removed automatically if it test's positive for cocaine and then you can step in and ask for custody if you wish. They prefer to keep children within the you have a good chance.


qtip - October 11

Becca, how much did it cost and how long did it take for you to get custody? Good for you by the way:) I am sure the children will have a wonderful life with a family that is decent and caring.


Becca - October 11

It did not cost me anything..They were removed by the DCF and put in our temporary custody..they gave my sister a chance to straighten up and get her kids back..she did not..the judge then gave me full and permanent custody.


qtip - October 11

Nice, in a bittersweet way. I doubt it will be that easy for Kay if she battles her sister without the DCF taking the kids first.


Becca - October 11 did work out in the long run..Kay will have it hard if she tries to fight her sister for custody. DCF is the last resort for sure. It may be more difficult going the lawyer route, but it would be worth the effort and I don't know but maybe Kay's sister doesn't want the baby being that she is drinking and doing drugs.Maybe Kay should talk with her sister.


@@@@@@@@@@ - October 27



Lisa445 - January 9

first of all, don't panic - there is a solution. Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of drug rehabs which help a lot of people. There is a site Addiction Resource where you can find a proper rehab according to your budget or location. They also have a free 24/7 rehab helpline. 



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