Pregnancy From Precum On Hands?

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rydnvn - April 24


Me and my gf were giving each handjobs and we both might have touched her vagina to give pleasure after touching my penis ( which of course have precum on it ). This was before a week so I guess there are no pills to help out right now.  Before 4-5 hours the incident, I masturbated and then peed a little afterward ( telling this to add extra info ). We didn't go deep inside the vagina, her virginial membrane is still there, so we only touched to out vagina and near entrance. I know odda are very small in these situations but I just want to ask, what should be the path we follow now? Her last period were 2-3 weeks before.



Grandpa Viv - April 24

Just wait to see if her period comes on time, and if she experiences any early pregnancy signs. Run a home pregnancy test if her period shows up late. I think it will be negative even though the timing was risky. 

You will I’ll be taking more risks as time goes on. Its time for you to stock up on condoms. 


rydnvn - April 25

Thanks, have you ever seen anyone got pregnant in a similar situation? I mean, precum to outside and entrance. Also I read that tests are can be mistaken sometimes, at what percentage they give true results? Finally, what signs we should be careful about pregnancy? I know since we are a bit stressed right now, her period may be late. What about other most important signs? Also, how many days the period may late at max? Ty and sorry for many questions.


Grandpa Viv - April 25

No question that sperm can get past an intact hymen. Failure to withdraw timely is another risk. Minor contact without ejaculation in the vagina is far less risky. 

Signs include weird cramps and unusual fatigue, followed by nausea, backache, appetite change, breast and nip signs etc. 

if pregnancy does occur the period may be 9 months late, though bleeds in pregnancy are possible. Hormone upsets from sexual excitement or stress can make one period skip altogether. 

I hope some of that helps. When I’m doubt run a home pregnancy test when the period shows up missing or light. 



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