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~m~ - February 19

Hi all! I just found out I'm preggo! YAY! My doc's office put me on 200 mg Prometrium 1 x a day at bedtime. That's a progesterone hormone right???? He said it will help "hold" the pregnancy since I have a history of miscarriage. Anyone ever used this, or know anything about it? Any success stories out there? Thanks!


Heavenly - February 19

Hey ~m~!!! I had to take progesterone twice a day for my first trimester. They were suppositories. My hubby called them bullets. My doc said that I did not have enuff progesterone to supposrt the baby and form the placenta and that is why I kept having miscarriages.


~m~ - February 19

Thanks Heavenly. I'm sorry to hear you had miscarriages! Mine is in a pill form...... no suppositories, here. He said to take it at bedtime and with food so it wouldn't make me sick. I'm about to make me some supper and take my first one. I kindof dread it! I can't stand nausea! I hope I have a success story like yours!


~m~ - February 20

I took my first Prometrium last night. It gave me some dizziness, but that's it. But this morning, I took another hpt since I'm paranoid of another miscarriage. The line is soooooo much darker than it was Friday. Do you guys think it is because my hcg is rising as it should, or can Prometrium mess with the line??


P - February 20

The HPT is measuring the pregnancy hormone not the estogen so it seems like your hcg is rising as it should!! Congrats to you! and good luck!!


~m~ - February 20

P - Thank you soooo much!! So does that mean the Prometrium is raising my estrogen levels? Is that basically the same as progesterone? This is probably a stupid question..... I just don't know very much. Thanks again! I feel so much better!!


Dez - February 21

They put my friend on it and bedrest because she wasnt able to hold babies at all, and it has been working


tiffani - February 21

Hey ~m~! From what I understand, Progesterone is a hormone that your body makes to support a pregnancy. When a woman doesn't make enough of this hormone herself, the pregnancy always ends in miscarriage. Prometrium is Progesterone, just in the synthetic form. My friend had to take it for her first trimester only and then her body took over from there. She's due in June and is having a very easy pregnancy. Hope this helps.


~m~ - February 21

I'm so glad I'm getting so many helpful responses to this post (I posted in 3 forums LOL)! I am feeling so much better about things. I have a story to tell about my hcg, I'll do that in the OMG thread. Thanks!!


Alicia - February 22

I had 4 m/c's before finding out I had a lpd and had to take prometrium from 3dpo until I was 13 weeks pregnant. I am happy to say I am now 23 weeks pregnant! I took oral prometrium but b/c I took it twice a day and got very dizzy I couldn't handle it in the am, I found out the oral pills can also be used as v____al suppositories so that is how I took them. The reason we need progesterone early in pregnancy is b/c that is what sustains the pregnancy until the placenta is able to sustain itself, early on in pregnancy the baby does not get what it needs from us and is sustained on the hormones. Around 10 weeks the placenta takes over and that is why we don't need it past the first trimester. I have also been told it can cause higher hcg levels (mine were near 60,000 at 6 weeks) and can therefore increase m/s, I was very sick and had to take diclectin to keep anything down but it was worth it, just thought I'd let you know! Good luck!


~m~ - February 22

Alicia, thank you for such a helpful and detailed response. I posted this in 3 forums, and so far the answers have been consistent and extremely helpful. I feel so much more optimistic now! Thanks again!


~m~ - February 22

And CONGRATS on a successful pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sylvie - March 2

I've been taking Prometrium 100mg x /day from days 14 until my next period unles pregnancy occurs. I've had 3 miscarriages in 2004. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant which is the furthist I've ever been. I usually miscarry between 5-6 wks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Prometrium will work


Want 2 b a mommy - March 2

I am so happy I have found this site....YIKES I have been on prometrium for about 5 days and am soooooo sick. I can't keep anything down. Has this happened to anyone else?


cryss - March 3

Is prometrium an over the counter medicine or does your doctor need to prescribe it to you?


Want 2 b a mommy - March 4

Hi, I posted yesterday about taking prometrium. I started taking it about 6 days ago and I was taking 200 mg 1x a day orally. I was so sick, I could not keep anything down and was so dizzy that I could barely move my head. Okay so then I called me Dr. and he said that I should not be sick on it and then he switched me to 200mg 2x a day and am taking it v____ally. This morning I felt sick and dizzy again however I never physically got sick. Then throughout the day I have felt better until about an hour ago and started feeling a little nauseated. Is this what Prometrium does to you? Has this happened to any of you. Please respond to this post as I am going out of my mind wondering if this is a side effect or if I could be PG and started getting sick this early. My mom in law says she was sick the day after conception with both of her kids. Am I going crazy with hope and disire or just going crazy. Thanks for any info


Marti - March 8

Cograts! I also just recently found out I am pregnant.YAY!!! I have one Child and have had 4 miscarriages. :( My Dr. prescibed Prometrium with this one. I am now 81/2 weeks. My lab work is great and my last sonogram was perfect! We had never had the opportunity to use it before, as I would lose it before we knew we were pregnant. I absolutely believe this is what has helped. And yes, It does help "hold" the pregnancy. My advice is to use it exactly as prescribed. My dose is 200mg twice daily. Good Luck!!!



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