Tattoo At 5 Weeks

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babydoll - July 26

I got this very large piece started on my upper thigh/hip last week, about a 4 hour session and the next day I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. I would not even consider getting a tattoo during pregnancy except for the fact that it is started, it only has 2 more hours to go, and if I wait almost a year to finish it the colors will not match, and it will not look as good. I don't know what to do, I'm torn, my appointment is tomorrow morning, I would like to get it over with but I am scared I will hurt the baby, that it will cause birth defects or something. My artist is very sanitary and he knows that I am pregnant.....please is there a mom out there that ca give me some advice, particulary one with experiences of this kind. thanks


lilmum - July 26

That's tough. It's not so much the needles and shop i would be worried about (most respected parlors pose little to no risk now a days), while the ink is concerning (normally i know it's not toxic and does enter the bloodstream, but to a fetus, no one really knows what it does). Mainly i'm concerned with blood loss and risk of infections during healing. Honestly, i would just wait until the baby is born and when you have it finished, have the older portions touched up. It might cost you a bit more, but it will be worth it appearance wise, or possibly have it finished and wait a month to have the whole piece touched up so you can judge the differences better. I know it must be such a downer to have your tatty looking unfinished for so long (and having it done after the baby is born loses priority fast, trust me). If at all possible, call your doctor and ask him/her before you go just to make sure. There is obviously no replacement for professional advice. Good luck and let me know. (oh ya, what did you get?)


Mendi - July 26

I say ask your doctor. I would think it would be safer to do it now since the baby is not even a fetus yet. Tell the doctor you had already started the tattoo when you were pregnant and it only has 2 hours. They would know best of anything getting into the bloodstream. Since you're so early, you may be ok...more power to you, I'm such a wimp I cant even get a shot!


MM - July 26

I have 5 tats and I would not personally worry. I dont think you could harm your baby. The ink does not fully go into your blood stream. I would still ask the DR just to be on the safe side though. And yes if you do wait then the colors wont match and you will have to get a touch up on the older parts in order to have them match. I have seen many preg women getting tats before. It is not like they inject the ink into your blood stream. The needles only go so far and stay in the skin. If it all went into the blood stream who would get a tat? Keep us posted on what your DR says


babydoll - July 26

Thank u girls so much for the advice, I will definitley call my doctor, I planned on it. I saw him yeaterday and i had so many other questions and concerns it never even entered my mind! Im not worried about the cost, it is one of my good friends, so I don't pay, I'm just kind of a fun project for him. Not worried about blood loss either, because he rarely makes me bleed...sometimes just like a drop. if ya wanna see, i have a pic of just the outline online, it is mostly filled in now, I need a newer pic. go here- http://www.myspace,com/britneycasualty Even if my doctor says its ok, I still dont know if I will be comfortable, i will probably worry the whole pregnancy!


Babydoll - July 26

I called my doctor, and he said he saw no problem with it, as long as it was completley sterile. He said there is no other reason it could prove harmful to the baby. He gave me the ok, but I still wanted a second opnion, so i called another office and asked, but i think all they could get a hold of was a nurse and she said she did not recommend it becuse if i got an infection it could harm the baby. I am not worried about that, I have 20 + tattoos and have NEVER had an infection, i take VERY good care of them. So i guess I am ok, if the doc says its all good. but after this is finished NO MORE until I am all healed up and done b___stfeeding. Wow thats almost a year from now....


nat - July 26

I would say your only concern is if you gt an infection


babydoll - July 27

I got it finished, i made sure everything was extra sterile and safe. Even tho my doctor gave me the okay, Im still very worried. Everything seems fine but I don't want to cause it any birth defects or anything.... :(


Jaygray23 - March 9

Hey I am now in a similar situation. Just curious how everything turned out with baby and all??



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