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Bandygirl - March 2

Hi xerxella and all the ttctwins girls, it's Bandholz from the ttc site. Glad I found some of you. I was sooo upset when the site went down, hoping it would come up again but hasn't yet. I set up a FBook page, feel free to join us there too. Just look up Ttc Twins! On the other hand, no news here to report. I haven't read all this thread yet, but looking forward to reading!


MooCow - March 3

I found a very interesting study about % of twins or triplets with Clomid or/and HCG by age! I can't post link but google advancedfertility and revmultiplescoh and you'll find it :)


Xerxella - March 3

Hey moo cow! I couldn't find the link. Could you sum up the study? I guess I shouldn't care, but I can't see to give up my TTCTwins addiction! Hey Bandholz! It's good to see you here! How are you doing? I'm not on facebook, I'll have to join. Hopefully the site will come back up at some point when fallout settles down with her new baby.


jnsmayer6 - March 3

Thanks everyone for the info on the opk's. Last night I was able to get 20 more so Im set. I did alittle bit of research online about them and they say that morning testing is not recommended. They said you should test at noon and 8pm and you shouldnt go to the bathroom for at least 4 hours before you test. Does any of that sound right to you? Xerxella - thanks for all the info. If I dont get pregnant this time around Im going to take at least 4 months off and Im going to be doing a little research on what to stock up on before trying again. My list might be as long as your before I start. :) Im so happy you got your bfp. Bradygirl - Thanks for letting us know about the facebook page but there is no way I could add that to my facebook account. Every one of my friends and family would know that Im ttc twins and we havent even told people we where trying for 1. lol moocow - Thanks for the info. I will have to look it up. I was also reading online that women between the ages of 30-35 only have a 15% chance of getting pregnant even when they do everything right. And that it could take a year. That just doesnt seem right to me. That makes me very sad and frusterated if it is right. Well Im cd 15 and nothing really going on yet. :)


ca__sieh - March 3

Congrats X! I am so happy for you! Sticky vibes!


MooCow - March 3

Xerxella, here you go: 3608 cycles of either Clomid, HCG shot or Clomid PLUS HCG shot were included in the study. They found: JUST CLOMID: Of 176 clomiphene pregnancies, 14 (8.0%) twin and three (1.7%) triplet or higher-order implantations. JUST HCG SHOT: The 179 HMG pregnancies included 20 (11.2%) twin and 13 (7.2%) triplet or higher-order implantations. BOTH CLOMID AND HCG SHOT: Of the 115 clomiphene + HMG pregnancies, 21 (18.3%) were twin and seven (6.1%) were triplet or higher-order implantations. Also, RELATED TO AGE: * For clomiphene cycles, pregnancy rates per cycle were constant from age [ 28 to 41, and then declined dramatically (by 50%) from age 42 to 44. * For HMG and clomiphene + HMG cycles, pregnancy rates were twice the rates for CC before age 32, but declined sharply thereafter, and were the same as the pregnancy rates for clomiphene after age 37. * The incidence of multiple implantations in clomiphene pregnancies was 15% before age 30 and 8 to 10% after age 30. No triplet implantations occurred after age 33 in clomiphene cycles. The incidence of multiple implantations exceeded 20% before age 35 in HMG pregnancies and before age 39 in clomiphene + HMG pregnancies. No triplet or higher-order births occurred after age 34 in HMG and clomiphene + HMG patients. * The implantation rates per follicle were identical for all three stimulation regimens and decreased sharply after age 39.


Xerxella - March 3

Wow! Thanks moocow, that's some great information. It really shows how useful that hcg shot is! It's a little surprising because I always thought older women had a greater chance of multiples? I guess that doesn't apply when other drugs are thrown into the mix. AFM - So I was making my first appts and I mentioned that I had had a little brown spotting. (It's ssoooooo no big deal. I had real spotting with each of my other two. This is truly nothing and it happened after a bd session so it might be completely unrelated to the pg. Plus, no cramping, nothing.( Anyways, the docs office started panicing and I'm kinda calming them down, but they really wanted to send me for blood tests. No, no, I really don't need it. Wait a second, you're going to send me for an beta HCG test? Hell, yes I'll go! (I immediately went to betabase dot info so I'll know what I'm looking for tomorrow!) So I went tonight and I'll find out the results tomorrow. Send me high number vibes!!! I'll post tomorrow when I know!


jnsmayer6 - March 4

xerxella - I cant wait to hear what your hcg number is! Hoping for a high number!!! So tonight we got back from taking the kids swimming and I forgot to take my opk and went to the bathroom. So my dh went to bed and about 2 hours after I went to the bathroom after we got home, I went in and did an opk. Never thought I would be this happy, its not like a bfp but I got a + on my opk. It was way darker then the control. So I left a note for my dh to wake me up in the morning. There is no waking him up once he is sleeping until morning. Im really hoping that we catch an egg or two!!!


Bandygirl - March 4

Congrats to those with BFP's!!! That's fantastic news ladies. Fx for hh9m for you. I read that study, does anyone know what the control groups fertility was? Were they having trouble conceiving, pcos, etc? Because if that were the case then the test group using clomid or with a hcg figures seem fairly average. BUT... I haven't ever seen any studies done on women who have NO fertility issues using clomid, what the multiples rate is. I'd say it'd have to be somewhat significantly higher than normal couples with infertility issues. If anyone ever finds any such studies please post the link/site. Would make for an interesting read! My clomid is laying in wait still. Hopefully not much longer to go! In regards to facebook, if interested, set up a hotmail account then a fake facebook account to keep in touch. No one would ever be able to tell who you are. Up to everyone though. Sounds like a few members are posting regularly here while the other sites down so perhaps this can be 'the' site? Lol can't wait to see those betas X! Did you find out what they were today????


MooCow - March 4

Bandy, it was from a fertility clinic, so all the women had infertility issues. I know the numbers were what we already know but I thought the age info was useful: The incidence of multiple implantations in clomiphene pregnancies was 15% before age 30 and 8 to 10% after age 30. No triplet implantations occurred after age 33 in clomiphene cycles.


Bandygirl - March 4

Thanks moocow, sorry it's kinda late here so the good ol' brain isn't working properly lol! I just read this entire thread and read that a Greatgreta had twins, she took clomid but I couldn't see any posts with dose or days. Just wondering if anyone knows her, or had seen it in another thread?


Xerxella - March 4

Well, my betas at 14 dpo were 98. Average for a single is 101 (twins is 207). So, I'm clearly having only one. I have to admit that I'm really disappointed. It's hard to have wanted something so much and then not get it. And, I'm trying not to be so disappointed. I mean, I'm having a baby! That's great news! And, it seems to be growing right on track. This is good news. I don't want to feel disappointed, but there it is. Now, I need to work on moving on and getting excited for my new little baby. Some people try forever to just have one and I'm having #3! With, relatively no trouble! I shouldn't be so greedy. I'm trying not to be. (Please don't tell me there's still a chance. I know all about it, but I really need to start accepting this so I can start getting excited about my new addition and not be unhappy.) The odds were aginst me from the beginning. I was basically working on prayer (no clomid), so it really wasn't that likely that I'd be successful. Really, even on Clomid and other drugs it's only 20% tops, which means an 80% chance of having just one. Sorry, I'm going to try to pull myself together and stop feeling sorry for myself. I mean, I'm having a baby! That's a cause for celebration! Thanks for everyones support. You guys have been the only ones who I could talk to about this who would understand. I'll be around. X


Bandygirl - March 5

X that is still great news!! Congratulations. Whether you have 1 or 2 or more, you're going to love bubby to death and fall absolutely head over heals in love with them when you see them for the very first time. Do keep posting here, it's great reading your links and studies you find, it's very helpful for others. Talk soon!!



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