Unusual Spotting Negative Pregnancy Test

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Natnat - April 24

I am 22, my cycle is 28 days, and its pretty regular, my period always starts on the 28th of every month, and lasts 5 days and then stops. Last month however it didn't start until the 31st and lasted 5 days like usual (I figured though that the month of February might have messed with it a little since that month is shorter in days). This month I've been having some odd colored discharge. My husband and I had s_x on the 6th of this month, and then again on the 13th, we aren't ttc just yet, we had planned to try in the next couple of months, so if this was pregnancy related we would be very happy regardless of it being a little sooner than we'd planned, anyway I'm not on birth control and we don't use protection, just the pull out method. On the 14th of this month I noticed some brown discharge after I had wiped, scared me at first because I was not expecting to see that, however I just figured maybe it was due to a little roughness, or just my body pushing out old blood, for the next 3 days after that, I hadn't noticed it anymore except that I was having light cramping and some sharp pains but nothing too over the top, still I just figured it was my body preparing for my period, though its not normal for me to experience any of that so early, usually I get light cramping the same week my period is due, it wasn't up until the 18th, we decided to do a 4 hour trip up to northern cali, and once we got there I went to the bathroom and there it was again, brown discharge, I decided to check my cervix with toilet paper and there was only light brown but then suddenly I felt more coming so I wiped and on the toilet paper was more discharge but it was like a dull red color, not blood, though it had some tinges of it like very small amounts of lining is what it looked like, only 2 very small specs, and after that I wiped again and it was followed by pink discharge, I was very confused as I have never experienced this before, when I ovulate sometimes I do get some light brown discharge but never enough to fully come out, and it only lasts a day, if that, never before have I experienced any other color, besides the occasional light brown and my normal clear. Ever since the 14th its been off and on.. On the 20th it had stopped, and its when we also came home but the next day on the 21st there was more light pink discharge again.. my husband was saying maybe its just because of all the elevation changes we've been going through from southern cali to northern but we've been traveling like that for a few years now and I've never been affected like that.. yesterday the 22nd there wasn't anything again... however today the 23rd I wiped and more brown discharge. What could this be?... I do not have any itching, no burning, and no bad smells, its definitely not an std because I've only been with my husband and he's only been with me (3 years) and we both get regular check ups, so on that note, everything is pretty normal I've been researching and typing in my symptoms and all the websites tell me implantation bleeding... but I just don't know.. I'm going to get an updated check up tomorrow, I took a pregnancy test today because I just want to know already, but it came back negative, however my period isn't due until the 28th of this month, so it could've just been too early to test, though its a 5 days before clear blue. The only symptoms I've been experiencing is tiredness all of a sudden.. been taking naps during the middle of the day because I just feel so tired after hardly doing anything(except for today I've felt awake), light cramping, light backache, I had a couple of headaches, my br___ts are a little fuller but that's always normal and consistent with my period every month so I can't use that one... I've been moody but also always consistent with my period.. I have been feeling really hungry lately.. I'll eat one meal and be full but then about 30 minutes to 1 hour later I am hungry again... I feel like there is some pressure in my lower area but not too much, been getting a lot of fluttery and butterfly feelings there too, the other day I was laughing, laughing so hard that my eyes started to water and then out of no where I just started crying actual tears and felt sad for no reason and I didn't feel like laughing anymore, this only lasted a minute or two, and then afterwards I was thinking what the heck was that about? I have two more pregnancy tests, but I don't want to waste them. Anyone else experience this? another thing that popped up was cervical cancer... a lot of the symptoms are similar, so now I'm kind of scared to find out... I am due for a pap smear this year and is what I'm getting tomorrow, but I've been so patient up until this point, and I know that no one can tell me what's going on with MY body but I just wanted to see if anyone else might have had similar experiences. At this moment I'm currently experiencing light brown discharge, light cramping and light pelvic pressure. Its not extreme, just enough to notice it.


Grandpa Viv - April 24

On a cla__sic 28 day cycle ovulation most likely occurs CD14, and that is when you started to note weird stuff happening. That would be too soon for s_x 13th to have any effect. Some women do ovulate as early as CD10, and s_x 6th could have caught that, with implantation 14th. I think there is a pretty fair chance you are getting pregnant, but save your tests until your period is late, and even then test every few days as it can take a while for the hormone to get up to strength. GL!


Natnat - April 24

Thank you, I made an appointment for a check up tomorrow morning, as I couldn't get any spots for one today. I'm saving the other 2 tests. Right now I'm lightly cramping along with very light brown spotting, and my back is pretty uncomfortable, am anxious to find out what this is about already.


Natnat - April 25

Test at the doctor's came back negative as well, so I'm not pregnant :( Have to go back next week to discuss pap smear results, said everything looked good and fine though.. was really hoping for a positive and that my hpt was just too early and wrong, but oh well... we have the next couple of months to look forward to since hubby wanted to start trying then, so hopefully! [3


Grandpa Viv - April 25

A positive test at the doc's would have told you something, but a negative simply says you may have tested too early. Save your tests until your period is late, and even then test every few days as it can take a while for the hormone to get up to strength. GL!


Natnat - April 30

My period has come but it hasn't been normal... for one it started early, which never happens, on the 27th, but it wasn't at all heavy, its been very light on and off, more like spotting, it continued onto the 28th, which is usually when it would start, and I thought okay, it should get heavier today... but it didn't, yesterday morning (29th) I tested again with a hpt just to be sure, and it came back negative.... in the day time, there was some blood but not enough to even fill the tampon, and it was accompanied by brown discharge, in which there was more of that then blood... as of last night (the 29th) it had stopped.. now this morning (the 30th) all that was on the tampon was some very link pink discharge accompanied by clear discharge..... My b___sts now are very full and sore. I go back to my doctor on the 2nd of may... but when I had gone in for my pap he didn't seem at all concerned with what I was telling him... I tried explaining to him about what's been going on.... he only answered me with "Uh huh, uh huh." and then didn't say anything... I haven't been able to get answers anywhere, not from any websites online and certainly not from my doctor.... its now become very frustrating... I've been experiencing a lot of pounding headaches as of the last couple nights. No symptoms of anything else otherwise.


Grandpa Viv - April 30

Sorry you did not get an immediate answer now your period is late. Test every few days as it can take a while for the hormone to get up to strength. Some women do not get a positive until two weeks late, and few even later. Your doctor knows this and did not want to commit one way or the other. The list of early signs resembles various PMS signs, often different in timing or intensity. They include weird cramps, fatigue, lotion discharge, more frequent peeing, backache, emotions, nauseous feelings, headaches, bigger b___sts, sensitive nips, veins showing more, acne, vivid dreams, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating, short of breath, appet_te change, favorite food change, sensitive to smells, hot flashes, stuffy nose, occasional cramps in upper leg or behind belly b___ton, dry skin etc. GL!


Natnat - April 30

Okay, Thank you very much. If absolutely nothing happens by the 1st of May, I will test again, and if things are still acting up, I'll request a blood test. My mother had to do that with me... all the doctors kept telling her she wasn't pregnant, and all pee tests kept coming back negative until she got a blood test, and she got a positive.


mg26 - July 2

so did you ever get a positive test?


stc - July 3

i had a similar situation. long story short, i forgot when i was suppose to come on (i have regular periods but i just forgot) but i knew it was about time. i was having very strong mentrual symptoms, stronger than normal. i scheduled an appt with a local clinic and tested negative. the next day (sunday) i came on (11:00p). it was light at first but when i woke up the next day it was EXTREMELY heavy. i used a 8-hour tampon in 3 hours. it was like that til i went to bed. i woke up the next morning and changed and the tampon was babrely used so i didn't use another one and i didn't have any problems. to my surprise, my period was gone. it usually last 5-7 days. then i had light pink spotting one time that saturday. i thought my period was trying to come back on and finish what it started but it went away. all this time my strong menstrual symptoms never stopped. fast forward to 3 weeks later. i had light pink spotting again that lasted for 2 days so i took a hpt. negative again. then one of my symptoms stopped completely and the other one isn't as bad al of a sudden and they are both symptoms i always have when coming on so i should be having them right about now. my period is due in a week. i just spotted 2 days ago so i'm gonna wait and see if i come on this weekend (tuesday at the latest). if not im going to do another hpt.


lolabratt - July 6

had s_x every day all month long..usually start period on 3. this month on the 1st i had cramps, back pains and pinkish white discharge on toilet paper and when i wiped. nothingels the rest of the day.next day little bit of brown blood. went to sleep woke up nothing. 3rd day bleeding.4th bleeding, not heavey.5th bleeding. today is the 6th day brownish spotting, now nothing..been having wierd cravings and dreams. sore nipples full b___st.could i be pregnant?


sjewell - January 13

I have a similar situation. On Wednesday, January 9 while at work i used the restroom and saw blood on the tissue when i wiped. I then put a light days pad on. The spotting continued on Thursday, January 10th until around 1pm. During this time there was little to no blood or brownish color discharge on the pad except wiping. Thursday evening, my husband and I had s_x and I waited to see if I had started with the help of the s_x, did not happen. Friday, no blood or anything all day, one of my friends suggested to take a test and it came up negative. Saturday nothing until the evening when there was a light brown discharge in my panties. Last night, I put a pad on and again only discharge is on the tissue when I wipe but, nothing on the pad itself. My period is suppose to start on Thursday and my period does come on a regular basis. Last month it arrived 2 days late.I am drinking three 32oz bottles of water a day to keep hydrated. I am wondering if I should try another test sometime next week or the week after? my brests are very sore, i have cramping on and off (normally when i am on my period i have cramping at the beginning only), i feel very tired. I seem to feel really hot at night time and normally i am cooler during the night. Any suggestions?


MoMo20 - September 25

I was supposed to start my period 4 days ago. I've had a light pain, that is  accompanied with bloating, in my abdomen for the past 5 or so days. I've been hungry constantly, been very tired, and very very emotional for the past couple weeks. I've also been a little extra gasy and constantly having to go pee. I took a test yesterday that came back negative then when I woke up this morning, I had extreme cramps and light bleeding which isn't normal for my period. My cramps have seemed to go away some with the help of Tylenol and a heat pad but I'm still scared something is wrong. 


Grandpa Viv - September 26

Hmm. Did you have unprotected sex Labor Day weekend? Is it possible that you were getting pregnant but the process failed? That happens quite often. You could wait a week to see what happens next, maybe run another test a week after the last. 



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