Weird EDD(Estimated Delivery Date)

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weneedchild - April 2

We are a childless couple and have hired a surrogate for child with IUI. Below are the relevant facts and dates:

Her LMP -> 18-Jan-2018

IUI -> 02-Feb-2018

Ultrsound(Sonography) was done on -> 31-Mar-2018

EDD -> 17-Nov-2018

GA as per Ultrasound is 7W 0D which means the conception was around 10-Feb-2018(give or take a day). Is this possible? I mean can the sperm survive that long(from 2nd Feb to 10th Feb)? Is it possible that our Surrogate would have had unprotected sex during 2nd Feb to 10th Feb?

We really need your expert opinion. It is very important for us.

Thank you


Grandpa Viv - April 3

Conception was about Feb 24th - remember GA counts from theoretical LMP, and ovulation is two weeks later. Something is not right here. Seems like she was having a delayed cycle, thought she was pregnant and thus clear to have a little fling. 


weneedchild - April 3

How can conception be around Feb 24th? which is almost 37-38 days from LMP? I mean is this possible? My fertility clinic doctor says that the conception is probably around Feb 8th - Feb 11th.

Also, I am still looking for answers on below which can impact our Surrogacy Agreement:

1. How long sperm can survive once in side a woman?

2. What are the chances that Pregnancy is because of IUI and not because of unprotected sex?

The whole idea and intent of agreement was to have child with our sperm


Grandpa Viv - April 3

Sperm usually last no more than five days inside. 


Grandpa Viv - April 3

Evidently the stress of the procedure caused a delayed ovulation. Read up on the difference between gestational age and fetal age, then go over the math again with your fertility doctor. Would a paternity test sort it out?


weneedchild - April 3

If I look at the GA, the conception is calculated to be around Feb 9th-10th and the IUI wa on Feb 2nd. This is where my confusion is i.e. did the sperm survive 7-8 days? I mean is it a close call?

I suggested a paternity test to Surrogate and she is yet to respond.



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