My Pregnant Girlfriend Broke Up With Me

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mrfaosfx - August 7

Well, it sounds like she definitely moved on with her life. The toughest part is she does all these crazy things and she put UNKNOWN? Could you have atleast asked for a DNA test to claim the baby was yours? And I don't know why she is doing this, maybe she is being overly protective of her new son but its your son too, its down right horrible when the mother decides to distant herself so much that its hard to get to see your son. My instincts tell me she moved far away from you to probably start a new life, with "someone" else. Who knows. We all know that hormones play a big factor in the way a woman feels during pregnancy and now that she is not pregnant, the hormone levels are dropping and everything is changing again, so this is just another stage she is going through. The hardest of them all is just beginning, she has post-partum depression to deal with now and you being the father, not being there to help her, its going to be even tougher for her. Oh yeah, when they put UNKNOWN on the birth certificate, that means you weren't at the hospital when the baby was born. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL with this, as she can file for child support and request a DNA test from you and you'll have the bad end of the stick, judging from her recent actions, I wouldn't be surprised if she has an evil master plan moving about as we speak. You need to start talking to her, face to face...not to say hi or see the baby but how you are going to go about your lives with this child because, shes doing a lot of questionable things.


markj - November 26

My girlfriend, who is about 7 months pregnant with my son, broke up with me about a week ago. I came home one night and she was gone. She wouldn't answer my phone calls and would barely text me back. She wouldn't tell me where she was going. Only that she needed time. Eventually she informed me that she moved to colorado to live with her brother. This is about 1000 miles away from where we lived together and where I live still. She still texts me and every once in awhile calls, but everytime i talk about working things out, she says that she doesn't know. I will admit I made some mistakes in our relationship. I was stressed most of the time after i realized she was pregnant. As she put it, "I'm on the same person that she started dating." (we dated about three months before she got pregnant). I did let stress get to me and we fought a little more than usual, but i thought she understood that i was stressed over work and trying to provide for my family. I never showed that i regretted getting her pregnant. I was actually very happy to have a family with her. I love her and our son very much. I'm just afraid amongst all the fighting and stressing, i didn't show it well enough. I didn't show enough understanding towards the stresses SHE was having: carrying him, delivering him and ultimately taking care of him. I've expressed my regrets to her for my mistakes and she still seems very unsure of me. I've talked to her every day since she left. She has a job up there and seems pretty happy, but anytime i talk about us, she seems unsure. She still tells me she loves me and misses me, just that she can't be with me the way i was. I told her i could change the way i dealt with stress and provide a happier atmosphere for her and our son, but she is very reluctant to trust me. I've expressed to her that i would take couselling so i may deal with stress better, but it doesn't quite make her see. I will do anything to have my family back. They are the most important thing to me...I just want her to see that. Is there any advice anyone can give me?



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