Pregnant Girl Friend Left Me With 8 Wks To Go HORMONES

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pilgrim2696 - December 2

Hi this is the short story sorry lol, it started like this was with my now ex for 3 months and she fell pregnant she already has 2 aged 5 and 25 and she is 28 and this is my first, at first i wasn't ready but decided i would stand her every step of the way so we decided to go through wit it. Eveything was great until she was about 3 and a half months gone and she started to become very distant towards me and not want to spend anytime with me like we used to. we used to spend every spare minute we had together because i work shifts and used to do things with her kid too like take them on days out. everthing was great. I understood thing would be tough and she would get tied because she had 2 kids to look after aswell. after becoming distant and not wanting to see or spend time with me she hardly ever replied to my text or calls and was just genrally vile, moody and evil and really nasty to me and cancelled nearly everytime we arranged to do something. I thought to my self this will pass just ride it out its the hormones. i spoke to her mum and sister about it and they said dont take it personally, its her hormones and she is a vile, revolting person when pregnant and will go back to normal once she had the baby.. i spoke to her and asked what i could do to make things better and she said just back off and give her space. which i did, and only seen her twice awekk if i was lucky. her mum ans sis also said ignore her, she is not used to someone wanting to be with her and look after her and being so nice. any way this went on for 3 months and i thought everything was ok. How silly of me.... we had 12 weeks left and she text me at work and said we need to talk tonight. isaid what about. she said us. aranged to talk to her then about 15 mins before i was due to go round seh text sayin she aint got enough time, we will have to talk tomorow i thought that wasnt fair on me and i called her sayin no, we need to talk now and agreed. when i went round there and said she wasnt happy and ended it with me, her reason were that i dont back off and im clingy and dont drop things and she wanted to get christmas out the way and concentrate on her kid and being pregnant.. and said we will see what happens when baby is born. she said she loves me but not as much as i live her. i did everyhing for her and just wanted a nornal realationship by doing little things like eat with her and watch tv, di the shopping ect.. her family said they dont know what is wrong with her and that ive done nothing wrong and she is chucking the best thing that happend tp her away. anyway, i did my begging bit sayin i will back right off see her when suits her let her call all the shots. she said she will think. i didnt speak to her for 4 oir 5 days and she text me saying im not trying to hurt you but the baby is going to have ny mame and that there is no chance of us getting back together and i should give up.. people told me not to react but its hard not too when she keeps sendind nasty text every few days to start an argument. i dont bite and am being ver amicable with her still telling her i want her back,pls think, i will do anything it takes and im here for her any time and if she needs any thing...i didnt text,call or hear from her for anothe couple of days and she was telling me about rumours around the small town we live in why we had split i replied to her they are new ones lol,dont listen to them you know what this town is like. then with that she trys starting an argument. people say she is just tryin to get a reaction frm me... its working. but its hard to ingnore i love this girl more than anything in the world. I said to her i wanted to put a stop to this bicking and get on with her and be friend and our bays sake and still wanted to be involved in the pregancy she eventally agreed... so on saturday i went out for a quite drink with a mate for the first time in a couple of months and met up with my mum who was out too. in the pub i got chattin to a ex nothing halmful, and a few pics of me talkin to her ended up on FB that was it. the next day she text me sayin " nice photos on FB. there me carrying your baby and your out having fun.your the dad of this baby that is it we will not be talkin like we agreed and not be friends. so go out find someone else and enjoy yourself. yor a boy trying to be a man, you give me all your sh*t sayin you love and miss me and your out enjing yourself. grow up..i dnt know if i want you at the birth take care x" WTF i repied saying what am i ment to do stay in and mope about, you told me to go out and you ened it" her nastyness has continued and continued ive been so amicable with her. and to noght she deleted me off FB saying she did it because so i dnt have to see what she put on there and think its about me and so she cant see what im doing. i keep telling her it her i love and willing to do what she wants to make it wrk and its her i want. i asked bout getting along she said yes but only for the baby. so no need to talk now till a few weeks for the birth and have a good christmas and speak soon" i replied saying "ok if thats what you want remember im here if anything changes and you need anything or you do change your mind. my feelings arenot going to change. you and the kids have a good xmas too. id rather you called than txt to know what is happening. i do love you and pls pls look after yourself" .... what is with this girls is she still hangin on and loves me? it it the hormones? why is she being so nasty and evil? ive done nothing wrong apart from love,take take care, be there and support her and her 2 kids? ive said to her why you hurting me im hurting enough she reakons she is hurting she really and do you think she will come running back? but if she does it has to be for the right reasons. i love this girl wholeheartedly and more than anything in the world. i now have to play the waiting game be strong for when the baby arrives which is only 8 weeks.. adivce and thoughts pls]


mrfaosfx - February 11

I can confirm to you, it is her hormones and I can also guarantee you that your relationship with her is out the window, why? Because its not working, that's why. When one partner puts the relationship aside, it no longer works. With her hormones raging and you after her like a magnet she can do anything impulsively, even starting meeting another guy and want you completely out of her life. You'll also find out that even after the baby's born, her hormones will continue to drive her insane, specially even more when she has to wake up in the middle of the night to calm down a crying baby. So don't hold your breath, as far as relationships go...shes thrown it out the window....women who do that kind of stuff are better just left alone...only the good women stand by yourself through that difficult time, if they really really love you, they will put up with anything and everyone to stand by your side and you wont be neglected from the pregnancy. A pregnancy is a beautiful thing for a couple, her belly, great times, clothing, gifts, support. If anything the pregnancy should have brought you guys closer not push you apart. The bottom line is, when your girl treats you like trash and says she doesn't love you anymore...its bad. GOD sent man to earth live, laugh and love but most important of all, to form a family. It is every man's dream to come home and open his arms to hold his wife and kids....if anything is missing in that factor, you don't have a family, you have a broken one and broken family usually lead to kids who have problems in school and struggle through life. That is why GOD asks lovers to marry through church in his name because once they both sign, the union is for ever till death. This means divorce is not an option and you can rest a__sure that any women or man which takes this path with anyone, truly loves their partner.


Mariam3015 - January 12

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