Pregnant Girlfriend Hates Me And Keeps On Pushin Me Away

9 Replies - June 16

This pregnancy was not planned,however we were very happy and planned our wedding when we found out she was pregnant,I bought her the engagement ring and everything was happiness and joy,until the 10th week,she became totally EVIL and CRAZY towards me,she said she did not feel like talking to me anymore and she did not love me!,she works out of town in different cities of the US and I have not seen or talked to her in 3 months(i just text her to see how she is doing,thats all she wants) because she says she does not want anything with me,she wont send me a pic of the baby's ultrasound and says I dont have any rights on the baby because I only put one sperm and she is the one doing all the work on this pregnancy,says she wants to be a single mom and wants the baby all for herself,she even picked the name w/o consulting me!,she decided she is going to give birth at the state she lived before but told me that I could see my baby whenever i want to,she is now 23 weeks and it looks that as pregnancy goes on she becomes more irrational,all this is breaking me in pieces i just dont know what to do!,before the pregnancy we had a great relationship in all aspects and she was very sweet and loving,we were first bf/gf we have been really close since we were little kids and I just don't understand why shes acting like this now?I love her and I want to be with my baby when she is born(btw we are having a baby girl)but she keeps pushing me away and doing and saying things that I really dont deserve because I"ve been very supportive,to the point of give her money for maternity clothes,flowers on her bday and all I get is rejection and hate from her!Could anyone that has been through this impart some words of wisdom?Am I ever gonna see that sweet,caring and loving girl that I had before,are this the hormones?Help please!


mrben - July 26

my friend am going through the same thing my gf and i was very happy together and we did have a few small arguments but now she has hit 10 11 weeks all things have changed she wants nothing to do with me at the minute it seems her family are pushing me out of the picture and there saying she can cope with out me just like her sisters did. the difference there is i want something to do with my child i want to be involved but its not happening. our relationship is ending and i don't want it to i love her and i love the baby although its not here yet its killing me inside i haven't slept in several days my work is suffering because of this and i have not eaten because i am worried about her and not knowing anything is hurting me so much. i saw her on Saturday but she was very distant we had a chat and she said that she didn't want to be with me and she wouldn't want to work anything threw but before she was pregnant she was around me all the time cuddling and kissing now nothing. maybe we could help each other and talk am the only one of my friends to be having or had a baby and I don't know what to do bar killing my self to stop the pain. sorry for piggy backing


anthony bush - February 23

has your girlfriend had the baby ? how are you two now ?


yawnyman - July 4

Dude I swear I'm going through almost the exact thing. its hard. Real hard. I googled my problem and found this, just thought i'd tell ya that you're not alone. My GF is living with her parents we were already engaged i just had one more year of school left. still do. but now, i think shes just ready to end us and I'm literally scared to death. Just keep your hopes up. when the baby is born, maybe she'll come back down to earth. I'm hoping My GF (fiance) does.


yawnyman - July 4

also just read when that was posted tell me it ended well. please. I need the help.


Tom_Sykes - July 6

Helloooo my girlfriend is pregnant, first time for us both. She is 10 weeks pregnant so hormones are currently all over the place. Sometimes its hard to differenciate the difference between her being hormonal or whether she is just genereally peed off with something...n that something being me! I feel like im completely useless and im doing nothing right. I want us to work for the baby and becuase i love her. But i feel like shes not interested in me at all, and im scared sh****less that shes gonna end it with me. I want her to be happy and i dont wanna stress her out cos of the baby. Im trying everything possible. Is it gonna be like this for the whole 9 months? and is it just her hormones? I am a nice lad and just want her to be happy, but everything i say/do, she just snaps. Doesbt want cuddles or kisses anymore. And its really starting to get me depressed. cos im trying everything in my will power to provide for us.


yawnyman - July 6

Dude, i promise, I don't really know, but if you guys are still living together, then you should be fine. once that baby is here itle be you three all happy and loving on each other. honestly im jealous because I wanted to be with my GF but she stayed with her parents. and shes 20. i had a good welding job lined up and everything. but you guys should be fine. women are complex machines and you'll never master them. but honestly all we do is try to make them happy, so in the end i hope the best for you guys. I'm sure she's just venting pressure and frustration on you, and it'll work out in the end. she'll be gratefull for you putting up with it. just be glad you've got her, and love that baby, and you couldnt ask for better.


dski - July 28

I am in such a similar position. You are not alone


yawnyman - September 3

sorry guys. it didn't end well for me. i hope the best for yall. we broke up eventually, over the months it kept getting worse. now shes 2 days over the due date and i havn't heard from her in weeks, or seen her in months. It kills me. But, I'm getting a lawyer. wish me luck guys. at least i'll still have the baby.


E457 - August 23

this seems to be very common



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