Pregnant Girlfriend Left Me I Was Supposed To Be The One

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lovestruckandconfused - April 4

So I and my ex met online and from that point on it was perfect. We hit it off really well and it almost seemed to go to be true. The whole relationship was perfect we never fought and never argued. We both fell deeply in love with each other and that’s the way it stayed for the whole relationship. She would always tell me how much she appreciated me in her life and how blessed she was to have me in her life. I got cards and texts telling me that I was the "ONE" and that she didn’t want to look anymore, that I was the one that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and I was it for her. She reminded me of this all the time, and always told me how much she loved me. She introduced me to her whole family. We went out to dinner with her grandma and her grandma even commented that I was a keeper. Eventually we moved in together and things went really well until she felt unsure because my apartment was a bit away from town and there wasn’t a whole lot of stores within walking distance cause she takes the bus and it takes 2 hours to get into town when normally would only take 30 minutes by car. I know this was a problem with her and I understood. I told her once my lease was up that we would move closer so she would be free to go to the store without relying on me to drive her everywhere, she is a very independent person that way. we found out that she was pregnant and we were both happy about it even though it wasn’t planned, she was even on birth control. She was happy as well, telling her whole family and she couldn’t have been more excited to have my baby. About a couple of days before the breakup she was spending time with her mom and I was at work and she texted me and brought up the idea of a promise ring, that she wasn’t ready for marriage yet but thought a promise ring would be appropriate for the time being, I agreed 100% and felt just a strong about it. She said that we were heading down the right road and that again she loved me so very much and was so grateful to have me in her life. About a couple of days after that she became distant and was not affectionate as much anymore and we haven’t been intimate in a while since then. The day after that she wrote me a letter telling me that her emotions were out of whack and didn’t know what to think, she said she still loved me but wasn’t sure if she was still in love with me and that she need to find herself and get her head on straight. She said that it wasn’t a breakup letter but that she just needed to see if she still was still in love with me and figure out her feelings. The day after the letter she broke up with me telling me that I wasn’t the one and that her feelings have changed. She told me that she needs to be alone and on her own. I was crushed cause of what she said in the past and I thought were going to have a happy future together. This does not seem like her at all, based on what she has felt and expressed up until now, this is not the same person. She has completely turned off all feelings towards me and now she says that we can just be friends. This doesn’t add up. I have talked to her mom and she told me I have nothing to worry about, and that she loves me and her emotions are just wishy washy, but since talking to her mom my ex has gotten upset for me talking to her mom and reminded me again that it just won’t work. I have a hard time believing this cause this was not her up until now. I have a 4yr daughter previous to this relationship and her mom left me for someone else so this is something I’m trying to avoid again, I cannot stand another broken family. I want to be the full time dad to our baby and I have a hard time believing this is what she wants. She is it for me, the one and the only one I want to be with and I would like to marry her one day. Up until now she wanted to as well this is why it is so hard to believe that this is what she wants. I’m trying to give her space and she is allowing me to go to all the doctor appointments but I’m afraid. its been about a month and a half since we seperated and she is about 13 weeks now. Anyone have any words of advice, do I have any chance of getting her back, and is this just the hormones from the pregnancy talking?


E457 - August 23




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