Why Do Guys Cheat When Wife Is Preg

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coolest chick ever - December 19

Okay. I am actually having s_x with this really hot guy that HAS a pregnant wife. I have wanted to ask him why he waited until she was pregnant to cheat, but figured it was none of my business. The s_x is ridiculously good. I mean REALLY good. He has all this built up s_xual frustration because his wife has always hated s_x. So I'm on the guys side on this one.Sorry girls. Don't kill me.


susy - March 3

BS and Tim and some other guys, thanks so much for your honest answers. Not all guys cheat and there are guys who have other interests in life besides women to keep them busy. Of course men need and want s_x as often as possible, but I would rather feel a little uncomfortable doing it with my husband then him feeling a bit let down so to save any risk, I think ladies its a good idea whereever possible to have s_x during pregnancy. I think it also depends on the age of a guy and his maturity. there are so many men who literally have no clue out there and that is pretty worrying for their kids. A guy who is reasonable thinks about the consequences and possible outcomes of what he might get into. A guy who doesnt give a damm about nothing but himself is a selfish idiot who doesnt even deserve to be a father. if he cant look after you, how the hell can he look after a child?


chilly - March 3

Okay. I am actually having s_x with this really hot guy that HAS a pregnant wife. I have wanted to ask him why he waited until she was pregnant to cheat, but figured it was none of my business. The s_x is ridiculously good. I mean REALLY good. He has all this built up s_xual frustration because his wife has always hated s_x. So I'm on the guys side on this one.Sorry girls. Don't kill me. ↑ Cool you sound like an 18 year old who is being used by some idiot to keep him busy while his wife is pregnant. have you ever been pregnant?? sounds like probably not so good luck when you are and if your guy cheats on you I am sure you will be loving it!


mokakpu - March 25

Im sorry for your unfortunate situation. I am 26, my girlfriend is 25yrs old. We have been together for almost 3yrs and are expecting in may. My answer to the reason why guys cheat is because they are either not getting it at home or because they are weirded out by their "unattractive" pregant wife. In my case, I have not cheated on my girl, but I have been tempted, to because im not receiving any form of s_xual satisfaction at home and this is driving me crazy becauase I am very attracted to my lady and would like to have s_x, but she stays mad at me 24/7 which prevents the s_x and in the earlier stages, she just was not feeling like having s_x. I don't know if this helps answer your question. In my case, the reason why someone like me would cheat would be because of the lack of satisfaction at home. She makes no effort to have s_x with me.


karl30 - July 5

why men cheat during pregnancy? well i don't think its to do with women appearing more "unattractive" wwe arn't THAT shallow. However i will tell you what i think from personal experience although i havn't cheated and never have on anyone...yet. ok firstly the s_x stops and i dont just mean s_x i mean all activity a__sociated with it too (even kissing or god forbid cuddling) then theres the being ignored 24/7 no i,m not going overboard . Literally 24/7. And finally if i dare to speak and challenge her ignorence the once mild mannered girl i met 3 years ago that would never swear or call me a name now resembles the girl out of the exorcist . This is what i got 5 minutes ago :- i fu**ing hate your guts you little Dic*ed ugly tw**t no wonder you havnt had many girlfriends look at the state of you you ska*k ( not to mention bringing up the darkest most painful memories from my past ). she also shoved me threatened to hit me and very nearly did . You may think this is isolated incident ..... no. it isnt . would i cheat??? too right i would


Subiedad2b - July 6

I've just read all four pages of this thread thus far and there are so many valid points. A lot of it is an age old problem NOONE understands the problems of the other side, at least not completely. For that matter we dont make their problems matter as much as we need to. My S.O. is 3 .5 months pregnant and I cant remember the last time I got so much as a kiss let alone s_x (oral or otherwise)!! It really is driving me crazy, we've been together for 2 yrs and im not going to cheat on her but if I were the type now would definitely be the time I would. I've been cheated on in the past so I will never make my babe feel that kind of pain and betrayal. Now then, I can COMPLETELY understand why some men WOULD cheat. I know there are many that will sympathize with this. When you are made to feel like you no longer matter then you will automatically want to find a way to feel like you matter again!! That goes for s_x affection, companionship the whole 9 that make up a relationship. My S.O. still love me but in her own words "you always irritate me and its not even anything that you do". When you are told things like this and are never given any kind of the treatment that you are used to its NATURAL to feel bad about it and want a change. I understand that you all are tired and get sick alot and ache and have hot flashes and temper boil overs believe me I do. I think its still important to remember that the men in your lives are still people to and we still need love, affection, comfort, companionship and yes the magic pill, s_x. Thats just my .02. More to the point. Its frustrating as he!! because I do EVERYTHING around the house, all of the laundry, all of the dishes, litter box, trash, breakfast(for her, i dont have time), dinner (when I get home early 4nights a week), cleaning the bathrooms, groceries, EVERYTHING and I still work a very stressful 50 hrs/wk I do everything I can to support my love. I even slice up fruit for an after work snack for her daily. I dont know what more can be done and I cant even get a simple kiss to make me feel special god forbid i even make a JOKE about s_x. Then I get the "everything is s_x with you" line... news flash if it was as you say I WOULDNT BE HERE!!! So trust me I can whole heartedly see why some men would do it because I know for a fact that im not the only man on these forums going through this ive read way to many posts that are almost exactly like mine as proof. With all that said I still cant imagine cheating on her.


karl30 - July 12

i thought i would do an update on my situation. Not only has my girl friend ( sorry , now ex girlfriend) had another crazy outburst she also just chased me into the room nearly knocked the door off the hinges and punched me three times n threw my music stand at me . i told her to leave then she slapped me a further 3 times. ok i have not cheated but shes looking for alternate accomadation as i'v kicked her out .


coolest chick ever - July 12

"threw my music stand at me" Good for you! A women wouldn't take that kind of abuse - you shouldn't either. See what I mean... Breeding - people shouldn't.


Red Dragon - December 12

Opinion from the other side of the book: Yes! i was the woman that slept with the married man who was expecting a baby. This man used to be my bf...but stuff happened and we had to break up. Almost his entire relationship with this other woman, he will sneak up and tell me how much he loves me,how much he misses me, what a great friend i am. Things where beginning to get more and more intense (with no physical contact)until she got pregnant. Almost the entire pregnancy, he was looking for me for s_x (about atleast 1 a month). As time went by, his relationship with her was getting worst. What em i trying to say? if by any chance, you think your husband is cheating on you leave him! its not worth it!!!!! he probably was doing it before the pregnancy and BIG chance he will keep doing it. Im not proud of it at all.


Chris M - February 22

Red Dragon, knowing that this man was married and willing to cheat on his pregnant wife - why were you willing to do it? Sorry, I'm intrigued.


fatima boomba - April 13

Pregnant or not, cheating is statistically (and depressingly) common. Because let's face it, If HALLE BERRY's ex husband apparently cheated on her, then what the hell chance does a normal girl have :(


notjustguys - April 20

I just wanted to say that it's not just husbands or boyfriends who may be tempted to stray in pregnancy. Affairs in lesbian relationships during pregnancy are also common, usually the woman who isn't carrying the child may be tempted to or have an affair. Honestly, pregnancy is a hugely transformative thing for BOTH people in the relationship and if there isn't communication about that, something bad is bound to happen. Yes, some women and men are just jerks, but I can relate to some of the father's posts here about loss of intimacy during pregnancy. S_x is important in a relationship -- it's not the only important thing, of course, but it is important. I know that pregnancy is a very vulnerable experience for women, but partners/husbands also feel vulnerable -- it's a life-changing experience for everyone. I'm not excusing cheating, but I am saying that this isn't just a "men are pigs" issue. Get thee to a couple's therapist, pastor, or counselor for help!


XMarchHareX - August 14

I just signed up to say that I personally think pregnant women are incredibly s_xy. First of all because they are just s_xy and also because I've heard during the second trimester their s_x drive is as high as mine. It's messed up to say but it's true. Also mostly because they seem more loving and caring. I must state that I never slept with a pregnant woman and as much as I would like to I'm sure it will remain simply a desire. However If I find out a guy cheated on one of them I come and help her get back at them. A man should be very lucky that he is going to be a father and should not cheat on who should be his wife. If he doesn't feel lucky I'm going to. so hehehaha. Be very afraid.


XMarchHareX - August 14

I just signed up to say that I think pregnant women are incredibly hot and I always had a fantasy to sleep with one cause I think they are more caring. If any pregant women want to get back at a guy because he doesn't feel so lucky to be a dad and lucky to be with you and he doesn't constantly remind you of how beautiful you are then you kno where to find me.Hehehaha Be afraid cheating men be very afraid. I'm on the hunt for milky pregnant women. Woohoo. omnomnom


XMarchHareX - August 14

og I just read the posts looks like some dudes are cheating and I want to sleep with a pregnant woman so sucks for them their loss. Its really to bad I feel bad for them and what they are going to miss out on. omnomnom.


Madders - October 16

I'm in the same boat. I'm pregnant with twins, only 6months along, 2 months ago I found my bf using several different ways (txt, FB, dating websites & skype) to talk to different women, unsure as to how far these relationships went as he lied about everything until I had proof and then won't give me an explanation as to why, as deletes most things. We were still having s_x EVERYDAY! At least once a day, I'm not exaggerating here, we were still going out and doing fun couple stuff, going to the zoo, ice skating and what not. I cannot figure out why though, and he won't tell me, he just apologises and tells me it won't happen again. I'm reasonably attractive, have a healthy libido still and have actually lost weight (due to morning sickness), I've been eating healthy for our twins (boys) so have failed to put any actual weight back on. I'm a calm person by nature, though I can be brutely honest at times. I can not think of a time when I haven't tried to include him, all our Dr's appt's are around his work schedule so he can be there and though I get tired I attempt to keep our home tidy as I'm no longer able to work. He has seen me be so violenty ill that I've broken capillaries in my face (at which point he apologises for getting me pregnant), he has seen me pa__s out with low blood pressure, he has agreed that I'm not suited to pregnancy, we try to make the best of it. I try not to complain as I know he cannot fully appreciate what my body is going through, though sometimes I can't help it. I know not all men are jerks, but I am really starting to believe he is one of those males that would have found a "reason" sooner or later. He says he wants to make it work, but I can't believe it won't happen again, nor is he actively trying to fix our relationship. He just acts like everything is normal and as it was before I caught him out. Though if I'm honest I was up front with him that I never wanted children and he wasn't planning on a family for another 5yrs, neither of us were happy to find I had fallen pregnant. When we talked about it though he said he wanted to be a family. If he didn't want this he should have said so, I wouldn't have been offended, I have given him many outs and he has never taken it. I just want to know why...



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