3 Huge Dogs And Newborn Baby SAFE OR NOT

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brwneyedbbydll - August 31

I am 32 weeks and I am concerned about having 3 huge dogs in the house when the baby comes home. They all shed like crazy no matter how much cleaning you may do there is always hair, so I am wondering how unhealthy is this for a newborn baby? Where could I get more info on this besides from my doctor?


jb - August 31

I understand the shedding issue and always having to clean. I have a chocolate lab and he sheds like crazy. I had dogs around me all my life, but a short time after we got our dog I started having problems breathing because of all the fur. I ended up being on an alergy pill and using an inhaler when needed. I thought for sure we would have to get rid of the dog that I already loved so much. Well, as time went on, I actually built up an immunity to the dogs fur. I have been medication free since the dog was about 1 year old (we got him when he was 7 weeks old). Anyhow, I was worried that dd would be allergic to the dog also. Well, she isn't and I believe that is because of being around the dog and his fur from day one. I also think genetics play a role in it. Thats just my opinion though. As for the cleaning, we have fur everywhere. I vacuum everyday and I still find fur on dd's clothes, on her and in her diaper....it's impossible to get rid of. With the dog, we need to clean everyday, and with a LO, we need to clean everyday. I don't sweat it.


jas - September 1

I have two siberian huskies... Wanna talk fur?? Spring and fall they shed to where you can pull clumps of fur out - not that shedding is limited to sring and fall... I think after they die, I will be finding their fur all over my things unti I die.... Anyway - we had the same concerns as you but it really wasn't a problem. Baby's room was a no dog room though and I think that helped. 11 years later, my son is fine although he is allergic to cats (never had a cat) like his dad. With our second son, since he does not have his own room (the dining room is a make shift room until we move in 4 months) we use baby gates to keep the dogs out of that area. As far as fur being unclean.. they are as clean as often as you bathe them....


Rabbits07 - September 1

You could probably do some googling like --dog+hair+infant+health--.


Dana - September 1

As an owner of a bullmastif and a boston terrior, I too understand that there will always be dog hair no matter how much you clean. My dd is 7.5 months old now and has never had a problem with the dog hair. I try to keep the house as hair-free as possible, but we all know that is an endless task. The baby's room is a dog-free zone and there is almost no dog hair that makes its way in there. All I can suggest is to keep doing what you are doing and don't let up on your cleaning routine. You baby should be fine. If you baby does develop allergies, then you can address it at that time, in the interum, just go with it and take it one day at a time. They will have to co-exist and the baby's system will adjust to the dander. Good luck!


tyler0323 - September 1

there are lots of sites out there that can help you with this, im going to give you my aunts web site and you can email her with your questions and concernes. All her credentials or on her site so i wont tell you and she is always checking her emails and will most likely get back to you today. Tell her you were recommended from her alberta niece..lol she isnt going to mind, me and my sister get help from her all the time on our pets and questions..http://www.homestead.com/labraharvest/home.html


Topaz - September 1

I wouldn't worry too much. I have a 110 lb. lab mix and a 90 lb. Staffordshire Terrior. They have been great around the baby since the day I brought her home. They respect her space and don't ever crowd me when I'm holding her. The only problem I have is that my terrior just loves to try to kiss her. He'll walk up to her exersaucer and I'll have to say, "Don't kiss that baby!" My lab sheds like crazy! Dog hair everywhere no matter how much I sweep or vacuum. I believe that being around animals at an early age will actually prevent allergies. For play time on the floor I always put down a blanket for her to play on top of so she won't be covered in dog hair.


Shaunsmith - August 21

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