5 Month Old Has Red Dry Spots On His Skin What Is That

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nino3 - May 2

My 5 month old hast 3 small red spots on his back and they are very dry. He has also broken out around his mouth. He got like a small rash on his arm but only in one section of it and i just dont know whats going on. My ped. told me to apply aquapor on all this things and at least the rash around his face and arm seem to be better but the dry spots on his back are not. What is this??? My hubby says he is scared is could be psoriasis. Could it be possible for a baby to have that????


maryg - May 2

Could it be a food allergy? Just wondering since at 5 months you might be starting solids. Our daughter is allergic to dairy and gets a dry red rash on her back if she has any (including baby formula). Good luck to you!


redmondsky - May 2

Most likely it's baby eczema - not psoriasis. Our little guy gets it all the time. You can take him to your doctor and get cortizone cream (.5% is best but sometimes it takes 1%). We tried to avoid using cortizone cream but it's honestly the only thing that clears it up. AVOID scented soaps, laundry soap etc...ALSO you can a product called "Aquafor" - it's like vaseline but has other good hydrating stuff in in. We put on the cort cream at night (very lightly) and then lather on aquafor over it - clears it up quick BUT I would get to your doc and make sure it's eczema. I would love to say it's an allergy but we b___stfeed and he has it - my friend bottle feeds formula exclusively and her little guy has it.....I think some kids just have more senstive skin than others!


Brenna - May 4

My daughter is almost 13 months old,but when she was about your sons age she started getting a red,dry rash on her,just little places at fist,and then her whole back was covered,and it was on her elbows and arms.My doctor said it was contact dermat_tis and to keep it cool and to use clear water and no soap.I was worried,because I had horrible eczema and milk allergies when I was a baby.It took quite a while for the rash on her back to go away,I just tried to keep lotion on it.I used Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion.This is still the only lotion I use,because if I don't she starts getting the rash on her elbows again.It is gentle and fragrance free,you might give it a try.


Brenna - May 4

Oh yeah I forgot,my pediatrician said to keep using Dreft and to double rinse everything.


nino3 - May 5

I also thought it was food allergies first but i have been giving him the same stuff for like a month now and he just broke out. I did change his rice cereal to oatmeal though? Could this be the cause??? Ughhh!!! Also on Saturday i noticed what seemed like a small white pimple on his p___s. I squeezed it and some white stuff came out. Now theres like red all around the tip and im scared its infected.I have been cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and putting neosporin on it. I really hope it gets better. I am taking him to the doc tomorrow though.


CarolineParks - November 6

My 5 month old started with eczema on his back that didnt seem to clear up with any lotions I was using. Within 2 days it looked so much better with foderma serum. I would highly recommend foderma for baby eczema!



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