Anyone On Neocate Formula For Blood In Stool

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gurinsa - October 2

Help! Its prescription formula recommended by my pediatrician because my baby has persisitent blood in her stool. Has anyone been on this? Had this problem? For how long. Any thoughts or suggestions would help!!


bubbasmom - October 2

My son (now 20 months) was on alimentum because he had blood in his stool at ten days old. He was allergic to the milk protein and to soy. Alimentum is soy free (I think...hard to remember back that far) and the milk protein is broken down already so the baby doesn't have to do it himself. My understanding is that neocate is for babies who can't tolerate alimentum. Have you tried alimentum already? My son was on alimentum until a year and when he began solids around 6 months, he couldn't have any dairy or soy. Now, at 20 months, his allergy is gone and he eats whatever he likes. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask other questions and I will try to answer them


gurinsa - October 3

Thank you so much for responding!! yes she has been on alimentum for 12 weeks since she was 2 weeks old. At that time, they switched her to alimentum because of blood in stool. Apparently she can't tolerate alimentum because she continues to have blood in her stool. They tested for food allergy and it came back negative - no allergy..(does that mean milk too?)Do the doctors just continue to test the stool until there is no more blood? How long did it take for the stool to come out "clean"?


bubbasmom - October 3

I didn't see much blood after I switched my son over but the doctor said it can take a few weeks for the blood to be completely gone. I would think twelve weeks is enough time though. If your daughter is not allergic to milk, I would want to know what is causing the blood because it may be something different. Good luck


worried mum 2017 - November 11

My baby has been on neoctae for 2.5 weeks and still has blood in stool.   Any advice, is this ok?




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