Baby Getting Mad At Her Toys

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ry - November 15

My dd is 7.5 months and get SO aggravated and frustrated with her toys sometimes. I dont even know what she is trying to do but she grunts and groans loudly and starts hitting and smashing them around. It is really disturbing. Is this normal behavior or does she need anger managment classes already? lol


Emily - November 15

My dd did that. I think it was that she wasn't sure how to do what she wanted to do and got frusterated. Maybe if it bothers you - you could sit down with her and see what it is she is trying to do and help or guide her....anyway I think it is normal......does your dd make a lot of other noises? if grunting an grwaning are something she knows how to do and doesn't make alot of ohter noises, it could be that is her obnly way of comunitcating with them,,,,just a thought.


Bonnie - November 15

LOL Ry at anger management. :D


Ca__sieSong - November 15

I think a lot of babies get frusterated with their toys (and themselves) when they can't do the things they want to do with them. I know my dd is a little perfectionist and was always angry until she began to have more physical control over everything. For instance, once she learned how to walk, she became a much happier baby. You anger management comment was hilarious. LOL!


flower.momma - November 15

Hehe, my dd did that too. I thought it was cute. She would get so frustrated when she couldn't make the toy do what she wanted! Now, at almost 2, she has quite a little temper. But it is just one more thing I love about her, and will try to help her control. I think it is so amazing how different every baby's personality is, and some just get a little more wound up than others. I wouldn't worry, just be prepared to deal with baby who may have a bit of a temper later on.


3babies - November 16

i'm laughing at this post because my 4 month old is doing the same at the moment. She has this one particular book that she gets so mad with ... I think because the whole thing doesnt fit in her mouth lol!


angelbebe - November 16

YES! My dd who is 5 1/2 months has this like devil/possessed grunt, groan thing going on right now and she'll do it at her toys...I think it mainly happens when she is tired she just doesn't have the energy to deal with them right now. It cracks me up!!! Anger management -that is funny!! : )


grandma - November 16

Normal. Her mind may be telling her to do something that her eye hand coordination can't manage. Oh the fustrations they must endure:)


Belinda429852 - November 21

You should check what made her frustrated. Is it because of toys.  It is really disturbing. It is not a normal behavior. My baby always cry , then i know this is because of her toy. I bought her a new pvz plastic toys from Toyswill, and she stops crying. 



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