Baby Leg Concern

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Mariefe - April 14

My daughter is now 5 and a half months old. She started to stand with support since she was around 3 months old. She dislikes tummy time and rarely roll on her tummy. Just this week i noticed that she does not really put so much weight on her left leg. She stands with her toes more with a little bend foot. She can stand with her left leg for a short while but a little different from the other leg that stands very normal. She has both the same length of legs and feet. They move and kick the same too but standing are little different. I dont know why she does it on her left leg? My husband isnt worried as he said she is a baby and may not be ready for her other leg to stand strongly. I am so worried! Anybody here has the same issue?? Thank you...


angeev - April 15

YES! My 5 1/2 month old son is the same way. He puts 80% of his weight on his right leg when I am supporting his standing. Even in the exersaucer and such he tends to bend his one leg up and lean all his weight to one side. I really just noticed the other day. I have an appointment in two weeks so I am just keeping some little notes until then and will mention it there. I really don't know if it is something to worry about or not. My LO does like rolling and tummy time though.


Mariefe - April 15

Thank you angeev. My lo's doctor's appointment will be in two weeks time too. She will have her third vaccination on that appointment. I will surely mention my lo's leg to the doc. . I dont know if this is the effect or related to her vaccination as she was twice injected in her left thigh? !I hope there is nothing to worry about it.


tish212 - April 17

i wouldnt worry too much, it may just be that your baby favors that leg over the other right now, they don't fully understand the idea of walking and standing requires equal use of both legs... you said everything else is the same between the two legs, and i would think that if there really was a serious problem you would notice him kicking differently or acting differently with the one leg... also not likin tummy time is dd hated it for the longst time and has just now taken to it... i let her do it on the couch so she can turn and watch the tv, she watches mrs spiders sunny patch everyday during tummy time... it is one of the few times we let her see the tv, but since she has been able to be occupied during it she has taken to it! please don't worry too much all children are different and develop differently...good luck


Sarahmum - September 27

Hi just wondering what happened with this? My 8month old has been doing this for the past 3 months and we are now being referred for a Cerebal Palay check



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