Beware The Gerber Nuk

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mamagoose - September 1

Anyone who's lo uses Gerber Nuk pacifiers (or other ones of a similar size/shape), read this! Yesterday, I put Tyler (6.5 months) into his crib with his soother for naptime, as usual. Normally he might play with it for awhile before falling asleep. Anyway, about 10 minutes into naptime, I heard a blood curdling scream from his room, and when I ran in there I saw that his soother was in his mouth backwards (so he had the plastic ring/holder thing in his mouth). This is not unusual, he often chews on different parts of the soother, but he was obviously in pain and distress from the screaming that was going on. I ran over and tried to pull the soother out of his mouth.... THE SOOTHER WAS *!!STUCK!!* in this mouth! It was wedged in there, and I couldn't get it out! The plastic ring was wedged vertically against the roof and bottom of his mouth, behind his gums (like those cartoons where they put the stick in the alligator's mouth to keep it open). I tried twisting it, and at first it didn't budge, so I had to give it a good wiggle before I finally dislodged the soother and pulled it out of his mouth. Of course he was screaming the whole time, it must have been so painful and upsetting for him. Anyway, I threw all his Nuks in the garbage right away. I can't believe they make a soother that a baby can fit right inside their mouths... and we recently moved up to a size 7-18 months (Tyler's pretty big for his age), so its not like he's on the big end of a small size or anything. Needless to say, it scared the %$#* out of me, and I'll be writing them a letter. I can't believe they make something that a baby is meant to suck on small enough to fit in the baby's mouth! I'm sure this was a freak accident and all, but if it happened to him, it could happen to any baby!


jen327 - September 1

Wow, this really is scary. I use NUKS, but I know they make them without the handle so when my son is a little older I might switch to the ones without the handle. I am sorry you had to go through this, i would call the company!


kimberly - September 1

My lo is still using the one she got from the hostpital, but I do have a Nuk and I will not be using it now. Definately write a letter to them, I am sure you are not the only one to discover this, but if you say nothing then nothing will be done.


slackette - September 1

Scary! I use Nuks too. I guess I am switching as of right now though!


DDT - September 2

OMG that is SO scary!! I would have been freaking trying to get it out of his mouth. You should most definitely write them a letter.


lily10 - September 2

How awful!!! Your poor baby! I too use NUK's, it's the only kind my daughter there another brand that is just like NUK?


lillians_mom - September 2

i found this... you arent the first General » For Mums, Dads and Juniors » NUK pacifiers/dummies - choking hazard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NUK pacifiers/dummies - choking hazard Post by Carolina on May 22, 2006, 3:04pm Thought this was worth posting - our baby uses these dummies. In October 2005 CHOICE (Aussie consumer magazine) looked at the potential choking danger of the NUK Starlight Silicone Soother (dummy). First alert: Kerry-Ann Parsons of Townsville told us that her six-month-old baby, Alexander, had got the whole dummy into his mouth while settling down to sleep, and was choking on it when she came back to check on him. Second alert: Another baby, six-month-old Jonah Hedges, was discovered by his mother Gayle with the whole dummy in his mouth. She also reported the incident to CHOICE. In response to the first incident, NUK said Alexander was at, or slightly over, the age recommended for the size one dummy he was using and advised that he use the next size up (size two - suitable for 6-18 month old babies). Third alert After reading the CHOICE report about the NUK dummy, Jacqueline Nunan of Reservoir in Victoria bought her daughter Annika a size two version, even though at the time the baby was only four months old. Recently, after Jacqueline had settled seven-month-old Annika in her cot and left the room, the baby managed to get the entire size two NUK dummy into her mouth. When she came back later to check on her, Jacqueline discovered her daughter had the dummy fully in her mouth. Though not actually choking Annika was clearly distressed - she had tears in her eyes and was making "muffled, bleating sounds". We contacted NUK for a response. The company stated that although it made every effort to make safe products, accidents couldn't be avoided in all situations. NUK advised parents to supervise babies when they were given a soother. NUK also said a larger mouth-guard could still be accidentally taken into a baby's mouth, and that this would be harder to remove than a smaller one. NUK mentioned that a new model of the Starlight Silicone Soother with improved safety features would soon be available. Finally, NUK re-stated that Starlight Silicone Soother complies with the European Standard EN1400, and that the Australian Standard is not mandatory and has only been reviewed once since its inception in 1981


mamagoose - September 2

Wow, I bet this has happened to hundreds of babies (most probably not reported)... I am still so mad, I can't believe they make a product (intended to be put in a baby's mouth, no less!) small enough to get lodged in there. Seriously, anyone who's lo is using a Gerber Nuk, throw them out right away and switch to another paci. I think I'm traumatized from trying to get that soother out while poor little Tyler was screaming frantically! It was awful. I'm writing to Health Canada today.


wailing - September 6

How scary. I've also noticed w/ the Nuks that when u wash them some of the water remains on the inner part of the sucker b/c it's not open. There is a slight opening in the top...but water can't escape unless u squeeze it out. Soap was trapped in there when I almost gave it to ds. I'm throwing all mine out. I use Soothie Paci's anyway b/c ds loves, they're silicone so soft and chewable and have no parts like the nuks that can get stuck or fall off.


excited2bemama - September 7

JUST an FYI- for those of your that use the soothies.. a friend of mine is a dental hygenist and she says if you use soothies you need to get rid of them before they get teeth or switch to a ortho pro paci as the soothies can cause bad buck teeth b/c of the way they are shaped...


Twinmommin - November 27

This exact thing happened to my baby today! I just searched google to see if it was something that happened regularly and your post came up. Low and behold it is the exact brand and type of soother it happened with here too. I got such a fright and the poor baby was hysterical it obviously really hurt and then I had to reach in there and push it around to get it out. I can't believe they've made this mistake in design how dangerous!! 



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