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1_4_The_Road - December 6

I got a pack and play from a close relative of mine and lately my LO has pink bumps all over him - The doctor said it looked like a bug had been nibbling on him,now as of recent I have them as well. This morning I awoke to one WALKING on my bed! it appears to be bed bugs ! Does anyone know anything about these buggers? I had an exterminator come today and showed him but he said he seen no evidence of an infestation so I showed him the bug and he identified it as indeed a bed bug. I read they do not carry disease but I am very upset and wondered if anyone had any advice. I already put mattress encasements on all the beds in the house and washed the bed linens including my LO's crib mattress. Please Help!


mjvdec01 - December 6

As far as I can tell, you need to do more than just wash the linens and cover the mattress. I did and ask search, and there are remedies you can buy. What did the exterminator do? Did he treat the mattresses? Go to ask dot com and type in, "how to get rid of bed bugs", all the different links will come up. As well, I would let your doctor and your son's pediatrician know what has happened. Bed bugs can carry disease. There may also be an ointment or lotion that will help with any itching or irritation. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I would throw out that pack-n-play and buy a new one, it is probably still infested with eggs. Call your family member and let them know.


1_4_The_Road - December 6

Thank you ..he did not spray he said he was not convinced I had a problem because he couldn't find any? and that his treatment would cost 1,200 .. so needless to say I didn't beg him to do it. I called the doctors and asked them about it they said they do not carry disease and that if he is uncomfortable I can get a script to relieve the itch. I'm so stressed ! The Pack and Play is out the door already!


mjvdec01 - December 7

If you do the search I mentioned the first link says that bed bug bites CAN lead to disease. I read it wrong, sorry. I would get the RX for the itching, poor baby. What a pain in the a__s.


1_4_The_Road - December 7

It is! Now I am trying to find a child friendly product that will actually do the job. This is horrible and all because I took something 2nd hand from FAMILY too of all things. So far this morning I don't see any new bumps on him thank goodness but I know I have to act fast.


jessb - December 7

Oh jeez.. that really sucks. Just wanted to tell you I kind of know what you are going through. My 2 yr old had lead lice yesterday!!! And I have a 2 week old dd!!! Im so scared she is going to get it!!! Lice is very common here in florida but it is also a total pain in the a__s. We have to wash everything dd has come into contact with linens, towels, stuffed animals, clothes etc... I bough this spray stuff to put on the car seat, stroller, etc. It totally sucks and I am so tired of washing and drying everything!!!!! I hope your little guy is ok. Please pray for me that my newborn wont get the lice, she already has a cold from her big sister- poor baby :o(


red87 - December 8

Someone in my appartment building just had a samll case of bed bugs and they did a whole fumigation of the whole building. As far as I know bed bugs get bad FAST so I'm not sure why the pest control said it was no big deal!They're also very contagios kind of like lice...they will attatch themselves to your clothing and hop off in someone elses house, or on to someone you come in contact with then they bring them home and they multiply fast! I did a bunch of research because I was scared of it being in our building with my daughter. But ya they made everyone leave for 6 hours (i had to leave with my daughter for 24 hours becasue she is so young) and they fumigated our whole building. No one was allowed to refuse the fumigation because they said they multiply so fast so they wanted to quickly and become a problem fast! Bed bugs aren't just in your bed either, they will hang out in baseboards, electrcal putlets, ligh tswitch covers, cracks in walls, molding, picture frames, shoes, dresser drawers...anything they can get into! And as groos as it sounds, they live off blood - that's why they bite! Do you own your place? If you are just renting you could talk to your landlord about paying for all or maybe even half? Otherwise, even just talk to pest control, do some of your own research. 1200 dollars is sooo expensive but who knows - the bedbugs could very well just leave? I'm not sure, I'm just going by what I have researched and what I was told by pest control in my area! GOOD LUCK!!!


stefkay - December 8

I would call other exterminators or the city health department to ask about what they suggest you do. I think 1200 sounds like a crock to me and that the guy had no clue what he was doing. You have bites, you have a bug, then it makes sense that you have bed bugs. Just get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions if you need to so that you can get rid of them. I saw them on some exterminator show on a cable channel and it was awful. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this!!!


1_4_The_Road - December 8

Oh this has been a horrible ordeal. I pulled our beds away from walls and placed a double sided tape on the legs so i could catch them for proof but I didn't catch anything yet. The thought of them on my infant infuriates me! I hear they have bed bug smelling dogs that will sniff them out so I am looking to see if i can find that in my area. Now no one will come to my house for the holidays ! I own my home so the only one to pay for this is lucky me!


red87 - December 8

I also heard that they don't like pet dander so a dog or a cat might help too if you haven't got a pet already?? That;s just what I hear though! I hope it doesn't become too much of a problem for you!


Sims1 - December 10

Hi, my friend had a problem of bed bugs this year, including her dd's crib. so they researched and got rid of theirs with a steamer. you have take the nozzle and steam every nook of the crib. where they like to get in is where the crib bars meet the ends in the grooves. and you'll have to steam your mattress and keep washing your sheets. this is done repeatedly AND another place bed bugs get into is the floor boards in the crevice where the wall meets the floor so you have steam that too. that's what they did and they successfully got rid of theres....but it has to be repeated a few times to make sure the bugs are gone.


kimberly - December 17

I just did a quick search on bed bugs and several sites popped up on ways to get rid of them. The site I read siad you have to seal cracks in walls and floors, take beds apart and vacuum cracks and bases, it also said for a major infestation the matress should be thrown away, it also mentioned steam will kill them. Do a search and you will find lots about them.


KennethFelder - May 19

No bed bugs do not spread diseases. As you have seen pink bumps all over, it is confirmed that you are having bed bugs at home. You should call for 2, 3 professional exterminators like Pest Control Trumbull CT at Yale Termite & Pest Elimination CorpĀ , Shelton CT, Greenwich CT, Brookfield CT or any other just to confirm that there are still there or not and if they are there tell them to exterminate it. Till the professionals arrive you should try some do it yourself methods which you can easily find online.



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