December 2008 Babies

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Kimmer23 - July 23

Hi girls! What happened to this site? It's so quiet anymore... How is everyone and their little ones? Brady is doing well. He sits pretty well, with minimal help now. He loves playing on his back though still. He's hiliarious - he laughs and babbles all the time. He's eating Gerber 2nd Foods and loves all veggies and fruits. We've been crazy busy lately with the move...oh, we sold out house and moved already...but the new house is in absolute chaos right now...everything is there...somewhere. Well, take care. I hope everyone is doing well. Amanda - can't believe you are almost half way through your pregnancy!! See ya...Kim


TaraO - July 23

Hi Ladies, How is everyone. I should be able to get on here more since I am off in the summer, however, this little guy is sooo time consuming as I'm sure you know. Michael is 7 months old now. He weighs 24 pounds... He's a chunkster. He has literally quit sleeping through the night. He stopped as soon as school got out. I swear it's a miss mommy thing. I haven't fed him or anything through the night. He is eating Gerber 2nd foods. Everything but apples. He gets a rash from them. He gums crackers and cheerios. I give him the disolvable puffs that Gerber puts out too. He has no teeth yet, but is actively teething. Still struggling with the reflux, but we've gotten used to the barf on our clothes by now. He is sitting on his own, rolling both ways to get to toys. He also tries to pull himself to standing, usually resulting in him falling over and then screaming. He is talks from the minute he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed. Usually he wakes up pleasant...most of the time. I am excited to get pregnant again soon. Not yet, but hopefully soon. I would love a 3rd. Hopefully a girl but anything will do!!! i hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from everyone. SEE you later.


austynsmommy - August 7

Hi ladies. How is everyone doing? Were doing good. Andrew is getting ready to crawl I think. He gets up on all four's and rock's back and forth. I had my big ultrasound yesterday and i'm having a baby girl. I am so happy. I thought that I was having another boy but she is all girl. Hope everyone is doing great. Take care. Amanda


austynsmommy - August 12

So how is everyone? How is everyone's summer? Ours is good. Andrew now has two teeth. He's still not crawling. How is everyone else's lo's?


austynsmommy - September 22

Hi ladies. Just thought I would say hi. I hope everyone is doing good. Andrew is 9 months old now and he has just learned how to stand up. He's not walking yet. Well I hope everyone is good. Amanda


austynsmommy - November 3

Hi ladies. Just thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing? Anyone planning birthday parties yet?


Kimmer23 - November 6

Hi girls! Anyone still out there? Brayden is doing well! He army crawls and rolls everywhere, and he's pulling up and standing well now. How is everyone else's little ones? I can't believe our babies are almost 1! austynsmoomy - I can't believe you are almost due again!! Congrats! I hope all is well with you too. :)


gummibear - January 2

Just stopped by and thought I'd check in - happy birthday to our babies! Hope everyone's doing well. We're throwing Ethan's first bday tomorrow afternoon, and I'm supposed to be cleaning house while he sleeps but am online trying to find info on mochi instead. There's a fun Japanese traditional activity for babies on their first birthdays where you strap a giant mochi to their backs and make them walk with it. Except, various sources differ on just how giant we're talking here. And they don't sell giant birthday mochi where I live, just little ones. It's supposed to be heavy and difficult for them to walk with, but not *too* heavy - they're not 'supposed' to succeed with walking with it on their backs, but it shouldn't hurt them either. My kid's only about 20lbs or so - he has his dad's metabolism and started walking in October. He started out like a zombie-type but is rather good at it now. Babbling and happy but no first words yet. And he's sporting 7 teeth. We're still BFing, mostly at night, and he takes nondairy meals. We just ordered a new carseat for him and scored a super deal on it, so we're excited about that :) The highlight of our holiday activities was 'catching' him getting overly familiar with his cousin, my 2.5 year old nephew. I caught Ethan trying to plant one on my nephew's lips. I started to laugh but realized my nephew was very uncomfortable so I broke up the party. We don't kiss Ethan on the lips, but he sees us kiss each other, so he's frequently trying to slip one in to satisfy his curiosity / imitation etc. It's the first time I've seen him try on anyone else, but then he and his cousin are close to the same size so he must feel comfortable. It would have been a great video opp if I wasn't concerned my nephew would feel victimized by the whole thing. Kids are so funny sometimes... hey austynsmommy, congrats on the new bundle btw :) Cheers!


dreamy2433 - February 25

hey girls. Where have you been? How are everyones little ones? Come chat with me over at another board chatterscene dot com. They have a great born in area I love to hang out in:)



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