Desperate Mom Of Baby With Severe Eczema

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Iansmom - June 4

My 8 month old son has had eczema for about 3 to 4 months. It started mild and turned severe quickly. His doctor started by changing his diet for 6 weeks or so in case of allergies. Then we saw a dermatologist. They put him on medication but because of his age, he can only use it 3 to 5 days at a time. I'm desperate because he cries all day long. I use eucerin cream, prescription ointment, aquaphor ointment. If he is not covered from head to toe all day long, he scratches himself up all over. I've used childrens benedryl and 1% hydracortisone cream. Nothing takes away the itch. I've tried socks on hands but no matter what, he gets them off. I also have a 3 yr. old to take care of and I work over an hour away from home and the kids have to commute with me. I dont have multiple days to devote to just him and no matter what I do, I cant seem to get ahead of this. Can anyone please help. I dont know who does more crying over this, him or me.


Amaya's mommy - June 4

Hi, I dont know of anything to help with the eczema, but I do know that they sell the little outfits that cover his hands, you dont have to use socks, but you can use these. My little girl has nightgowns, and a few shirts, yes they are long sleeved but if you keep them cool enough then it will help! They cant get these off their hands!


Lisa - June 4

Poor little guy! Do you use soap detergent to wash his clothes? Have you tried washing them in soap flakes? Do you keep his skin cool and moisturised during the day? I'm a__suming you have probably tried just about everything there is....i think they usually grow out of it by the time they are 2. Maybe you could try seeing a naturopath, generally its best to find one that is highly recommended. I feel for you and your little boy. I really don't know what else to suggest, apart from maybe seeing another dermatologist or someone who practices holistic medicine?


Ians Mom - June 5

Amaya - I have been able to find long sleeve onesies and a few pairs of pants for his size (12 mo) but nothing that covers his hands. Where have you found them at? One set back that I forgot to mention is that everything has to be 100% cotton. Its tough to least in the affordable stores. Lisa - I've actually never heard of soap flakes. His doctor had us switch everyones detergent to a free and clear kind. Thank you both for your suggestions.


Jbear - June 5

I've seen little mittens...they're usually for newborns, and they're just like two circles of cloth sewn together, with an elasticized opening for the hands. The only problem with keeping his hands covered all the time is that it might slow his development of fine motor skills. Have you tried aveeno oatmeal bath? I haven't had to deal with eczema, but my daughter had terrible hives once (about 3" diameter, all over) and we used the oatmeal bath and got some relief. I've also read that evening primrose oil can help, and so can giving your son a short bath every day and applying an oily moisturizer (like aquaphor) right after the bath.


Amaya's mommy - June 5

Hi, we have found the little gowns at Wal-Mart, they come in the packs like onesies, if you cant find the shirts, just cut the gowns and sew the bottom, we got our shirts from the hospital, that is what they were going to put her in if we didnt bring her clothes, so I would ask the doctors and hospitals around your area, the little mittens are called scratch guards, you can find those at any baby store, we also found some gowns at Baby Depot, Gymboree, and Dillards, hope this helps a little bit.


Liz - June 5

I'm sorry for what you and your baby are going through. Have in mind that even though it is best to keep him from scratching, he obviously must feel uncomfortable enough to have the need to do it. Like others have advised you already, try getting a second opinion from another doc. That would'nt hurt. Other than the medicated and prescribed lotions that you have been using be careful with any thing you use that may come in contact with his skin: laundry detergents, soaps, lotions, for ex: use alcohol free wipes, etc...Use breathable cotton clothing and keep him cool, especially in the hot summer coming ahead. If he gets really itichy sometimes cool compresses help. I'm sure you probably are aware of all these things and have done them all but I wish you and your baby the best and to get better real soon.


KEEKEE - June 5

My oldest child has severe eczema every since he was a baby. I tried everything. It has been 9 years now. This is what worked for me. Oatmeal Bath( Aveeno products are great) and vaseline. These two items only worked for him. Give your baby an oatmeal bath. Don't give him a long bath. Least then 15 minutes. Long bath makes eczema worst. While wet put vaseline all over his body...Since I been doing this, No more scratching and crying over the rash....I would stay away from harsh soaps. No baby wash and lotion. Use senitive skin Dove, or Neutrogena (transparent bar). Those soaps are great. No Fragrances!!!! Double rinise his clothing after washing. To make sure all the washing powder is out of the clothing......I tried the change of diet, but it didn't help. So now my son eats what he wants......I hope this helps. If you have any more question ask. Good Luck!!!


KEEKEE - June 5

Oops...less then 15 minutes for a bath.


Katharine - June 7

My husband has eczema and I was so worried that our daughter would too. She doesn't, but I feel for you! Some things that might help (from my husband's experience, hope it helps): only bathe every other/few days as short as possible and use soaps with no added fragrance (Dove sensitive skin). Also, there is a soy-based wash that I picked up at a conference that seemed to help. It is a super-mild cleanser for skin...maybe do a websearch? Also, we use the All Free and Clear, but also make sure to get the dryer sheets that are fragrance free, too. Hope it gets better!


Ians Mom - June 9

Thank you everyone for your advice. Keekee - I was told that if this didnt clear up soon that he could or would develop allergies to other things. Is that your experience too? Is your son allergic to anything as a result of this? I havent tried aveeno but have used Cetaphil soap free cleanser. Where I live, I have very hard well water. The last time I gave him a bath there, he was red like he had a sunburn for about 5 days and I couldnt hardly touch him without him screaming. His doctor said to "spot clean" him unless otherwise necessary or my water situation changes. Now, everytime I visit one of my family members, I give him a bath there. Well, he hates the bath. I dont know if he's afraid of the water or if it irritates his skin. Do you have any advice for bathing. Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea - June 14

My daughter developed severe eczema when she stopped b___stfeeding at 8 months. It was all over her face. It looked like she had severe burns. We changed her formula from milk based to soy based and it worked wonders. Like KeeKeee said Vaseline is great. It helps to speed up recovery by shielding the area from any moisture(drool) that might be on the area. I promise it does get better. My daughter is now 18 months and has not had anymore trouble with eczema :o)


kEEKEE - June 14

Now my son is nine years old and can't drink milk. So yes, he did get allergics . He get his calcuim from other foods, tums, & flintstones vitimans. I think your son may be afraid of the water.Eczema seem to run in my family. everyone always say baths helps.My son love to take baths. We had to learn to get the water temp. just right. He happen to like his water on the cooler side. I also put oatmeal bath in it. Walgreens brand oatmeal bath is good too and much cheaper. Aveeno can be a little pricey. Remember to limit his bath to about 15 minutes or less. I have a very hard time getting my guy out of the tub. But his skin gets worst if I don't. His skin has gotten better with age. he useto have it all over his body. Now he seem to be clearing up a bit. Ask your doctor about a med for his eczema. my son was on meds for a while. It worked at first.......My sure you try the oatmeal bath products. I also use it for my eczema. It helps.


kEEKEE - June 14

Oh BTW, we have hard water too. I guess we just got use to the water. Sometimes I let the water sit for awhile before getting in.


carolyn - June 18

I'm currently pregnant and have severe eczema and am keeping my fingers crossed that my baby doesn't develop it. I use hamiltons bath oil in the bath and vaseline 2 or 3 times a day. I don't use laundry detergent. And I only use soap on my private bits. When it is getting bad I wrap it up in bandages and this and cool compresses do provide relief. You have to make sure your babys doesn't get too cold though. I was going to a dud dermatologist for years who had me on sorbolene which I was allergic to. I find Elecon is the best corticosteroid for me. When it is really bad I also take Phenergan to sleep at night but I have no idea about this in babies. Also if I overheat at night it gets bad so I have multiple blankets. One of my major allergies was to latex and I found this out through a bloodtest. The related food groups are avocados and bananas which many people don't think too avoid and consider them safe baby foods. I am also allergic to the sun so I would watch the sun for its impact . On a positive note, as an adult I have learnt to meditate through pain and practiced "acceptance" (of itching) which has made me a better person. All the best. I really feel for you and your son Carolyn


Melissa - June 19

I have had eczema for years and have tried just about everything. Avoid over washing you baby. Use mild laundry detergent. Do not wear prefume or use home fragrance sprays. I use Aveeno daily moisture lotion. It works wonders and does not sting when you put it on. Also know that heat and sweating will worsen the eczema and the itching. Also, only put your baby in cotton clothes/blankets. Anything other than cotton can irritate the skin, make the itching worse and therefore make the eczema worse. Best of luck!


hephaistos - July 3

Here's what worked for me: I stopped drinking water and any other liquid (soda, juice, milk, no soup) 1-2 hrs before and after eating. I had a really hard time with eczema but I made the basic a__sumption that something in my eating is causing it. Then I read about this idea on the Internet: that water dillutes gastric juices so partially undigested stuff gets in the blood system and is attacked by the immune system--this causes eczema inflammations in some people. If you don't know what else to try, try this: no liquids 1-2 hrs before and after eating. And if it works for you too let others know.



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