Desperate Mom Of Baby With Severe Eczema

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hephaistos - July 3

Here's what worked for me: I stopped drinking water and any other liquid (soda, juice, milk, no soup) 1-2 hrs before and after eating. I had a really hard time with eczema but I made the basic a__sumption that something in my eating is causing it. Then I read about this idea on the Internet: that water dillutes gastric juices so partially undigested stuff gets in the blood system and is attacked by the immune system--this causes eczema inflammations in some people. If you don't know what else to try, try this: no liquids 1-2 hrs before and after eating. And if it works for you too let others know.


Toya - July 3

I'm sorry to hear about this. My 2 month old has eczema as well. The Dr's put her on a cream called Elidel which is working good on her skin. I apply it to her twice per day. I also use Aveeno Oatmeal Bath on her...and Aveeno Baby Lotion! The Aveeno Baby Lotion tends to go on smoother than the Eucerdin...I only use Eucerdin on her face. Her Eczema is clearing up very well thanks to the Elidel...I cannot use Johnson's products on her at all...the fragrances will break her out. Also, when I bathe her I make sure the water is lukewarm since very warm water dehydrates the skin...She was diagnoses with Eczema last Thursday and after only 3 days of treatment her skin is much better. Keep going back to the dr's...that's what I did!


Kaz - July 4

If you can get Paw Paw Ointment it's worth trying out. It's made in Australia though so I don't know if you may have a company that makes it where you live. Try to find someone who makes goats soap, my Mother In Law used to breed Diary Goats and swears by the milk for EVERYTHING. You might find some by looking up the Diary Goat a__sociation. Good Luck, I used to get it and the steroid and cortisone cremes did nothing for it.


michelle - July 15

sounds like he's allergic to dairy?


ailis - July 20

goats milk cured my sister, the goat must live within a 3 mile radius to produce the milk to react to the same environment your sos lives in. the child must drink the milk also at night wrap his joints in bandages soaked in this milk.


Carolyn's mommy - July 22

My girl now 18 mths has eczema since she was like 3 months. Her pediatrician prescribed her Pramosone and said once the redness gone, to go on Elidel to control her eczema. Her skin is still not like baby smooth but at least eczema in control. Early this year when the weather turned warmer, the redness came back. I read that Elidel has side effects too. So I decided not to let her use Elidel for long term. I was desperate to try anything natural, so I decided to try the Aveeno Bath Treatment. Just one use, the redness gone and the itchness too. She stopped her scratching. After a few uses, her skin is now super smooth like what she had during her 1st 3 months. I wish someone told me about Aveeno. She kinda suffered for like almost a year until she gets to bathe on something that works for her. Our family has no history of eczema so it is strange. Anyhow, she does have allergy, ie she is allergic to dairy products, yup so we put her on soy. I really hope she will outgrow her allergy. Imagine no ice-cream for life? 8:(


Julia - July 22

Hi there, I have suffered with severe eczema my entire life and I am now 17 where it has just about cleared up. I obviously have no children of my own but can at least tell you from my point of view how to help. (apologies cause i have just skimmed through other posts and i may be repeating what others have said!) For baths I use Oilatum bath emoillient (as well as oilatum shampoo) and I find that is amazing. It leaves a layer on your skin that keeps moisture in and you pat dry. The best moisturiser i have found is Cetraben. When using most creams I have found that they just dry up and I have to constantly re-apply but then it's just layering up and up and doesn't work. I find that the emulsifying ointments (like vaseline) stop the dryness but don't soothe like the creams do. Cetraben does both of these and doesn't have to be re-applied as often. As for steroid creams DO NOT USE! Maybe hydrocortisone cream is ok for a short period of time but I can tell you that as a child I was put on high dose steroid creams and they have caused me to have premature ageing in certain patches. They have also caused great thinning of my skin which after few years is finally getting better. Steroids surpress the eczema under the skin so when you use them, you look and think "oh my god it's worked! the eczema's gone!" but then a few days later (when you stop using them) it all comes back in avengance. I would only really use steroid creams with a severe flare up. For example me in the past - been unable to walk cause the backs of my knees have split open, tops of thighs cracking and bleeding/oozing when I walk, etc And even then I only use the smallest amount once. An obvious thing is washing powders. I can only use Persil non biological or Fairy non-bio but I mainly stick to the persil. I use Tesco pure fabric conditioner and am fine with that but I mean, everyone's different! Like the Surcare products formulated for people with skin conditions, I'm allergic to!


Julia - July 22

If you wanna know any more feel free to email me at


kevin - August 12

I highly recommend Kukui Nut OIL www.oils of it is not a cure but it will releive it. best of luck


Valerie - August 25

My brother had bad eczema as a baby and I know my mum used to make sure his nails were kept very short so he wouldn't damage himself too much and he was bandaged up as a an egyptian mummie with some gauze like strapping that lets air in so that he could not get under his clothes and scratch. Eventually his eczema went away but he then had asthma. Now my brother is 24 and he has both asthma and eczema but has learned to control both of these himself. His allergies have been to food, animals - esp. cats and dogs, types of climate (moist environments), dust and even b___terflies (the powder they have on their wings). Bear in mind Ian's allergies are likely to change over time (sometimes they disappear altogether when a child goes through adolescence). Hopefully Ian never gets Asthma after the eczema, but keep an eye out for it! Lots of luck and all the best...


Jen - August 26

My son had eczema for the 1st year. We used Elidel. It does not have any hormones which is good. It takes about 2/3 weeks for fully work but once it did it totally went away. It turns out he had an allergy to rice. He's 2 now and will eat a little rice now and then and he's ok the eczema hasn't come back. His ped said he will totally grow out of it.


Kelly - August 28

We used Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Lotion for our son. We also used Elidel but used Cetaphil to cleanse. It is the most gentle thing that you can use on a baby's skin and perfect for eczema.


Alison - August 28

my naturopath says that most eczema has a fungal componant, so a quality acidopholus(we use genestra brand HMF power), and a topical cream that contains acidopholus and garlic and rose essential oil (also genestra brand), this has worked wonders!! we too went to western medical Dr's first and they di the cortisone and then the elidel cream and all they did was depress the symptoms as soon as the treatment stopped worse again. mine also had a nickle allergy(snaps on diaper shirt) that presented as ecxema but a naturopath was the only one to make real headway, can't say enough good things about it!!


Alison - August 28

a little trick with the oatmeal baths, you can make your own aveeno, the trick is to grint the oatmeal just the right consistancy(use a coffee grinder) too little and it will not dissolve and sink to the bottom of the tub, WAY cheaper and just as greal without other junk (ie:fragerence of presertives) in it.


Stephy1984 - December 27

Lansmom I know Im kinda late on this but i am experiencing exactly what you were experiencing and I honestly do not know what to do anymore. Ive made many trips to the derm and to the allgerist and still nothing is working on my baby. She is 8 months right now and has severly bad ezcema. I need to know if anything helped your baby after all that youve tried? I'm desperate and need help!!!! I've have had too many break downs. Ive tried everything: Aquaphor, Eurcin, percription steriod lotion, oatmeal baths etc...Pleas eget back to me when you have a chance and let me know what helped! I dont know how much longer i can hang on. So stressed!


tranht01 - March 8

i am experienced the same with my daugher. she is 1yrs old now. her eczema start show up and getting worse when she was about 3 1/2 months old. it getting worse that her skin crack and all over her body, face, and she scratch a lot. took her to dr and Dem they give her the steroid and Dermsmooth Oil. the oil you apply 3 or 4 time a day. also they told us to use CeraVel Soap and lotion. we use all the stuff they told us and it does help. also i stop buying baby food and start homemade baby food. as of today, she still have it but not much. i dress her in very ligh cloth even in the winter. try to keep the house cool and stay away sunlight.



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