Diet Pills While Breastfeeding

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expecting2nd - March 13

Have any of you moms taken diet pills while br___tfeeding? Or do you think it would be selfish to sstop nursing so that I can take diet pills to lose this baby fat? I gained 85 lbs while pregnant and still have 35 to go. My son is 5 wks old. Thanks ladies.


Steph - March 13

Personally I think, if you want to loose weight by taking diet pills then you need to b___stfeeding. Anythink that you take orally is going to get into your b___st milk and you don't know how these pills could potentially effect your baby. If you want to diet and take pills, start formula feeding.


jg - March 13

I agree with Steph. I b___stfed my son until he self-weaned at six months, then started the diet pills. I was unhappy with my weight before I started the pills but was not willing to stop breasfeeding just so I could take them. Am happy with my decision now, and have lost heaps of weight with them.


Mommy - March 13

I'm not sure about this, but my mom was taking Dexatrim when she was pregnant for me and when she found out she asked her doctor and he said it was fine. (She did quit taking them when she found out.) I would ask, but some things, like Green Tea tablets are supposed to be all natural, so maybe ask about those?


Lillie E - March 13

well, doesn't b___stfeeding help you lose weight? when i was b___stfeeding i lost the weight faster then when i stopped. i have 35 more lbs to go also, but i think as long as you eat right keep b___st feeding and work out it would be better for you and the baby.


jg - March 13

I lost no weight while b___stfeeding. Most do apparently, but some don't. My Dr said some women retain fluid while b___stfeeding, so while it helps shrink your uteras back to size, for some it will not help you lose weight. I guess I was one of those!


Elle - March 13

You have lost 50 pounds in 5 weeks!!! Stop and give yourself some credit for that!! That's amazing and you are to be congratulated. I bet the b___stfeeding had a lot to do with it. If you really want to take diet pills, though, maybe give yourself a deadline like "I will wean my son in six more weeks" or something, then start taking them. In six weeks you may have lost some of those 35 lbs. you want to as well. I would be too nervous to b___stfeed and take the diet pills at the same time. Good luck to you!!


JEN - March 13

What kind of diet pills are you guys using? I have tried star caps and slim quick with no luck...I only have 6lbs left but it will NOT budge. I am working out for an hour every day and watching what I eat, but nothing!!!!!!


expecting2nd - March 13

Thanks for all the responses. Yes, I was excited that I lost so much in only 5 wks since I had my son but I think most of it was water weight. I normally weigh 120 and this extra weight is making me so uncomfortable. Elle that is a wonderful idea to give myself a deadline. I just feel like I won't lose the weight unless I do something now. The longer you live with it the harder it is to loose!! :0(


Heidi - March 14

Give yourself some more time on the b___stfeeding. I lost TONS of weight the first three months. If you lost that much in 5 wks, just keep nursing. It really helps burn the calories. They don't advise dieting while nursing or taking diet pills. If you're really concerned, maybe cut back on junk food and try to eat more fruits and veggies. The baby eats what you eat. Not like when you were pregnant. They took what they needed from you but when you're nursing, they get what you get.


Happy Mom - March 14

Breastfeed and exercise. I am at my prepregnancy weight and a friend of mine has lost 15 more than she gained while pregnant. Our babies are 8 months old. Aren't diet pills supposed to be really bad for you?


9898lizzz - April 1

Easy way for losing fat is eating healthy, but eating enough food! If you don’t eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and your body holds onto as much fat as it can especially when you’re breastfeeding your LO. So if your’e hungry, eat!!! Mummy magic weight loss tea is great supplement that is safe for breastfeeding mothers for weight loss.



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