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frankschick2001 - February 3

Hi, I was just told by our doctor to switch our baby's formula to Enfamil Nutramigen due to an allegy to milk based formula. To my surprise, this hypo-allergenic formula is almost TWICE the price of the other enfamil formula we were using! Does anyone know of an alternative to enfamil nutramigen that they have had experience with? I don't want to experiment with my daughter, but could there be a less expensive alternative for us????


AshleyB - February 3

HI, my sympathies... I know target has a generic for just about all the enfamil formula's but I'm not sure they have one for the hypoallergenic nutramigen, but its worth looking into. we use the one that is the equivenant to gentlease and it is great, the labels are 100% compareable. I'm so glad we found this because formula is so terribly expensive, and I know nutramigen is way worse too. Good luck.


DeeJay - February 3

We also have to use Nutramigen and if you find any generics PLEASE let me know!!!!( I checked all the targets around me and none carry a generic of Nutramigen :(


Amy_mommy - February 3

my dd was on nutramigen and omgggggggggggggg, it was like expensve, but we didn't care, it was all for her. the formula did help w/ her colic though


Deirdra - February 3

i am nutrmagin...and i LOVE it...but hate the price...i honestly cannot afford it....so i have WIC and my health ins. sends me 15 cans a month..but i tell you DONT use the generic....its not like the real thing...talk to your dr about getting insurance help or free smaples....its all best for baby...


Deirdra - February 3



frankschick2001 - February 3

Thanks for all you advice, I will check out target and I will check with my insurance company to see if they can help out as well. If anyone else has any ideas, please post!


Keli - February 4

I used it with my son. I called it Liquid gold. It was so expensive. I think WIC will help with the cost.


Mmiller2010 - February 23

Hi  we have a 7 month old that we recently switched to Alimentum after using Nutramigen for 5 months. We have 24-8 oz cans of Nutramigen if you are interested. We are from ohio but Ill send to you for free because we know how expensive the formula is and we just want someone to be able to use it. Let me know if interested. 

Matt and Jen



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