Gas And Grunting 1 Month Old

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fefer1 - July 17

hey - anyone have a really gassy baby? My little guy is 4 weeks old and at night after he eats he grunts and groans for up to 2 hours after eating, trying to burp or fart or poop. I've tried everything to help him out - burping, bending his legs to his tummy to help pass the gas, gas drives me crazy!! He sleeps till 3-4 am every night but this awake and grunting thing is kind of annoying to both of us. Is it normal for a br___t fed baby to have that hard of a time passing his gas? Why only at night??


raiken - July 17

My baby does the same thing I just thought it was something I was eating ( I am b___stfeeding also) He wakes up at 5:30ish and is grunting and crying. I thought maybe colic also but they say that happens at night at about dusk. So were on opposites sides of the clock on that one. I did try a bottle of formula at night and that seemed to help alittle


Crystal83 - July 17

I think it's a phase. All 3 of my lo's were like that at around 1-3 months old. They would squirm and grunt and move around farting for hours after going to bed for the night, lol. I found laying them on their tummy really helped, though I know it's not recommended to do that. I would only do it when they were in bed with me and for only a couple hours at a time. Also, you could try giving Oval or Infacol before the last feeding of the night.


amanda17 - July 17

Ellie is really ga__sy too, and crystal is right. The only thing that ever calmed her down was to put her on her belly. Sometimes if she's really fussy I'll carry her around with her belly resting on my hand, and with the other hand I pat her bottom. I always thought it was something that I was eating, but I can't figure out what. Gas drops help but they don't completely get rid of the problem. But Ellie is upset all throughout the day... I don't know why Levi would only be upset at night :\


fefer1 - July 17

He has been cranky all day today - really ga__sy and nothing really helps. It's unusual for him. Can't think what I've been eating that's out of the ordinary - I had some cherries the last several days but not THAT many. Not enough to bother me at all -if ya know what I mean. Man - I hope I don't have to go a couple of months like this! I know it's not colic - he doesn't really cry at all -my daughter had that so I KNOW what that is!! Yuck...


tish212 - July 18

ferfer- my dd was really (and still is very ga__sy) i cut out dairy and glutun out of my diet and that helped A LOT but i also had to learn how to hold her to help her move the gas... facing outward with my arm across her stomach and down holding her up by her crotch- it would apply just enough pressure to her belly and help her move the gas...(i did this hold while walking around) i hope this helps.....


tish212 - July 18

also- you have to read everything to see what all has dairy in it a LOT of things have dairy by products and those would mess her up as well, once i got really strict on the dairy free diet it really has cleared up...and dont worry he wont grunt forever lol (when my dd was born she grunted for 2 hours straight i thought she was gonna grunt forever lol)



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