Giving 2mth Old Rice Cereal Please Respond Asap

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Amber - August 31

My daughter is two months old and a friend recommended I should start her on rice cereal so that she will stay full longer and sleep through the night. I know that the dr usually dont give you the go ahead to start cereal until they are about 3 or 4mths! Also Im worried that this will make her overweight. Has anyone ever given there baby cereal at this age? Is it a good idea or should I wait.


lilmama - August 31

i think you should wait, starting solids too early can lead to food allergies down the road, and studies show that it doesnt help a baby sleep any better. if she is not getting enough to eat, just give her more formula


Ashley - September 1

My cousin gave his baby cereal starting at 2 months because him and his wife insisted that he was always hungry. Anyhow, he's now 8 months and HUGE! Don't know if there is a correlation but sure seems like there is. I would wait till at least 4 months.


Alisha - September 1

Getting a two month old to eat from a spoon might be challenging. I tried to give my son cereal a 3 months, very uncooperative and what I managed to get him to eat did not help him sleep any longer. As far as sleeping through the night, there is nothing you can do about that. Your baby will when she is ready. You cant rush these things. My son just started sleeping through the night and he is 7 months!


Jamie - September 1

I had a friend recommend that I give my 5 day old rice cereal in a bottle so that she'd sleep through the night. I politely nodded and said I'd consider it - and haven't even thought about it since. Amber, if you're not sure it's right for YOUR baby, then don't do it. You could give her cereal one or two nights, see how she does with it, and then go from there, or you could wait another month or 10. It's your decision, so don't do anything you're not comfortable with.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 1

I was also told to give my baby cereal by friends and family. We asked the doctor and she told us it does not fill them up any more than formula. The only thing is their bowels are not ready for something that thick yet and they get constipated easier. We tried it and Amaya did fine with it and stayed regular but I didnt notice a difference so we are back to just formula right now. We only gave it to her like 3 times. I feel like I would rather get up and feed during the night rather than have to console a constipated baby!


michelle - September 1

my child is 3 years old now and i am alos pregnant now. i started giving sarah cereal at 2 months old. i gave it to her by spoon i never put it in her bottle. she slept through the night the first night i did it. she never got over wieght and still isn't. i would recommend it. i am going to start my next child on cereal at 2 months as well. i would try alittle and see if it works and if it doesn't stop for a month. good luck with sleeping through the night


Narcissus - September 1

Every baby is different. The only thing you can do is to start out with a small amount and see how she tolerates it, if you decide to try this method. Do not let people sway you with the myth that b/c it works for another baby, that it will work for yours as well.


monica - September 1

I agree all babies are different. I did give my first son cereal at 2 months and he did great and yes he slept the whole night. Didnt gain too much weight....with my 5 week old I started putting a little bit of cereal in his b___st milk before he goes to doesnt fill him up but it stops him from spitting up so much.Try very little at first and see how it goes. My doctor told me at 6 weeks I could start but I started 1 week earlier.


MJM - September 1

I think some people over react to this type of thing. I gave my daughter rice cereal in her bottle at night time. She was never over weight no food alergies nothing but a great nights sleep. You only add a little bit. Plus it is not like you mix it super thick. Only a little in the bottle. Everybody and every baby is different


Stefanie, RN - September 1

All studies have shown that giving your baby rice cereal does NOT help them sleep through the night. Giving them rice cereal too early can set them up for allergies and it will not give you more sleep....guaranteed.


To Stefanie - September 1

There was not a statistically significant number of babies that sleep longer when given rice cereal before bedtime. That does not mean that some of the babies from the studies did not sleep longer when given rice. Through observation, I have found that my baby sleeps longer when given rice cereal at night. There are no guarantees. All babies are not created equal. I prefer to follow my pediatrician's advice over an RN's.


Kathryn - September 2

My aunt gave her kids rice cereal at about six weeks and her kids were HUGE!! It looked like they would pop. I tried my son who is three months and he didn't care much for it. Plus, it didn't make him sleep any longer. I think it made him spit up more that he usually does. I'm going to quit giving it to him for a few days to see it it helps.


Amber - September 2

Thanks you all for the advice, I did give her some cereal for a few days but I think Ive decided to stop and wait until she gets a little older.


please dont give baby solids - September 23

Giving a baby rice cereal before 6 months of age can cause great discomfort for the baby's tummy....babies under 6 months of age donot have the digestive capabilities to digest baby cereal therefore it sits in there stomach making them feel "full" without giving them the nutritional value they need. Its a personal decision left up to the babys mom but personally I know my baby doesnt need anthing other than b___stmilk or formula for the first 6 months.


Anna - September 23

im doing the same thing you are but my DR recomended it because daughter...keeped spitting up everthing she ate. but wht i did is just put a lilttle bit in her bottle like a spoonful and shake it up really good. but dont do it with ever it once. my sister gave her oldest son cereal at 1 week and now hes like8 and weighs like 60-70lbs so its fine just dont spoon feed or give it to her in ever bottle


Tiffany - September 23

Well sometimes the milk just isnt enough for the baby. My mom used to mix rice cereal with our milk and my sister did it to hers. NONE of us were overweight and we cried alot less because we were full. It is your decision.



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