Giving 2mth Old Rice Cereal Please Respond Asap

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Tiffany - September 23

Well sometimes the milk just isnt enough for the baby. My mom used to mix rice cereal with our milk and my sister did it to hers. NONE of us were overweight and we cried alot less because we were full. It is your decision.


TeeTee - September 26

I tried giving my son cereal around that age so that he would sleep through the night and all it did was make him think he had to poop. I later read that the cereal is so heavy that babies think they have to go to the bathroom when they really don't. My son would wake up and just push and push. I stopped immediately. He is now almost 4 months and I have started him once again and he is doing fine with it.


a - September 26

we gave our baby rice ceral in everyone of her bottles at about two months.. its ok!!


NG - September 27

It is not a good idea to wean your baby at 2mths , your baby needs milk for the first 5-6 months only. Her digestive tract will not be mature anough to cope with most solids at this time. Many babies do not sleep all night until they are close to 2 years old, and even then 5 hours in a row is considered all night. Try feeding your baby when you go to bed. Even if you have to wake her up to top her up. If you are still keen to try feeding her solids only feed her after milk , not before because she need to get all the goodness from the milk first.


Liz - September 27

I started my 1 month old on cereal at night. Not thick but just 1 teaspoon of rice cereal in a 4 oz bottle of formula. It makes it just a little bit thicker than just formula. It took about a week to kick in but he sleeps better during the night.


Jess - September 29

If you are going to give cereal early, I would reccommend not mixing it in a bottle. My pediatrician and WIC counselor both said that this can build up in babys ears and possibly lead to more ear infections. Also, jsut in my experience when i introduced cereal to my daughter at 4 months, it had no effect whatsoever in her sleep pattern., She is 7 months old now, introduced to cereal, fruits, and veggies, and STILL wakes up every few hours.


nikkiA - July 19

I was reading through this and have to say that while everyone is ent_tled to their opinions I found it upsetting how some are so ridiculous as to believe they are the only ones who are right. There are mothers wantimg to know answers to important questions about their children. Putting each other down and believing only you are correct is not beneficial to anyone. Now being a mom of twins where one twin was on rice cereal at 2 months old and the other not till 4 I can say first hand every baby is different. If you think you want to start something new with your child discuss it with the Dr to see what is best for your individual baby. The early cereal eating twin was consuming way too much formula for her age and gaining weight way too fast compared to her sister. So the Dr suggested giving her the rice cereal early so she felt fuller and wasnt eating so many "extra" calories a day. We didnt put it in her bottle but we did give it to her bc I discussed my concerns with her Dr first. I hope this helps.



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