How Much Does Your 2 Month Old Weigh

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lauren - February 17

Wow, sophie is a very popular name!! my sophie is 10lbs 6 0z now!!! When were the other sophies born? mine was dec 13:)


Christy - February 17

My kiddo is 14 weeks old, but was around 12 lb 5 oz when he was two months old. He was weighed a couple of weeks ago and was 13 lb 10 oz then.


Amanda - February 17

My guy weighed 10 lbs even at birth and at his 2 month check up he weighed 15lbs 2 oz. He doesn't really look fat he just looks healthy and his cheeks are chubby....he is too cute. GRANTSMOM it sounds like we are in the same situation. I would like to talk to you about some things such as the peditrician and such. I have a ton of questions that no one can answer.


Sarahsmommy - February 17

My little Sarah was 7 lbs even at birth and at her 2 month checkup a week ago was 9.15 lbs. She's a little thing, but she's too cute. She just starting to grow out of some of her newborn clothes.


lynnstress - February 17

My son's 2-month appt. was yesterday - he was 12 lbs., 5 oz. and 24 inches. The dr. said he was a little skinny for his height! My sister (an RN and mom of 3) told me that babies should double their birthweight by 6 months, and triple it by 12 months. My son was 9 lbs., 1 oz. at birth. Ask your dr. what percentile your baby is in for height and weight!


Ca__sieSong - February 17

Lynnstress, your doc said you little one was skinny for his height (length)? then that would make Aria too skinny too since she was 12lb 9 oz at her appointment and was 24 inches. My doc didn't say anything about it though. Said she was perfect... hmmm. Did your doc say your son was in the 95th % for length?


MyAngelBaby - February 17

My daughter was born on December 9th weighting 7 lb. 12 oz. and 21 in. At her 2-month check-up she was 13 lb. 8 oz. and 23 in. She also got her shots but only 2 out of the 4 cuz I wanted them to be split up. She was fussy for a bit and had a low grade fever :-(


Justine1 - February 17

Lauren - My Sophie was born on 18th October so she's 4 months tomorrow. She's an English Sophie - its quite a popular name over here and its good because my DH is French and its a French name too.


Michelle - February 17

My son is 11 weeks and just had his two month shots yesterday. He weighs 15 lbs 6 oz, 24.5 inches long. He is a HEALTHY boy!! ha ha....however, he doesnt look chubby, he just looks alot older than two months!


Grantsmom - February 17

Hi Amanda. Sounds like we have two little chunkies. Sorry I don't always answer right away. I usually only get a chance to log on once a day. I'd love to talk though. Sounds like Michelle's little guy isn't so little either.


Amanda - February 17

To GRANTSMOM: Kale's (my son) ped. told me that kale is overweight for his age and that he should only weigh between 10 and 14 lbs. Well I am sorry he weighed 10 lbs when he was born. He also said I should only be feeding him 4 oz every 4 hours and to give him cereal in the morning and evening. Well I give him 6 oz at night before bed and he sleeps through the night for 9 or 10 hours and then I give him 6 when he wakes up and then just 4 oz every 3 hours throughout the day and he is doing just fine. I am not putting him on cereal at 2 months old. He said that he is off the charts in weight and height like I said he is 15 lbs 2 oz and 24 1/4 inches long at 8 weeks. He is just a strong healthy boy and I believe I am doing a fine job. Has your ped told you anything?? Just curious!!!


Grantsmom - February 18

Amanda. Babies are little people, and people come in many shapes and sizes. I don't think he's overweight. He only weighs a few oz. more than mine and your son is 2 1/2 inches taller! Which means if your Doc thinks your son is overweight, he would think mine is obese. Grant eats 6-7 oz. every 3-4 hours, so only 4 oz every 4 hours would leave him very hungrey. I'm not going to do that. When I told my Doc how much I was feeding, he asked me if I was waiting until the baby "asked" for it or just feeding him because it was time. I explained that I only feed when Grant cries and sucks on his hands like when they are hungrey. Then when I feed him he goes to town on it and eats the whole bottle. I don't force him to take any more than what he wants. When I said that the Doc said then that is fine. He didn't act like Grants weight was a problem. He also said they go through stages where they will suddenly gain weight , but not height and appear chubby. But then they will grow in height but not so much in weight and thin out. He said it goes back and forth like that for the first year. He also told me to give Grant cereal in his bottle at night. Which I was already doing. Not much just 2 tablespoons in a 6 oz. bottle. It will just thicken the milk slightley. I had to use a medium flow nipple also. Some people think that putting the cereal in the bottle is what you do when you are lazy and don't want to go through the trouble of spoon feeding. That isn't what it is with me. He is too young to eat from a spoon yet, but because of his size and appet_te, the Dr. said he needs a little extra nourishment that is why I do it. Plus we are only talking about a small amount. I don't know if you are Breast or Bottle feeding, If you are BF then I'm not sure how to do the cereal. If you aren't comfortable with giving cereal yet, then don't. You know what is best for him. I would feed him when he "ask" for it and let him eat as much and as often as he wants. A baby will not eat once full. Mine will simply stop sucking and let the milk run out of his mouth, or sometimes slap at the bottle. I think he is just a big, healthy boy. It's all in the genes.


Amanda - February 19

GRANTSMOM: Thank you so much for your reply. I just got fed up with this doctor saying my son is overweight and I do not plan on going back to him. I am bottle feeding and I did try to give him cereal a couple times in his 4 oz bottles at night but it did not seem to help him sleep any better at all so I decided to stop the cereal. I now give him 6 oz at night and he sleeps through the night. I only feed him on demand also. THe doctor wants me to wait 4 hours between feedings but a 15 lb baby needs to eat more than 4 oz every 4 hours. Sometimes 4 oz only lasts him a couple hours. He never eats more than 6 sometimes 6 is too much for his belly. He is a very fussy baby and I am wondering if it isn't because the 4 oz isn't satisfing him enough. But I haven't been feeding him more than that because his doctor didn't want to. I think I will just try 6 oz at every feeding and he will eat what he wants and stop when he is full. Thank you so much!!


Grantsmom - February 19

I would start giving him 6 oz at every bottle also. I agree a 15 pound baby will need more calories. These Dr.s get on my nerves. I am one of those people that takes everything they say with a grain of salt. I'll listen and consider what they are saying, but ultimately I'm going to do what I feel is best. Trust yourself. You know what he needs. No-one knows him better than you do . I can't wait to see how much they have grown by the 4 month check . My mom told me that the "rule of thumb" is a baby will double their birth weight by the time they are 4-6 months old. Your son still has 5 pounds to go for that to happen. So he sounds like he is on track. My son weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. at birth so he is 1 pound away from doubling. I'm not going to worry about it though. Hope to talk to you again sometime. Also hope your little munchkin is doing well!


Selena - February 20

Well I jst got home from Taylors 2 month old shot appointment which was very heartbreaking for me. Taylor seemed to handle it fairly well and is asleep now after she ate so lets hope her fever is mild! To get to the point though, she weighed 10lbs 11ozs after being born at 5lbs 6ozs. She has jumper from the 25th percentile for her age to the 50th percentile so now shes average.


Amanda - February 20

Well Kales doc wants to see him at 3 months to check up on his weight. But I think I am going to get a second opinion about his weight. I mean he has only gained 5 lbs since me that is not that bad. He has to understand that he is giong to weigh more because he weighed 10 lbs at birth. But he is a doc that does the charting and expects all baby's to be the same...but not all baby's are the same. He said they should double their birth weight by 5 months triple it by 9 months and only weigh 20 lbs at a year old. Well if Kale would triple his birth weight at 9 months he would weigh 30 lbs and he only wants him to weigh 20 by a year. I don't understand!!! It is starting to make me mad.



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