Is It Safe For My Baby To Sleep In Her Car Seat All Night

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Missy - October 3

My daughter is a month old today, and she loves to sleep in her car seat...I sit it next to my bed and she sits in there and can sleep there for hours.she cries when i try to put her in her crib, and i was just wondering, is it safe for a baby to sleep in a car seat all night long? Is it safe for her to sleep in a sitting up position like that for a long period of time? Thanks.


Laikens Mom - October 3

My son is 7 weeks old, and has his first cold. When I took him to the doctor, she told me to let him sleep in his carseat because it will help with the congestion. I don't see why it would be a problem.


momma - October 3

my daughter did the same the she liked the swing too, after a while i started proping her in a boppy pillow in her crib and then when she fell a sleep gently removed the pillow. and after a while she only had to have something by her head


Lissi - October 3

Lol! I was wondering the same thing. :) My daughter sleeps really well in her car seat, but hates her crib. Maybe I will try that tonight, because I'm getting desperate.


MM - October 3

I would still put them in their cribs, they will get use to it. When my daughter was all congested I just put phone books under her crib mattress so she was at an angle.


mommy of two - October 3

My first son, the only way to get him to sleep was in his car seat, sometimes complete with mom and dad making car noises while rocking the seat! lol strange kid! newborns don't like big open spaces, and as long as they can't roll over by themselves, it should be okay. we went from the car seat to a ba__sinet to a crib to make it easier for him to get used to open spaces.


hi all - October 3

just make sure the baby is strapped in otherwise the straps could be a stragulation hazzard.


keekee - October 3

Your baby sound like my first born. He loves to sleep in his infant chair(similar to car seat). The doctor said it was fine. Like "hi all" said make sure your little one is safely strapped in. Otherwise its ok. Take care!!!


Angela - October 3

Missy - what kind of car seat do youhave?


Mica - October 4

There have been developmental problems lately from babies spending too much time strapped in a car seat. There can be breathing problems, and problems with skull development.


Really Mica? - October 4

Where's the reaseach that you read about this??? Skull formalities?? Whatever...if your kid sleeps in a swing and a carseat after the age of four weeks, then who cares. They will not sleep that way forever and they won't grow up to be a taxi driver or a carnival carni....let your kids sleep how they feel comfy...if it's in a carseat or a swing, the let them. They need their sleep and so do you...Good Luck.


me - October 4

Mica doesn't need to prove these facts. They are true. If the child slumps down, or its head hangs, it can cause the airway to be blocked. This can cause suffocation...Also, their heads usually dont move around very much in a car seat, and laying on one side of their head too long, too often can cause mis-shapen heads. These are things that your doctors should be telling you. Most doctors DO tell these facts. Especially when a child is only newborn, when the soft spot on the back of their heads hasn't closed yet, their heads are very vulnerable to malformation. It doesn't take forever for these problems to appear, it only takes suffocation one time, and your baby is dead. I think my babys safety is 100% more important than my beauty sleep!


? - October 4

I think my main concern is the babies spine, they sit in there kind of "rounded",would the spine grow with a curve?


ME! - October 4

It's not a case of "beauty sleep"! I'm b___stfeeding and if I don't get enough sleep, it affects my milk supply. Sometimes, I have no choice but to let my baby sleep in whatever works, just so I can rest for an hour.


To me - October 4

Acutally smarty pants, I looked up the misshapen head info and they are predominatley caused by babies spending too much time on their backs. Not from sleeping in a car seat or swing.


me - October 4

try even car seats, smarty pants! whatever excuse you choose to use, hope you live with the consequences!


To Me - October 4

You moron. I did live with my consequences and I have a perfectly non-misshapen headed 2nd grader.



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