My Baby Won T Let Me Kiss Him

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apr - February 12

so i kiss hi, and he slaps me literally every time i kiss him. he has the cutest cheeks so i kiss him all day, but he slaps me... its quite funny but very insulting haha. anyone else have this? hes 6 months


mandee25 - February 12

I kiss my son all day long too. I just can't help it. He turns his head a lot when I do it and he is only 12 weeks. I am sneaky and kiss him while he is feeding. Hehe!


ashtynsmom - February 12

Just wait until they try to kiss back!! My dd is 12 mos and will come at me with her mouth open. She will grab each side of my face and put her open mouth to my lips and then smile. She is trying to kiss me.... I LOVE IT!! Now, she has gotten to where I just have to say " Can Mommy have a kiss?" and she will do this!! It melts my heart!! :)


Nita_ - February 12

It's quite funny! But agree with ashtynsmom, wait till they kiss you back. My dd 7 months has started to do something like kissing. She grabs my head(along with my hair! OUCH!) and pulls it near her face and starts sucking on my cheeks. She's getting her 1st set of teeth, so she now loves to chew on my nose too!! She only does this with me(at least so far!), it's the cutest thing although I end up with drool cheeks! :)


k.p.j.e. - February 12

Oh! that would break my heart! But it sounds really cute and funny actually! If he's only 6 months old don't worry. He just hasn't learned the joy of a kiss! But he slaps you...that is too funny! Lol Nita that is a funny image!


vonzo - February 12

My lo has started kissing too with an open mouth, the other day i got a lovely sicky one.... I'm sure you little boy will be enjoying and giving you kissys in no time :o)


kris313 - February 12

My dd turns her head when I try to kiss her but giggles away when the dog sneaks one in. If only she'd turn her head when she's older and BOYS try to kiss her, my life would be a hell of a lot easier!


tinderopeners - March 5

I have a baby who is 2 years old and I kissed him so much after coming from the office. You face a problem just because your baby is just 6 months old. When he grows day by day then they automatically understand you and your love through kisses.


qiaraau - March 21

That is so cute. Just be patient, eventually he will learn how to kiss.



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