Parent S Choice Formula Is NASTY

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Another one - September 10

Another bashing match! no manner what name you use people will find a way to attack you. Sad but true. Now Infant Care isn't peaceful anymore. Narcissus thanks for the heads up


lol - September 10

I am so not E.


momma - September 12

dont listen to Naricissus parants choice is great it is highly recomended by the pediatrician its cheaper and the smell isnt as bad as she claims yes it has the same ingredients but there is more or the same of most of the vitamins and minerals not less like she says actually the pediatrician says pc is better you also cant get a better value


s - September 14

just cuz one person dont like the stuff dont mean you wont I use it never have a problem with residue in bottles or tha can it come in. just give it a try they make smaller cans for babies that eat less or for trying it. but dont mix two brands together alternate bottles my dougther got less gas when i switched to pc


Daisyrae24 - September 20

My question to you is have you tried the formula for yourself?? Parent's choice may look different and have a different texture to it , but ultimately it is quite the same as the expensive brands. My son has done just fine with it and is growing and developing nicely. His pediatrician even recommends that I use it, he says it is actually made by Enfamil and is just as beneficial. Also think back to when our grandmothers were having children, they were using canned evaporated milk as formula as they did not have what we have today...and do you believe that our parents were lacking in the area of development etc due to the fact that the vitamin content was not nearly what it is today? Besides DHA and ARA didn't even exist then. Just a few things to think about when you go to purchase the most expensive stuff on the shelves.....


opinion - September 21

You get what you pay for is my theory!!!


i said - September 21

parants choice is great there is nothing wrong with it. i know several people using pc brand as well as myself and all of our children are thriving and even if you need to go on wic you can still get pc brand so you baby doesnt have to be switced and if the baby drinks it and is healthy so what if it isnt a name brand


Jill - September 21

To opinion: You are get what you pay for... When my child was on enfamil and/or similac he had the worst and most painful constipation. He faired a little better on GoodStart. In my opinion, I paid $$$ for sleepless nights and a sick baby. If I am spending less than $15.00 a week for my son to have good nutrition, and to be healthy...than that's money well matter who makes the formula.


opinion - September 21

Good for you Jill..Enfamil and or Simalac have diffrent formula's you could of tried.. every hospital i know of gives you Enfamil or Simalc when you are there.. UMMMM is that a clue? I sure don't see any with PC formula.. Can we just agree to disagree i really don't care what formula you used for your child.. Or who uses pampers or cloth it was just my opinion (HENCE the TITLE) Quality is my Moto.. IT's only money. You can't take it with you..Furthermore i would always take my Ped's advice.. Some people are just cheap and when it comes to children you can't be cheap...oh and Mylocon drops work wonders for gas pains in babies..:)


TARA - September 21

Well opinion, then you are a Marketers dream if you think the more something costs, the better the quality! I dont think anyone is just "CHEAP" because the purchase PC for their child, just sensible and not a sucker for expensive ad campaignes.


TARA - September 21

And regarding the hospitals having Similac and Enfamil.... the only clue there is that the formula companies spend big bucks to make sure they get their product to the moms first, it has nothing to do with the quality!!!!


Jill - September 21

To Opinion; My son was given similac in the hospital...when they brought him to me he was crying and appeared to be in terrible pain. At his first Doc. appointment the dr. said try soy...I did all of these brands did the same thing in that blend as well. PC has been great! BTW...PC is less expensive because they don't spend their profits marketing and giving free samples (which, in the end really aren't free if you spend $20.00 on a can that lasts no longer than 5 days when the samples are gone). PC is also made by Wyeth, which is a major US pharmaceutical company. And, just in case you were not aware...there are baby formula laws in this country that REQUIRE manufacturers to maintain a certain standard. The major brands are in the hospitals for marketing reasons, not because their products are best. My mother has been a nurse on a childrens' floor for the last 30 years, and she has stated the reason enfamil, similac, and goodstart have products at the hospital is for marketing (advertising) purposes (you know, the captive audience approach?) BTW...Mylicon drops have been CLINICALLY PROVEN to be ineffective in gas relief for babies... but hey... it's your money.


s - September 21

pc is great i know alot of ppl that use it as do i and none of us have had problems. the doctor said its just as good as the others its just cheaper becouse they dont advertise and are only availble at one chain of stores. my girl trives on pc and is actually drinking pc2 which is great for her cuz it has slightly less iron (poop issues)


to opinion - September 21

I think your problem is that you like to start conflicts. Why don't you grow up.


conclusion - September 22

after reading this posting i have come to this conlclusion pc is cheaper becouse it does not advertise, apperantly babies have less poop issues with pc and spit up less and it is frequently recomended by doctors. so if you want to waste your money to have a baby that spits up frequently and is ga__sy and constipated got for it. somthing that is recomended by doctors cant be that bad.


OPINION - September 22

I never said MY baby spit up or became Ga__sy.. My son did just fine on simalc and Enfamil.. Also to (To opinion) No one is causing conflict i am just stating my OPINION again (HENCE THE TITLE) I belive by your post you are the one who is trying to cause conflict.. But i really don't let people like you bother me.. Good luck with your babies!! :-) Take care.



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