Sex After 3rd Degree Tear

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Jen - January 23

Anyone have any experience with this? My hubby and I tried it this weekend after 6 weeks, and it did not go well. I felt like I was being ripped in half and we had to stop before it even started. I began to bleed bright red blood afterwards, though not too much, and the pain stopped after about 2-3 minutes. My doctor assured me that everything is healed up nicely- please tell me this is normal! Did she st_tch me up too tight? Sorry for TMI...


Christy - January 23

You are brave. I had a fourth degree tear 11 weeks ago and I have yet to try "doing it." I think what you are describing is normal, though. My doc said to use LOTS of lube and to make sure dh takes it easy on me. I told dh that it will probably take at least a few tries before we are successful. Now if I could only get up the courage to try! LOL! :)


Kristina - January 23

I had a 2nd degree tear, and had s_x the first time 4 weeks after. It hurt at first...but it started to get better at around 7-8 weeks.


Grantsmom - January 23

I had a 2nd degree tear and we had s_x at 3 weeks postpartum. I agree with Kristina it did hurt at first, but that was the worst one. For me it hurt just as he was entering (sorry if TMI!!) but once things got going it wasn't so bad. After that it was just uncomfortable, but not really painful again. With that said I'm 6 weeks postpartum now and it is just now feeling good for me again. My Dr. told me that getting back on the pill would help and it has for me. Oh and I did have a little bit of bleeding the first time or two, but just a spot.


Eryn @ MN - January 23

I had a third degree tear also. I waited until about 7 weeks before having s_x again. The first time hurt but then after that it got better and better. Just don't push it. "It" went through a lot of trama and although your hubby may disagree there's no hurry.


Nick - January 24

I had third degree tears and tried to have s_x for the first time after about seven weeks. It hurt and was very uncomfortable. I was expecting that because my cousin had third degree tears and told me that it will take about 6 months until everything is healed OK. My son is five months old now and s_x is much better now. Just be patient.


jg - January 24

I agree that it would probably hurt to start with, but I would get checked out if you are bleeding, because as you said, maybe you were st_tched up a little too tight, and "they" say that it is a really simple thing to fix. Good luck.


melissa - January 24

Wow, Jen, it's almost my same story. My poor hubby had been waiting so long. DD is now 7 weeks old, and we probably hadn't had s_x for at least 2 weeks before she was born. My dr would have given the go ahead at 4 weeks, but it got bumped to 6 when he saw one of my stiches wasn't completely healed yet. I also had a 3rd degree episiotomy. So I tell dh he can get it at 6 weeks, which is what we planned anyways. Jan 1 I went back on the pill, and guess when AF decided to visit? At exactly 6 weeks pp! What I did was use the lidocaine they had given me after birth and some ky jelly to start using tampons again (sorry tmi). It was painful at first, but got better. A few days ago, it seemed like period was gone, so I gave dh the go ahead, just made sure to lube up really good. It was a little uncomfy at first, but fine after--I actually enjoyed it. Though after my bleeding started again, bright red, and hasn't stopped yet. I think it's still my period combined with the s_x "trauma". Good luck!


Erin - January 24

I also had a third degree tear, we waited until 8 weeks pp, and it was not great. About 10 weeks it got better, and each time is better and better. It's a shame that men can't feel what it's like b/c they just don't understand!!


chrissy - January 24

I also had 4th degree lacerations and I thought I would never have "normal s_x" again. It was very emotional for both of us, but around 3 1/2 months post pardom it was a whole lot easier and not as painful. Yes I find that I am "smaller" now...I guess its because of how the doc has to st_tch it back. I am 5 months postpardom now and it still isn't completely normal. I guess it will never be as comfortable....who knows.


C - January 24

Third degree here and we did after 6 weeks. Yes it hurt and yes I bled a little. I think I gave it another week or two b4 trying again and I was fine.


tillyn93 - June 2

This is happening to me as well , but not to sure why, i'm 10 weeks post and every time i have intercourse i bleed :( one time i bled so much from it i was going though 1 super pad every half hour, the doctors and hospital said they're not to sure what's happeningĀ 



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