Toddler Screaming Like He Is Getting Murderd NEED HELP ASAP

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kristie h - July 5

Jas thank you, I do find when there is nothing to take off him ect then the smack does actually make him stop (he knows your serious). I guess im finding it hard cause he would just lay in his cot and scream and to tell you the truth it actally scared me last night when he did it at 1am. I went in to check on him and he was playing so i went back to bed, he started to do it again. I didnt know what to do, i knew he was ok but what if he realy wasnt and i just think well hes just playing. To make it a little clearer i dont mind the screaming as he is only a kid but i would never forgive myself if onday sumthing does happen and i ignore it.


jas - July 5

I understand completely.... I would threaten to take whatever his favorite thing is away... Then if he does not stop - do it. It might take a few nights, but he will catch on. Especially during the day when he wants that thing.


HANNAHs Mom - July 5

I had a CRAZY morning and in the midst of all the hustle and bustle trying to get my dd off the pre-school...she had a tantrum bc she wanted to eat the candy she received at the 4th parade yesterday for breakfast....of course I said no way and she went bolistic! All I can say is I had visions of soap bars dancing in my head! :) I actually resorted to "screaming"...NO CANDY FOR BREAKFAST!!!! and it worked... Anyway...everyday is a different story and sometimes needs a different approach, depending on the child and behavior and what works best for the parents.


HANNAHs Mom - July 5 more thing..kinda 4-year old has an "age-appropriate" dirty habit of sticking her finger up her nose. Last night, (after millions of requests to do it in the privacy of the bathroom and to use a tissue) I told her that I would put soap in her mouth the next time she did it. Well...she happily ran to the bathroom and grabbed the soap and said..Do it now!!!...and put it on my bum bum too! She's a tough one....just a little humor for you all :)


kristie h - July 5

Hannahs mum, lmao. I could imagine a kid saying that too. I bet you couldnt help but grin, i know i would of. Im looking forward to that age. Lol


ry - July 5

Hi, my friend has an 18 month old who was doing this and she was going through hell. She took him ot the doctor, disciplined him, everything and finally they realized he was cutting his molars which is painful. They felt so bad. Maybe make sure too there is not a medical or physical problem.


HANNAHs Mom - July 5

Yeah, it was hysterical...she's really got a wonderful sense of humor. I love this age but I am also finding it the most difficult. The 2's were a breeze but the 3's & 4's (for us anyway) have been chaotic (but fun too!). I always try to just to with the flow and learn from every experience...


Nerdy Girl - July 5

I am just curious how old your kids are, Hello. Because I honestly shared your opinions until my daughter turned 3 and all hell broke loose in our house. I never ever thought I would spank my child and I never thought I would give her a taste of soap. Somedays my kid is so crazy that I wish I lived in the country so I could just run out the back door and scream at the top of my lungs. LOL! This afternoon, my daughter has already hit her 7 month old brother, and then peed on floor out of spite during the time out I gave her for hitting her brother. I am sorry, but ignoring this behavior simply does nothing. At this moment she is asleep in her bedroom, where I sent her as a punishment after the peeing incident. Today, she is just overtired because dh insisted on taking her to fireworks last night. I guess my point is that you really can't throw stones until you have walked in someone else's shoes. The purpose of this forum is to share ideas and experiences, not judge each other.


erenimi - July 5

My step-daughter is almost three, so i understand what you are going through. Our solution with her has been to put her in the bathroom as punishment. The reason for this is 1) We don't have to listen to it 2) she is not getting the negative attention 3) there really isn't too much to get into or play with in the bathroom. We warn her once and if she doesn't stop we pick her up and sit her on the toilet and tell her she can come out when she's ready to behave. Eventually she gets bored and and stops.


hrsmith - July 5

I am sure i am going to make a few of you mad here by saying this, but I can picture in my mind exactly what a non-disciplinary parents child acts like. I have seen it all too often. These are the children who pounce on others, have no regard for rules, etc. A lot of it has to do with the lack of proper discipline. Yes, there are many ways to discipline but it depends on the type of behavior you are tryint to correct. The behavior kristie is speaking of, is one that might lead into a more strict discipline than what you are trying to explain Hello. For example. If we were in a public place, i would never let him scream until he was finished. The nice calm, lets wait and figure it out approach would not work for me. In fact just the othe day i witnessed that in a department store. the ladies children (probably around f2-3yrs.) were beating the c___p out of eachother. There approach to discpline was basically non-existent. Maybe this is not how you meant to sound when you posted your reply, but that's how it sounded to me and I can understand why kristie felt a little taken by your statement. I for one am very strict. I was raised in a strict household, was probably swatted a few times and turned out just fine. I think the spanking problem we are all thinking of, doesn't pertain to anyone on this forum. Most parents like that don't even have the sense to come on a forum like this to learn from eachother. In my opionion(as i don't know any of you ladies), i think you are all wonderful moms because you are here to vent and learn. That being said, sometimes we just need to be careful how we approach what we say.


SonyaM - July 5

HELLO, I and my husband are very involved, consistent and caring parents who happen to have one child who is VERY high maintenance and has behavior problems. Unless you have had a child who exhibits behavior problems or have PROFESSIONALY worked in the field then I would think you should have very little to say on this topic. Your opinions are valid for YOU but you obviously don't have a child with behavior problems. No parent or child for that matter is perfect and we all have to do what works for each of us and the child. If that means spanking as a punishment then so be it. We don't just randomly spank, but after a warning if the behavior continues then we will follow through with a consequence. It is not always a spanking but when warned that one is iminent if the behavior does not stop then a spanking is what he gets. My son knows if he smarts off ( he is four) then he is gonna get his mouth popped. Not hard but enough to get his attention.


hello - July 6

hrsmith although i dont hit my child it does not mean i dont believe in discipline. I choose to do it in other methods.... Kristie if u choose to hit your child and yell out naughty and no then i wish you well. Sonya i worked in childcare so i have seen my fair share of feral children... My daughter has tantrums already so i am not totally on easy street.... ...Nerdy girl i am not telling you to ignore behaviour like you mentioned but i was saying it to kristie as it was attention seeking behaviour from her son and by the way kristie you said it yourself, u are yelling out no and naughty and these are two words i also disagree with, sorry its what i was taught, anyhow you say he is laughing at u, as i said its cause u are giving him the attention he is looking for..... anyhow each to their own but i hope i am not the only person out there that wont hit their child cause as i say i cant imagine physically hurting my child....and just to add u would know if your child was hurt, they would be crying in pain not screaming for the fun of it.........Also nerdy girl we are here to not judge each other.... I just feel strongly about not hitting my child and apoligise if i am too harsh with those who choose to use that method..... Good luck kristie, try not to hit too hard k, i dont want to see a post about social services coming out to visit and think about ignoring his negative behaviour and obviously u watch the nanny quoting the naughty corner then remember she talks about acknowledging positive behaviour so they are not always looking for attention even of the negative kind. If hitting him isnt working then its time to think about another method..........


kristie h - July 6

I am sorry that i am harsh for people tick me off but you are lucky you dont know you in person!


kristie h - July 6

By the way kids laugh at you cause they know they are not allowed and they laugh to see how much they can get away with. My son puts his hand in the video play i tell hime no that naughty and i take him away he goes back to the video play with a big smile on his face this could go on forever if i just ignored it. And yes i have other ways of discipline but the one you keep bragging about is my last resort.


charliepaulchloe - July 6

Kristie- I completely agree with everything u have been saying, from when my daughter started crawling she was shouted at for eg going near the fire or putting her hands in the video, I would merely shout 'NO GO BANG' she learnt from this. Even at 8mnths she would get a smack on the hand. Kids watch and they learn very early the earlier u start to discipline the better in my opinion. She was even in her own room at 7wks so she got into a routine the only time I had real problems was when I split from her 'sperm donor' and he continued to see her and told her there were worms and spiders in her bed (bearing in mind he was jealous that I had new partner). My daughter is almost 7 now and one of the most behaved kids I have met, dont get me wrong she has her tantrums when she doesnt get her own way but she knows how far to go. I am now 24wks pregnant with another girl and this one will be treated/raised exactly as she was. Just as an added bit my daughter has only just started being allowed to touch TV/DVD player up until now she wouldnt even touch the remote control dont think Ive done a bad job myself!!!! Try putting him in his room but return few minutes later then go again but again returning in a little while just so he knows u havent gone away, I had a stairgate on Chloes bedroom door that was alarmed so I knew when she had sussed how to open it and I changed my tactics. Good luck let me know how u get on xx


hello - July 7

You sound very young kristie, you also seem to be finding it difficult to understand what i am saying.... For eg a child is playing with the power point, i will use this as an example seeing you did.... There are fittings you can buy that go into the point to child proof it....Did u know that? People strongly suggest baby proofing a house too so u dont have to constantly scream out no no no because u were too lazy to move things etc... maybe if u try ignoring your son when he is looking at u and touching the video recorder it may end, he is looking for you to say something.. Maybe if u were older u may understand me.... You switch off the switch, u walk away.... no harm is done and he will soon get bored....if my child was touching the power point i would tell them its dangerous, move them away and involve them in something else, sit on the floor and play with them for eg ... if it does involve danger i would continue to move them away until they got the hint so they know i am serious.... if it continued then i would deal with it accordingly but i wouldnt be slapping them on the asked for advice and if anyone is going through it, you got the advice and the advice u didnt like you chose to be rude to the person giving it......i am glad i dont know you in person either cause from reading your posts you sound like you have no idea with parenting and thats ok, lots of people dont..........Just to finish off for me it depends on the age as to how u handle it, if an older child was constantly touching the video then you perhaps would handle it differently cause they understand they arent mean too.... a younger child has no idea what they are touching really until u make them aware they shouldnt be touching something... To begin with i would tell them its not for touching and then the ignoring would begin if it kept going and i could see they were doing it to get a response from me, just to clarify cause if i knew they were doing it for my attention of course i would ignore it, anyhow i will leave it there, i wont reply anymore to this thread cause to some degree i am talkin to a brick wall who has different parenting ideas so therefore we will never agree.... good luck



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