Weird Hand Movements

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stefkay - March 3

Ok, I just want to check and see if anyone else has experienced this. I'm really not going to worry about it too much right now but I am super curious to see if any of you mom's havea baby that does this. My dd is 8 months old and she does what I guess you could call hand flapping when she gets excited or upset, sometimes when she's overtired. I got all freaked out because I heard about hand flapping being a sign of autism. So I did some internet searches and it sounds like it could be if in conjunction with other signs or it sounds totally normal for babies under 1yr old. I just made myself stop reading regardless, lol. She babbles ALL the time, makes eye contact and is the most smiley baby I've ever seen. She responds to her name most times but does stare off ocasionally (I do too ). Anyways, I don't know how to describe it but it's not "flapping" so much as she puts her arms straight out to her sides and her elbows are bent a bit and she just moves her hands a lot, some times like bye-bye and most of the time like she is turning a doorknob. She will do it with both hands so maybe one hand is turning a doorknob and the other is waving, etc. They just move and stuff. Sometimes her dad will call them her crab hands because they just go wild pinching, waving and turning. It's really cute when she does it, but its also just got me worried (I'm a worrier, lol). So just wondered if anyone else has a baby that does this? Thanks!


softbreeze200 - March 3

Hey Stefkay!! ok so I can always come on here and read your news post and it is exactly what Jess is doing at that time!! YES.. she does the crab hand thing too all the time! She will aly on her tummy and slap the floor over and over, My friends baby is the same age and she does it as well. I am sure that it is just a developmental thing that the girls are going through right now and totally normal. Is she sleeping better yet? Jess JUST started sleepinga bit better through the night the last few days and I am hoping it is going to stay!!


amanda17 - March 4

Perfectly normal; even expected in babies her age. She's just figuring out what her hands can do.


bellybubble - March 4

Yep my little girl is almost 7 months and does the same thing - the turning hands from side to side, and floor slapping. Another wierd thing she does is turn her hand towards her face and wave at herself - enthralled at what her hand is doing haha!


sarah21 - March 4

My daughter went around for days opening and closing her hands and just looking at them. Just discovering their new abilities. :)


stefkay - March 4

I can always feel better after posting something here, lol! Yeah it is the funniest thing to watch. It's like her arms are up like she is surprised and both hands just move all around from the wrists. She also takes her hand and does the indian "powwow" thing on her mouth but with the back of her hand instead of the palm. It is hilarious! She does it when she gets super excited. She'll clap and then powwow and then put her arms out and the wrists and hands start going all over, lol! SOFTBREEZE, yes she is sleeping MUCH better now. It kind of happened naturally but we also turned the tv off. I was leaving it on when I put her in bed b/c I always slept with the tv--big no-no! The first night we turned it off and went to bed without turning it back on she slept almost through the night. Now I can put her in bed at 8 or 9 and she goes to sleep and only wakes 1-2 times by 8am. I did let her fuss a bit the first few nights when I put her down and she just quieted and went to sleep. I can put her to bed now awake and she usually goes to sleep with a little fussing but I cannot put her down for a nap awake. She has to be nursed to sleep and placed in a swing or pack n play for her nap. She won't nap in her crib. Picky!!!!


lisbethe - April 21

I am the grandmother of an 11 month old boy. He also has strange hand movements. He twirls the right hand and opens and closes the other hand. Both arms are appears when he is excited he does it more. He also shows no signs of autism....he very interactive and smiles at almost anyone. He doesn't crawl either....he gets around by push with one leg and pulling with the same that strange. I don't remember anything strange about his mother when she was a baby. Kind regards Lisbeth


stefkay - April 24

my dd's pediatrician told me to just keep an eye on it. She said it is very normal for the age at which she was doing it most (6-8 months I think) but that now as she approaches 10 months it is less so. She said it is fine if she does it when she gets excited or upset but if she just does it while quietly amusing herself it could be a warning sign. I realized she doesn't do it nearly as much now if at all. In fact when I thought hard about it I didn't think I'd seen her do it in weeks but my mom said she did it easter weekend when we visited her so who knows.


TaylorsMommie - December 2

Babies love hands! My daughter is 7 months and not only does she love her own hands but she loves mine as well! If I move my fingers really fast in from of her she laughs and tries to grab them and then ill catch her doing it. She just started crawling last week so now I gotta chase her little b___t around! I definitely thinks it's completely normal though, no worries! :)


Magicaljazz - September 15

Lisbeth and stefkey, please can you update how everything is with your grandchild/daughter. I have the same concerns about my boy. Please reply.



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