1 Cm Dilated

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Teja - August 22

i am 38 weeks and still 1cm dialated and 70% effaced..my due date is sept 3rd and this is just driving me crazy..this is my fourth pregnancy and it is the only pregnancy that lasted this long..my other pregnancies were 36 & 37 weeks..i just want this over with already..i lost my mucus plug over a week ago, been walking 2 1/2 miles everyday, tried the pineapple, and s_x. nuthin seems to work..i would never try the castor oil, i am not that desparate to force the baby out..she will come out when she is ready..for all you other women, patience is a virtue. good luck


sara - August 31

I am 38 wks and 3 days- due sept 11th. Monday I was 4 centimeters and have been a wreck. My doctor also said just a few days to go. 80% effaced- and she could feel his head- no wonder walking was so funny feeling


Jennifer - August 31

I've been 1 cm since 32 weeks without any change...im now 37 weeks


Jennifer - August 31

I've been 1 cm since 32 weeks without any change...im now 37 weeks...everyone is different


he!he! - August 31

if you r over 38 weeks really great s_x can help you go in labor my friend kept tellin me that but i refuse i walk aall the time finally i gave in and she told me the bigger the orgee you have will make your muscles contrct nd will through u in labor work for me


he!he! - August 31

yea that is what some of my friends call it silly uh!!!!!!!


crystal c - September 8

they told me at 3cm early labor begins, but still could be weeks before you dilate to 2 cm. I have been 2cm for about a week or so and still no labor, 38 weeks and really getting impatient, but everyone is diffrent hang in there


Rosa - September 8

I was 1 cm dilated at 26 weeks. I am now 35 weeks and 2 cm dilated. It gets frustrating but you have to be strong. There is no way of nowing how long it will take.


Stephanie - September 8

I know the feeling! I went last week and they told me I was 1.5. I was so excited. I hoped when I went back this past Tuesday they would tell me I'd done more, but no such luck. I suppose it doesnt' help either I have a husband that doesn't put out much. And he wonders why I've tried the b___st pump, the nipple stimulation, and castor oil. Nothing works. I hope the fact I live in a two-story will help, cause i'm 38.5 and getting frustrated.


Nicole - September 8

I was 1cm dialated with my first one for a month before they induced me. The second one I was told that I was 2cm, went back not even a week later and I was told that I was at 1cm. I have not idea how that can happen, but that's what they told me. Anyways, I was not effaced any and I ended up having her 6 days later. You never can tell with babies. They come when they are ready.


kristen - September 8

how many centimeters do you have to be dialated before you should be admitted to the labor and delivery, and how many to get an epidural?


Nicole - September 9

I was at a 4 and 75% effaced when they kept me in the hospital. I think the effacement has more to do with it than the dialating.


mandy - September 9

good question kristen.I was told your labour has to start and be established before you can get an epi.Its strange though how some are at 4 and feel no pain yet.I am so scared that I will wishing for the epiu and e in pain,I'm still wondering about an elective c-section.


keyli - September 26

i am 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced, i effaced to 75% within 2 weeks, how much longer?


sanrob1985 - July 26

I dialated 1 cm on July 4th, 2010. I have been 1 cm so far. This is my 4th pregnancy. I have already had pre-term labor contractions. They gave me Brethine shot in my arm to slow contractions down bc they were coming every 1-3 mins apart. What do you think of that? They told me to take Procardia to stop contractions but i won't bc too much drugs can have affect on baby. Do you think i will be pregnant for long?


2010babyontheway - August 16

I am due on september first and have been 1cm dilated since 34 weeks, I am now dilated at a two and 50 percent effaced at almost 38 weeks. You can be dilated for over a month before actual labor! Just because you aare dilated does not mean labor is soon, trust me I have done my research and talked to about four different doctors about it, they all said the same thing. I feel for you, our due dates are just a few days apart! To top it off i'm only five feet tall and have absolutly no room left!



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