38 Weeks Pregnant With 3rd Child Only Had Bh Contractions

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fortenberryc - April 10

Hi, I am 38 weeks pg with 3rd child and so far I have only had light BHs. No sign of mucus plug or anything else. I lost mucus plug weeks before my other 2 births. I feel like I am just sitting here doing nothing at all. Some people say I have droppped, others say I haven't. I am so short wasted it is hard to tell. I don't want to go overdue or be induced, does it look like I'm heading there? Anyone have any answers or is in my situation?


prayerfully_hopeful - April 10

I'm 38 weeks also, no dilation, no mucous plug. Just false labor braxton hicks 7-10 mins apart but nothing really happening just yet. This is my first I don't know if I will be overdue but some say dilation means nothing because you can be dilated early and still go over due. I'm not sure what to do either!! Feels like not much is happening, and I'm ready to see my little one. Goodluck your not alone!! XoXo


fortenberryc - April 10

Thanks for the reply. It's nice to know I'm aren't alone. Let me know if anything changes..


anxious17 - March 9

IM 38 weeks also, last week i was in the hospital for my contractions, im dilated only 1/2 a centimeter.. so really nothing at all. This is my first baby and nothing has happened for me either so im right there with you guys


iemc19 - March 10

I'm 38 weeks with no.4...Contractions come and go - and I'm lucky to say mine aren't ever sore - even in labour so I'm not even aware of them half the time...With no.3 I went over my dates and had to be induced...Seeing my consultant on Wednesday so hopefully we'll set up a date for that - for going over - ..At least with a date I'll see an end in sight....As for dropping with no.3 I didn't drop at all until I went into labour - actually I was the same with the first 2 as well...But this time baby's head is 3/5 engaged, which is unusual for me....but still won't mean much - baby's been right down there for almost a month now....Its just the final stages of pregnancy...Always seems to drag in...


missycc4 - March 10

I'm 42 weeks and only BH and dilated to almost 2. I've tried everything to go be4 then and nothing. I'm going in Tuesday to be induced. I hear a lot of walking and s_x are to help but it doesn't help with everyone.


CWeber - March 11

Well I am 37 weeks with my first. I have not lost my mucous plug nor even had a BH contraction. Almost wish something would happen!


haynmama - March 12

I am 38 wks preg w/my 3rd. No action for me either!! I am 3cm dialated, dropped, and 70% effaced but no hint of baby coming yet. I did have on night of false labor for about 2 hrs...I thought it was the real thing, but the contractions were coming every 10 min, then stopped. Good thing I didn't wake my husband!! My other 2 kids came about 2 days before DD, so I'm not counting on this one coming early. Good Luck!!


TammieT - January 11

I am 37 weeks 3 days pregnant with my 3rd. I have only dilated 1cm and been having BH for a week now. I never had BH with my 1st and 2nd pregnancy. My other 2 kids came at 39 weeks. The 1st pregnancy i didn't recall loosing any mucus plug, but the 2nd pregancy i did lose my mucus plug and i was having my baby within a few days to a week.  I know every pregnancy is different, but I'm so tired and in pain a lot I am so ready to have, hold, and kiss this baby. I hope i don't go pass my due date but praying for healthy delivery and baby!!!



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