Any Unusual Bring On Labour Tips I Ve Tryed A Heap Already

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hutcho1984 - March 5

s_x! i had 6 days to go to my due date, had s_x on the wednesday night, woke up at 3am with a bloody show and my first contractions. they died out the following day, so s_x again and contractions were kickstarted again. this went on until i had her on the monday. but the s_x worked wondes when the contractions tailed off. Nic x


Lisa Bunce - May 1

Try squating all the way to the floor and then stand up again. about 10-20 times every half hour for a couple of hours. I had a friend tell me that that is supposed to push the baby down into the pelvis and release the pressure of the rib cage and get them ready. So good luck!!


angeleyes2006 - May 2

I'm also a CNA, And have studied these things. Yes it can cause your baby to poop inside you which isn't good at all. But that's if you take to much. Taking to much can cause strong contractions "Bowl contractions" Causing you to strain yourself on pooping and having the runs cause straining of the abdomen as well. I would just take 1 Tbs once an hour try 1 Tbs at 1 hour then once more an hour later and wait about 2 hours for it to kick in "while your waiting that hour for contractions to start with first dose take a 30 min walk "outside or on treadmill".Come back in and take another dose.. If your contractions don't start after those two doses and 1 hour walk.. Take one more dose making it 3 and it should work.. I've recommended this to several patients in ER that were past 36 weeks pregnant.. And all came back same night or next night with a baby.. They were all healthy births..I wish everyone luck!!!


jodie 21 - June 29

After being 2 days late with my first baby my mum told me she had caster oil with me so i had 2 tea spoons at 6pm and at 8pm it started and 1pm the next day Chloe was born . it was a great birth and Chloe is a very healthy little girl. It also clears your bowels out before labour with is much nicer stops them embra__sing moments during the birth !!! would defo do it again next time


Didgey - August 22

I am 32 weeks but due to timing want to have my baby at 38 weeks. From reading this forum - i plan to have rasberry leaf tablets, loads of pineapple core, the brown sugar recipe, 1 tbs of castor oil with juice, orgasms, (cant use s____n as not with a man) exercise/cleaning and i will be washing my feet in extremely hot water twice a day. I think these are the best options for an early baby. Not sure about the castor oil though from all your responses so will leave that as a final resort. Maybe even some moxa and acupuncture....


JenClaws - August 30

I'm 38 and a half weeks still have 10 days to go. Yesterday I went to my 38 week check up and I'm only dilated 1 cm which bummed me out. My doctor suggested s_x (because of the s____n), masterbation to have orgasms, nipple stimulation (he warned this could start false labor), and walking. My next appointment is next Monday and my doctor said, to my surprise, that we'll discuss inducing then. I'd rather go natural. 3 days ago I tried the brown sugar deal. It did bring on some contractions but not stronger ones and made me feel sick. Last night I got all natural organic raspberry leaf tea and I was up half the night with strong contractions. I'm going to continue the tea, have s_x, and hopefully orgasm. I'll keep you all posted!


daisymom - August 30

I am in the same boat and am worried about the s_x part. If the baby is engaged and I am 1cm and 60% effaced, could having s_x hurt him? I'm sure it's an old wives' tale, but could the baby get hurt?


ValentinaElizabeth - January 1

is anyone online!?


ValentinaElizabeth - January 1

Does green tea start your labour !.. And castrol oil is not good to take to start labour!.. and couldnt your baby get FAS if you have wine or any alcohol?


cors1wfe - January 1

DON'T do the CASTOR OIL - I was so impatient with my last baby I drank that stuff not knowing how miserable it would make me and my hemmorhoids - OMG I wanted to die! It's not worth it - I'd try everything else but not castor oil it just gives you mean diarrhea and hurts your b___t LOL


SweetChicken - January 14

Just wanted to let you all know -- I tried to kill two birds with one stone, and made a mixture of 4 heaped tablespoons brown sugar and 3 tablespoons cinnamon and half a cup of boilng water. It was the nastiest thing I've ever swallowed. And of course, it didn't work. That was last week. :D I'm still hanging on!!


kathleenannew - March 22

my midwife told me to go play one a swing this helps get the movment right and saftley move baby down. my sister was also told during her lador to sit in a rocking chair and rock softly.... another thing i found worked when i had my son is a car ride we went over every little bump we found a quite of road.... ( if you do, do this drive cearfully and have someone else drive ya) after i did this a couple of hours later i was in lador.


cher_don - March 23

my original due date was 9th march but at 20 week scan it was changed to 1st april nd ive been having pains nd shocking pelvic pressure for bout 2 weeks, ive cleaned the whole house from top to bottom, ate pineapples, ate oranges, took the dogs on major big hikes, bumpy car rides, nipple stimulation, running up nd down the stairs and hot baths nd im still hanging on :=) xx


justinsbaby - March 23

I tried castor oil when I was one week over with my daughter and it just put me on the toilet for the entire night. A week later My husband and I walked 13 miles, went home had s_x took hot shower and went into labor. good luck.


Grimsfury - May 4

I did some research and found that physical or mental stress was a known cause of early labor. It is suggested to do physical activity, or cleaning or whatever you choose-or try something with the effect of riding a horse to kind of "bump" the little one down. My own personal suggestion would be to try watching a movie full of suspense and see if it gives you enough adrenaline or mental stress to safely cause early labor. However, I would like to say that I'm not a professional, just a research nut, and I'm only pregnant with my first. I just thought to give an alternative that doesn't require eating funny or nasty things. Good luck to you all!


philomena - May 12

jump on a trampoline, my friend did this and went that night.



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