Can Raspberry Tea Help Induce Labour Naturally

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shana - February 6

i dont like hot tea but i drink alot of liptons rasberry ice tea. bcaus youcan get it at taco bell and i like taco bell !!! lol


col - February 10

been drinking raspberry tea 4 2 weeks now im a week over due and still no sign!!


Tracey - February 18

this is my 5 pregnancy and ive always had to be induced at around 42 weeks,,infact even with inductionmy last baby wouldnt come(ended up with a emergancy section).any ideas how i can help this one along?


kerrie - February 22

i have tried it a few times and still no luck. i felt better after drinking it though


marion - February 22

Im now having my second baby,But with my first I drank pure rasberry leaf tea from a health store.and i only had 2 cups and ended up in labor within half an hour of drinking it, So yes i do believe it dose work.


Alisha - March 3

Big difference between Raspberry tea (tea that is Raspberry flavored) and tea that is made from Raspberry leaves. Anyone know if it is okay to drink while b___stfeeding?


leanne - March 23

does s_x help induce labour?


cazzie1659 - March 29

been taking it for 2 weeks and im still waiting


Heather, RN - March 29

From all I know Red Raspberry leaf tea (read the label to make sure its pure) is great to tone and prepare the uterus for more productive contractions. This means less unproductive-yet still painful ones. It does not, however induce labor, and is most effective when taken consistently for 5 weeks or so before estimated due date.


Stacey - March 30

I've been drinking it for about a week with no noticeable change. I'm 39 weeks along. It does taste great as ice tea though!


michelle - April 2

raspberry tea doesn't necessarily start labor, it helps more with dilating and preparing the cervix for labor.


Nicola - April 8

Rasberry leaf tea helps tone the muscles of the uterus and should not be taken before 34 weeks because in RARE cases can induce labour. I've been told castor oil is the best way to induce labour


Helena - April 14

Drinking tea for the 3rd day now. No changes except increased fetal movements and sleepless nights. Not really sure what it means?


Bella - April 17

I drank the tea during my first pregnancy and I plan to again. I started drinking one cup a day starting my 8th months. I read a lot of articles that it makes your uterus really strong and that can help to push the baby out faster, lessening the need for a c-section. I pushed my baby out in three pushes. I delivered 45 minutes after I got to the hospital. I don't think it induced labor but it did seem to make my uterus really strong. The nurses and Dr. were pretty shocked he came out that fast since it was my first baby.


carrie - April 18

it definitly shouldnt be taken until late into the third trimester, as it encourages uterine contractions,and so there is a slight risk of inducing prematuerre labour or miscarriage....but does anyone know about green tea?i am addicted to the stuff at the moment, and i know its a good detox for me, but is it safe for the baby?


Tina - April 19

No it helps with an easier labor but does not induce labor.



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