Does Castor Oil Really Work

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rather not say - June 2

have s_x and when your finished have more. It worked with me with my first.


jay 36 weeks - July 17

I want an experts advice instead of other mothers so if there's and doctors or nurses out there I want to know if its dangerous for me or the baby? Because my babies more important than me stay pregnant a little longer . I await your answers thanks


Sasha - July 18

Yes but first ask your-self this qustion : Am I dialated? If your dialated Theres a 70-30% chance it will work some people are amuned to so all their doing is wasting their time well thats all I have to say


Haj - July 25

I am 42 weeks over due and I took 2 ounces with OJ last night. 5 hours later I had diarrea and some minor contractions. Nothing to run to the hospital for. It wasn't so bad, I actually feel like I cleaned my system out for my induction tomorrow.


YOLY - July 27

hy, i was researching cas. oil, and it should work only if your cervix and body are fully prepared to give birth. BUT THIS IS ONLY IF YOU BODY IS PREARED, for ex. are you dilated is your cevix soft? etc..


Jenn Judson - July 29

Well I will let you know. I just had 2.5oz of castor oil and I have to say it wasnt to bad. I mixed it with 3oz of root beer and drank it as quick as possible. My doctor said it should work though. I am 2+ Dialated and 50% effaced so we will see!


Tiffany - July 29

JENN JUDSON Let us know how you are doing I yook it with both my boys and never went to the bathroom but had them with in 24 hours so good luck to you. How far along are you


ready4baby - July 30

To Jay, I am a registered nurse. There is a risk with taking castor oil. It cause very strong contractions in some women. These strong contractions may intern cause stress on the baby (normal contractions usually start off slowly and less powerful). If the baby becomes too stressed, he may pa__s meconium(his first stool) inside the amniotic sac. He can then inhale this meconium and this can cause an infection in your baby. Some baby's do this even if the mother hasn't done anything to induce labour. However, when one tries to induce labour then this puts the baby at increased risk. If you choose to try anything, be very careful. Talk to your midwife or doctor about safer ways to induce (like stripping membranes). Good luck


jay - July 31

thanks I think I'm going to take you advice on that thanks I'm going in to be induced on aug 22 so I'll just wait I'm a big girl..good luck to the rest of you . and god bless !


amanda - August 1

you have to be dialated and your cervix has to be thinned enough. but my dr said that you SHOULD NOT take any kind of laxative while pregnant and castor oil is a laxative. A friend of mine who is an OBGYN nurse said that you can use primose tablets and stick them in your v____a as far as you can and it will help thin your cervix. i'm 2 days over due. and i'm still afraid to try anything. i will leave it up to the dr to induce my labor if need be.


zoe - August 3

ive tried everything from pineapple,spicy food to star jumping around my livingroom and nothing worked. i was a little put off trying castor oil but im now 2 days overdue and fed up, so 4and a half hours ago i drank roughly 2 oz and apart from feeling alot heaver and a bit sick nothing has happened. can someone tell me how long its suppose to take?


Mandy - August 4

Castor oil got me to the hospital, but no baby. I did get to 3cm and 50% effaced. The doc on call said he'd see me by is Thursday and no baby yet!


Kristie - August 4

Zoe, when I drank the caster oil, I drank about two ounces as well straight out of the bottle at about 8:30pm, I started contractions at about 10pm and gave birth at 4am that morning after. Everyone's different though so it could take a little longer, once the caster oil starts "cleaning out your system" that's what usually triggers the contractions, hopefully it starts soon for you but if not, don't give up hope, my mother in law had to drink it twice, a week apart before she gave birth to my husband. Good luck!


Sheila - August 4

My daughter is 41 weeks pregnant and she is so ready to deliver! She is dialated a 2 @ the DR. can feel the baby's head, he suggested that she try castro oil! So time will tell, she just started it today, if results are good I will let you know!! - August 5

basically -- it gives you the runs and the HORRIBLE bowel movements CAN send you into labor -- this is one reason they use to give enemas. Wonder if you can just do that or if enemas are harmful to baby --- not that I'd try either cuz the trots just aint my cup of tea.


emmaleesmommie - August 8

did it work for anyone who wasn't due yet?? who wasn't dialated??? will it really hurt my baby??



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