If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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Courtney - December 16

Cant the doctors tell that you took that stuff to make you go into labor? I mean do they get made about it??


Courtney - December 16

I know a girl who wanted to not be pregnant and didnt care that she would lose the baby when she was 20 weeks she took the oil and she lost the baby is what she said. Is that possible to take this stuff at 20 weeks and cause labor only at 20 weeks cause some of you say it pushes the baby down so i would think that it wouldnt do anything at 20 weeks but hey i could be wrong, Any opion on this? By the way i took the castor oil with my son it caused me to have cramping for two weeks and the doctor thought i was crazy when i said i was having contraction my baby finally came out two weeks after taken it and i was 39 weeks, they ended up endusing me cause i was in pain.


evel - December 16

thats a horrible thing to do that poor little baby


flacie - December 16

the dr told us to have s_x to bring on contractions. we had s_x at night on 10/8 and 10/9 at 5:00 a.m. I went into labor!! I was 1 1/2 weeks overdue though....


Cagni - December 17

Need to say castor oil does not work it just made me so sick. but on tuesday dec 13 i gave birth to a 8 pound 2 ounce beautiful baby boy


Done - December 18

I did the Castor Oil bit with my last one, but I took a full three ounces at my midwife's suggestion. I was in labor within four hours. I had terrible diarrhea the next day, but it was worth it. I was nearly 38 weeks and 4 cm dialated! Labor was very fast.


ChristinaLee - June 13

i'm 37wks and 4 days and this is my first baby.....i'm scared and so ready to have her......i've been having s_x and nothing yet......but i have had some small contractions the other day but not big enough to go into labor......so i'm goin to try castor oil......do you thing it will work for me????


jessica826 - August 9

hello everyone...well i am 36 weeks and 5 days....i am 2 cm and i am so ready to have my baby. i have been in pain and i cant sleep at night then i am so tired during the day......i was reading about the castor oil and i am ready to go out and buy it.... but i wanted to know what everyone thought about it. do you think it would be ok to try? please help me... thank you


mommy716 - August 13

I took castor oil on my son and he came out perfect! took it 3 times on this lil bundle and nothing! a few cramps but no progress! I wanna try it again but I'm afraid I'm hurting him and I don't wanna do any damage!!


sandra_ca16 - August 19

I tried castor oil and all I got was really bad cramps and diarhea!!! It was horrible. I ended up being induced 2 weeks later. My OB/GYN told me that it can cause the baby to poop in the uterus and that is very dangerous. If that happens and you don't go into labour, then they have to get the baby out anyways.


afireinsideamanda - September 14

im afraid of fire hydrant like vomiting and diarrhea...


tackleberry - January 22

if a drink water and brown sugar mixed togerther how long does it usually take to work im 37 weeks pregnant


tackleberry - January 22

were can i buy castor oil from


chrissyj - April 4

SOunds like a messy time! Castor oil can cause complications, since what you take affects your baby as well as you, it can cause the little one to poo inside you (meconium), which is dangerous. It is not 100% effective. Also I've heard from others that it made them aweful sick, which labor is hard enough. Never mind complications and all the other things that will happen while you are in labor under the influence of Castor Oil. I wouldn't want to take the chance, though I know how difficult it is those last few weeks and then some getting closer to the due date.


ayla - November 26

im 36 weeks 2day and sick of all the pains bad sleepless nite n everything iv been really thinking of taking castor oil but the babys head is still not engaged will it still bring on labour if hes head is still not engaged some one please help me out n give me anwsers


AmandaDorey21 - November 28

hello all... my name is amanda im 21 and this is my second pregnancy i am 36 weeks and 3 days and let me tell ya the pain is just unreal. before i got pregnant wit number 2 i weighed 86 pounds i now way 102 and my back and even the skin on my belly is sore i been havin some contractions for quite some time and im jsut wonderin what i can due to help me go into labor... i had the shot about 3 and a half weeks ago to help the lungs mature and i've read alot that they consider 37 weeks to be full term and i will 37 weeks on tuesday so can some one please help me out for i am wayyyy to big and dont think that this baby has ne more to move around.



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