If You Wanna Go Into Labor Do This

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copper - August 10

Jay, I too had GD and my doctor induced early. Talk to your doctor before trying to handle things yourself.


anna - August 12

im glad some of you were mature about this subject. im not forcing you to use castor oil im just saying if you are ready and so is you baby have your membranes stripped and then take 3teaspoons of casor oil and see what happens good luck ladies


jay - August 12

Hi Copper - now that I have learned more about gd, I will let nature take its course. Can you answer some questions for me? Why were you induced early? What were your sugars like and did you get them under control? Was your baby really big? Was he taken from you at delivery or did he/she room in???? Did the diabetes go away? I was told there is a chance that it could stay after????????? Thanks.


Rita - August 12

Anna I'm with you I used castor oil with my last daughter and she came out perfectly healthy. And now I'm doing it again I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I took some castor oil earlier today so wish me luck.


Chelsea - August 15

I'm not saying it's for everyone, but when I got to term with my son I did use castor oil one time. I started having contractions the next morning. Lucky for me I used it, because if I had waited there could have been serious problems or even stillbirth. My son had IUGR (my placenta had stopped growing and had actually started to calcify) and was only 4lbs3oz. My doctor somehow had no idea he was smaller than he should be. I just "knew" that the baby should come now. Now I'm 19 weeks along with my second and you'd better believe they're keeping a close eye on this one's size. By the way, I did everything by the book so if anyone's thinking of ragging me about "what did you do wrong" it wasn't my fault, just my placenta's.


Casondra - August 16

im 5 days overdue and tried the castrol oil thing and i woke up with 1 to 2 minute apart contractions for 7 hours straight but didnt have the baby cause the babys head wasnt far enough down to break my water


LB - August 16

What is castor oil, and where can i find it. Today is my due date and i'm more than ready to have this baby!


anna - August 16

i hope everything works out with you rita... and castor oil is a laxitive andd you can get it at any drug store...dont take to much or youll have the poopies!!! i only took 3 teaspoons GET THE TASTELESS KIND!!!!!


amy - August 17

castor oil is really nasty. i tried it and it did absolutally nothing for me but gave me really bad diarrhea for a long time


Tanya - August 17

I too have used castor oil to induce labour at the advice of my doctor I was 38 weeks. I chased it with orange juice, 11 hours later I had a healthy, huge baby boy. I wasn't being impatient, i was scared had I waited till my machine determind due date I would have ended up having a 11-12 pound baby. He was born healthy, happy and beautiful and no muconum until after of course. My doctor suggested this and encouraged it.


Crystal - August 17

well ladies, im 36 weeks measuring 38 weeks. my baby is already 7 pounds and im not due til 9/13. i am 3 cent. and 60 percent thinned out. and i have tried everything to go into labor. i already have a 2 year old. I have had s_x and i have walked and i have even ran in place. i havent tried the oil but my cousin did it and it didnt work for her. when u figure it out please let me know cuz im sooooo ready!!!.


Mich - August 17

Crystal- I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!! I am 39 weeks. And convinced that the baby is never comming out! She moves all the time like shes trying to get out, but I think shes just putting on an audition for us and teasing. I have tried sooooooooooo many different things as well the help induce labour but im am convinced that nothing works. I am convinced that it just happens that the one time you do try it, baby decides she/he wants to come into the world and that we think that is what made the labour begin. I give up on trying, I will still try the s_x to help soften the cervix from what I hear but even that is hard with this big belly in the way!!!!


grace - August 17

this is my first baby. i was diagnosed with a biconuate uterus and was told since the beginning of my pregnancy that i would have the baby a couple weeks early. so..... here i am at 39 weeks and still no baby. i would love to induce, but the fact of the matter is that we are all pregnant and that is not the most comfortable state to be in. god is the one that is in control with this life. he has formed and created it inside you and he knows when it needs to stop surving in our wombs. its a huge test of FAITH. the unknown is scary because, lets face it we all like to be incontrol. but this we are not incontrol of. we all know that we wont remain pregnant forever and soon all the pain, heartburn,and all other "stuff" will be gone and a beautiful child will be here. i complain too but logically its not in our hands.


- August 17

midwives actually suggest using castor oil if you are due!they did for me- altho i didnt do it coz i wasnt brave enough to put up with thetaste!!haha


melissa - August 19

i want to try the castor oil i am 34 weeks measuring 35 i know im not ready at all yet but wanted to know what everyone thinks the earliest to take the castor oil should be. or are there any other methods to induce early besides s_x because i havent had s_x once my whole pregnancy since my husband left me the day i told him i was pregnant.


KT - August 20

Melissa, there is no point taking the castor oil unless u are full term (40wks) Believe me, Ive tried. It does nothing for you unless you are already dialated. Your body wont usually go into labor if it doesnt want to so no amount of trying will do anything! As for the s_x thing, well an orgasm works just as well and you dont need a man to do that......if u get what i mean ;) having an orgasm stimulates the muscles round the uterus. good luck :-)



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