Induce Labor At Home

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daizy - January 12

can you induce labor at 36 weeks with castor oil?


Channy - January 12

castor oil doesnt work..but you can try


Ali - January 12

It has worked once for me, just be sure you don't overdo it...and that you are sure he/she is ready, I wouldn't do it until I was at least 38 weeks. And I only did 2 ounces. If it works, be prepared! Personal experience only of course, try at your own risk.


mon17 - January 13

I would say dont do it. It will only work if your bodys ready ( that goes for anything) At 36 wks I dont think your body will be ready. So it would probably just make you really sick and uncomfortable.


Bonnie - January 13

Daizy, you are a month early, you should not be trying to induce this early. Induction methods should not be tried before 40 weeks unless your doctor specifically has a reason for you to do so. I know it's uncomfortable, but please try and hold off for the sake of your baby. Good luck. :)


mom2 - January 18

i agree i am 34 weeks with my second son and i know your pain, if your absolutly set on inducing use this website and look us natural ways to induce i have a friend who swears on this belly rub she got through baby bee but even it will say not to use any method before 38wks. the add is on top of this page. In the end just do what is best for you both and dont feel ashamed to ask your dr about the method you plan on using they may be able to help suggest and they can tell you wether it is safe, i can say they would never suggest it but they will answer your concerns and help before they would do nothing...hang in there and good luck!


liz - January 18

i was 36 weeks and he was measuring at 38. I tried castor oil and had contractions but they sent me home. if you are 36 weeks, htey will give you brethine at the hosp. to stop the contractions and that early, you probably wont bee diliated and it will stop them. Thats what happened to me so i just put myself through a lot of pain for no reason. i would wait another week or so...


Jami - January 19

I am 37 weeks prego and I took castor oil at 36 weeks and it didn't do a thing. I took a cap full and one horu later I thought the world was coming to an end in the bathroom. I took a shower after a "rough" time and then fell asleep for a couple of hours. Then nothing, so really it's ok to take it just be prepared for both sides, no labor and a lot of poo or labor and a lot of poo. Just remember your body has to be ready to go into labor if not, then you will just have a clean colon afterwards. Have Fun!


Lillie E - January 20

i went to 2 doc's when i was pregnant, the first one said "as long as you make it to 37 weeks, smooth sailing.." but my midwife wanted me to go to at least 40. i HATED the end of the pregnancy because i was 10 days over due and every night i swelled up and could bearly walk... i wouldn't try the castor oil or anything else for that matter. what i did, since i was over due, was walk up and down staris (i started having contractions 5 mins after that and i just walked them once!) and if you have s_x, is has that thing in the sperm that they have in the jelly to enduce labor... so i tired that one to. started having contractions at 6:00 pm and ended up having Leon at 11:51 am.


mommy356 - January 20

Ok this may sound stupid but what is castor oil and what does it do? Ive never heard of using anything to induce labor like that. What all am I missing?


Jennifer - February 10

I don't know what castor oil is, but I'm just about 36 weeks, and I've been in preterm labor since week 20! I'm miserable and sick and tired of the painful contractions. My doctor said we've made it to a safe point for baby's arrival. However, she said there's nothing she can do for the pain, and that my contractions will be worse than most women at this point. I just want to have the baby. I'm dilated to 1cm. Is there anything I can do at home to get this REAL labor started. I've been on bedrest for three months, so I'm ready to move about and do whatever it takes. Any ideas?


mama-beans - February 10

Having a baby at 36 weeks is just plain a bad idea. If there is no other choice, then good luck to you! But why would you CHOOSE to birth a baby that is not ready to be born? Horrible time in NICU, thousands in hospital bills... 36 weeks is NOT a full term baby. Who CHOOSES a premature baby?


Chrissy - February 11

I took castor oil for my daughter, and when she was born, she had swollowed maconium. she had a 5 minute lck of oxygen to the brain and had to be air lifted to another hospital, where i could not follow. She was in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit for 7 days, her lungs were filled with maconium and she was litterally drowning. Keep in mind that castor oil is a laxitive substance, and if you are pooping, so is she. and that is what maconium is, it is excretion. she is 6 now, and has a learning and comprehension problem. It was all my fault because i could not wait. My advise, get a b___st pump, and pump each b___st for 15 minutes each, 2 times an hour until contractions get strong and affective. I did it for my son, and had him 4 hours later with no complications. Studies proove that Nipple stimulation is the most effective, and most harmless way to naturally induce and onset labor. Good Luck!


alexa - February 15

my doctor suggested primrose oil, what exactly does it do?


johanna - February 17

Primrose oil can be taken oraly or v____aly anfd is thought to soften and open the cervix. I've seen midwives dispense it but have also read in medical journals to steer clear. Same with castor oil. In my opinion it all boils down to this: let your baby come when she's good and ready. I've dealt with previous inductions and it's just not worth it unless the pregnancy becomes a serious threat to you and baby.


hannalyn - March 5

I used castor oil with my daughter at 36 weeks and my cervix started thining, but I didnt go into full labor. She was born just fine 3 weeks later at 39 weeks. After i read the comments i really dont think i'll try that with this baby, even though I am tired at 30 weeks, but for anyone else at 36 weeks i can say it works with the right dose I didnt take alot because I couldnt stnd the taste, but be careful and inform the doctor at time of delivery so they can look for merconium in your baby's lungs. Be safe than sorry! In 6 weeks Im going to try evening primrose oil directly on the cervix, just to ripen it. Anyone have any advice on that?


Shea831 - April 1

I agree with you sezbi. You need to make sure your baby is ready and your body will let you know by going into labor. You are NOT full term until about 37 or 38 weeks anyway. You really don't want a premature baby. My daughter was born on her due date, and she was in the NICU for a week. YOUR baby knows when it's time NOT YOU.



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