Miscarriage Pain Compared To Labor Pain

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Jul - March 7

I am curious if anyone out there can tell me if the pain I experienced during a first trimester miscarriages is similar to labor pain. I would start with what would feel like mild cramping, that would develop into severe cramping, with pain shooting through my legs. At this point I would be unable to walk and have urges to push. After pushing for a couple of hours the miscarriage would be complete. I really found this pain agonizing and am petrified of labor, could the pain be any worse. I'd like to hear from someone who has experienced both.


Olivene - March 8

I can't answer your question, but I did want to say that I'm sure your emotions made your miscarriage worse than it might have been if the pain were for a good reason. Just keep that in mind. My guess is that a first trimester miscarriage is rather like early to mid labor, but I'm just guessing. Sorry to hear you went through that. I hope it isn't too bad for you when you have this lovely little one.


hi - March 8

I have experienced both labor and miscarriage. When I had my mc, it was just like what I felt with my contractions except for the fact that when I was in labor I got a one minute break between contractions and with the mc it was a continous contraction pain that did not cease till the miscarriage had pa__sed. However, with the miscarriage the pains stayed low in my abdomin and contractions in labor are all over your belly-this is because your uterus is obviously bigger at labor than during the 1st trimester. As far as the "being unable to walk" or for me talk or anything-you can expect that during labor too. But remember this-at the end of it you'll have that baby that you've been trying for-there won't be sadness...just joy and many say that that feeling alone helps them to forget the pain of labor that they just experienced. I, on the other hand, ended in a c section-so I don't know about the pushing part. But the contractions do get stronger than others during labor. I hope this helps and good luck to you!!


My answer - March 9

I remember having the same question with my first successful pregnancy. I was in terrible pain when I miscarried (14 weeks) and thought for sure that I was on the same level with second time Mom's. After all... I had gone through "labor" to deliver right?! Sorry... wrong. I found out later that most of my pain from my miscarriage was from fear (not knowing when and if the pain would stop) and that real labor was a completely different type of pain. I also had taken some childbirth cla__ses by then and was more educated about what was going to happen with my body.


Monique - March 10

When I had my mc, my best friend said the pain I was describing sounded like labor (she's had two kids). It was mostly in my back though....


Mandy1984 - March 10

i had a m/c at 18.5 weeks and the pain was the worst pain i have ever felt, I was in hospial at the time but the nurses didn't come near me as they said I had a fibroid and i was not having a m/carriage, some fibroid-had 2 arms &2 legs, Anyway, labour pain is far easier than m/carriage, and I don't think its just cos you know your getting a baby at the end as during my m/carriage I did not know what was happening, Its easy to forget labour pain but not the labour of m/carriage...if your labour pain is bad there are plenty of drugs avail...before I was in labour I had signed the consent form to be able to get every drug under the sun (don't see the point of suffering) but at the time I was ok with gas and air and a tens machine


monica - March 13

personally I don't think they feel the same.I micarried around 7 weeks,between my first son and my second one and the miscarriage pain was horrible and terrifing.while labor pain does hurt it is the anticipation of the joy your hurting for that makes it bearable


pbj - March 14

My miscarriage felt like a really bad period, but the disappointment is what really hurt. Contractions hurt a 100 times worse, but it was exciting. I'm sure it's different for everyone...also I think maybe the further along you are when you miscarry, maybe the more painful it is.


juliawilkison - May 10

I have experienced both and let me tell you that it is NOTHING like a miscarrige. I have even had a preterm baby at 23 weeks and NOTHING like it. Labor is very painful compared to both.


Evej - April 18

Hi, my daughter who is pregnant read this and I felt I needed to reply. I'e had 3 children by c section. Also 3 miscarriages  before each birth. My first born, waters broke on a fri night, my daughter was born Monday lunchtime. I went a long time in labour before given an epidural with vacuum. I was 2 weeks overdue. The first miscarriage I was 15 weeks and the pain i endured was like no other. This was many years ago and I've passed out with the pain by being told to get out of bed. The other miscarriages were less weeks but equally unbearable. When I told my mum, she said wait till you give birth. Lucky for me, my sister who had 3 children naturally, no pain killers, had also experienced  a miscarriage. She told my mum no, the pain was beyond belief. So I think that generally most women probably have only severe period type pains in early miscarriages but there a few of us who who have had it real bad


claranoovark - September 18

It depends on a lot of factors. Childbirth is often made more painful by medical interventions, and a person's diet and lifestyle has a huge impact on labor pain-- so if you eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains your labor pains will be easier, if you eat a lot of processed food or fast food your labor pains will be worse, if you exercise labor pain will be easier, if you don't exercise it will be worsecxxxxx-- the same as with menstruel cramps. With my daughter I was given pitocin despite asking for a natural birth, and the pain was horrific and I had to get an epidural (which didn't work). Of course with the medical interventions I had to give birth in a laying down position which caused me to tear badly. I suffered from postpartum PTSD for a few months and had nightmares about childbirth. It wasn't until later that I learned that this is pretty common with pitocin labors, and they're usually not comparable to natural childbirth. My first trimester miscarriage was more how I have heard natural childbirth is, it was definitely worse than a bad period, there was one night where the pain was continuous and I just wanted it to be over. I couldn't speak or do much at certain points. But it never reached the level I got to with pitocin where I was just in absolute agony and wanted to die. 



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