Natural Birth

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pasiflora - June 9

So much want to give birth naturally without drugs. But this is my first baby and I am so scared of the pain. Everyone tells me to go for the epidural. What should I do?


bougainvillea - June 9

Hey, we are both flowers! Ok, so I had a natural birth and it was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It hurt and it was lots of work, like the hardest workout ever. I used hypnotherapy, hot showers and had a doula. It was a beautiful time. So forget the epidural. Mind over matter. You can do it!


NElizabeth - June 23

Do what feels right to you! Natural birth is very special, but if you are afraid of the pain, there is nothing wrong with getting a epidural. There are classes that you can go to to learn breathing techniques that can help you prepare for birth. Many women give birth with out an epidural, but equally many women choose to get the epidural. There is no right or wrong way! Do what feels right to you!


Beelost - May 24

in my case it was painful, but I can't call that feeling a real pain. Work out - it wasn't. She just jumped out of me. I love her for this also!


Afandi - September 21

Let me start by telling you that the decision you have made is a good one. Giving birth naturally is achievable and eliminates the risks associated with the intervention.  In fact, by coming here, you have already made the first step which will empower you with the knowledge you need if you choose to go that route. I am sure there are plenty of women here who chose that path and come out successful.  Let the pain not scare you. It is a temporary thing that will not last forever. However, there are a few things that you must do if you want to succeed. 
1 Seek prenatal education- here you will learn how natural birth work and how to manage the labor. 
2 Pick a health care who offer natural birth services- being attended to by a nurse who is pro natural birth will boost your ego and determination to pursue your course. 
3. Don’t gain too much weight- slim women have fewer complications when it comes to delivering. They are also favored by labor pain.
Go for a low intervention pregnancy and if there are no complications let your midwife suggest the type of tests that you can take.



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