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melisa m - May 24

i would strongly believe in the test. my family does this trick (mainly just for fun) but it has read all of the women correctly in my family. my mother had this trick done before she ever got pregnent with my oldest sister and it read that she was going to have three girls. and she did. me and my two sisters. we have done it on all of the women in my family and it has always been right.The right way it is read and how it works is you thread a needle and put it throught the center of an eraser. someone else holds it perfectly still over the center of your wrist, if it goes in a circle, it is a girl, if it goes in a line, it is a boy. It shows how many children you will have and in what order also. it doesn't work on men. it has always been accurate and i believe it one hundred percent.


dani. - June 15

it has to due with the magnetics in our bodies, and the lead in the pencil reacting to that magnetic force that our bodies all carry and is diffrent in difrent s_xes, and i have also found it to be accurate.


dani. - June 15

some people use the pedulum method as a way to talk to God, asking all sorts of questions, and if it spins, it is a "yes" answer, side to side, a "no" answer. I have seen this, and when asking a question about a deciesed person, it wont move at all, and praying and praising God made it circle verry fast and wide. believe it or not, it is interesting.


cvincent - September 26

I have done the pencil test on just about everybody that would let me including MEN and its 100% accurate so far. Although reading through this thread I understand some believe that circles represent a break between pregnacies, but here in MN I was taught that circles represents girls and side to side represents boys. My pencil test read circle, side to side, circle. I have a girl, boy, girl. The pencil when dead still after that so I know it was done. With that said, this throws the pencil test theory out of the water and I am not sure I can believe it anymore :( Thoughts?


Adimus - January 5

I have done it numerous times and It was right every time except for one time with one baby (of four that were already born). But it works different when I do it. It makes a line toward the person for a girl. Then it will almost stop and start another line and then a lateral line for a boy and then stop in between. At the end it stops. It works on men too. A minus is a girl and a plus is a boy. The divisions are quite distinct like someone is carefully controlling the pen. It does not work if it is taped to something. It does not work if I lean my hand on the wall while I do it. It only works if I simply hold the string. I would not trust it to predict the future if a woman is not pregnant yet. Anything can happen.


Lorettab - January 7

with all honesty. a good friend of mine bother'd and bother'd me to try it when I was aprx. 18 weeks pregnant. At first it said girl girl and then it was taking away and she tried again and it said might be fun if the person who is doing it has Parkinson's disease....its all in the steadiness of the hands.


Amanrice - May 26

I've read in previous posts that the test shows the complete birth history, including miscarriages, does anyone know if that includes abortions as well?


hide - November 20

Hey y'all... I am laughing and I know this thread is OLD, but we have ALWAYS done the pencil test in our family (threaded needle, inserted into eraser of a sharpened pencil - presumably for stability?) and it has NEVER been wrong. It's three for three on my kids and says right now that I'm going to have TWIN boys, so I'm hoping to thwart it this time as I have NO idea where we'd put twins! LOL


Kathy Ichien - April 23

HOw do you perform the test?


turbonora - November 21

I used a needle and thread. I put the needle in the eraser of a no. 2 pencil and tangled the pencil over the palm of my hand. I have used this for all my pregancy tests and it worked. The pencil would begin to swing and then in a circle, counter clockwise for my girl, then stopped and began swinging again but this time clockwise for my boy, stopped again and started swinging counter clockwise for my youngest girl. I tried it again because I think I am pregnant again and the four time it stopped, it started swinging again counter I guess I will see if I have another girl! The chinese calander also said I was having a girl. So far, the pencil test has been accurate!



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