Stripping Of The Membranes

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Zoe - November 26

I am full term at 38 weeks, 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. My doctor has suggested stripping my membranes at the next exam. Any advice or stories to share? Thanks for your help!


Kim - November 27

With my first pregnancy, my doctor stripped my membranes, because I had been 1 cm for a month. Well it hurt a little. A few hours later I had the worse irregular contractions. I finally knew what contractions felt like that day! The next day, I walked and walked and walked around the mall. When I got home my mucus plug had came out. The day after that, my water broke. So off to the hospital I went. And I was still 1 cm! Now I don't know if stripping my membranes had any affect on my mucus plug coming out or my water breaking, but everything just happen days apart from each other.


Z - November 27

Kim, When you finally arrived at the hospital did you begin to dilate at a regular pace? How long was your labor? Thanks for your response!


Kim - November 27

No, I didn't begin to dilate. They put me on pitocin to start me to dilate because they try to deliver a baby within 24 hours of your water breaking. But because they put me on a low dose it took 12 hours before there was much of a difference in my dilating. But I think that if he never would have stripped my membranes my water would have never broke, and I'd still be sitting here with a 2 year old baby in my stomach! (just kidding). But everyone is different. Talk to your doctor more about it, he/she would know a whole lot more.


heather hunter - November 29

my doctor done that to me and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. the first time didnt for me. then she done it again a couple of days later and it worked i had my daughter that night.


pam - November 29

With both of my children (ages 5 and 3) I delivered within 24 hours of my membranes being stripped. It is very painful but it wrked to get things moving.


Tonia - December 3

I had my membranes stripped 2 days before my due date, my water broke the next morning and I had my son at midnight. I think it works.


April - December 7

I had mine done yesterday and I had cramps on and off since then, nothing consistant though. I feel less pressure on my pelvic area since she stripped the membranes. I am waiting to see if have this kid in the next few days. I am dialated to 3 and it is my 3rd child. If you are miserable and don't want to wait too long, let the doctor try it.


KristinaNo - December 8

When the doctor stripped by membranes the same night after the exam about 2am i went into labor!


Jo - December 9

I am 39 Weeks today and had my membranes stripped last week at my appt and nothing happened....but he said he couldn't do it very well, I was 2 cm dialted then. Today I went in and I am 4 cm dialated and he stripped my membranes again and said see you tonight or tomorrow.....I hope so because I am ready. He thought I would have had this baby by now. I have had some cramping so far but thats about it.....I hope I wake up in the middle of the night and get to have my baby!!!


Christine - December 10

Good luck Jo


Carrie - December 25

Three days before my due date with my daughter, my doctor stripped my membranes. It was painful, and on the way home from my appointment I started having contractions. My husband and I were so excited because we thought we were going to be able to meet our baby!! Although the contractions were strong, they were irregular. And at 2am my poor hubby was so excited he got up and made the bed while I showered to ease the pain. But then the contraction totally fizzled out! That was like a great big "PYSCH". At my next appointment, we let our doctor try again. But all that resulted in was a repeat of the week was hope deferred. And that was harder to handle than the contractions. We'd get all worked up, only to have the contractions stop because our kiddo wasn't ready. I ended up going into labor on my own 11 days after my due date. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with baby number two, 2 cm dialated. I don't know if I'll have my doc strip me this time. The disappointment of it not really working was too hard to handle. But believe me....I can totally understand the temptation to spurr things on! I might work for you. Just be aware that it also might not work! :) Good luck.


Kimberly - January 10

I had my membranes stripped last week when I was 80% effaced and 1cm dilated. I lost my mucus plug the following day but that's about it. I had another appt today and the doc stripped my membranes again. I was still 80% effaced and now 2cm dilated. I am 1 day overdue but feel like I have been pregnant forever. I have been scheduled for induction on Sunday (1/16) if nothing happens between now and then. The doc is hoping that I go into labor naturally rather than having to induce. This will be my first child - and it's a girl. Hope things start happening soon! Good luck everyone!


Lyndsey - January 13

I am full term as of tomorrow and I have been dilated to 3 cm and 100% effaced for just over a month now. I went into pre-term labor the weekend before Thanksgiving and they gave me mag. sulfate to stop it and now i seem to be in a permanent lull of labor ever starting again!! My doctor stripped my membranes this morning and I have been having A LOT of cramping and bloody show. My contractions have been about 10 min. apart for the last 4 hrs and we're hoping that the big day has finally arrived!! Can't wait to meet the little one!! Will write again to say whether or not it worked.


Jenni - January 14

My due date was Jan. 9th. On my Jan. 12th app. my doc stripped my membranes. I was 2cm dilated and about 40% effaced. I did have some cramping but no spotting at all. I don't think my mucus plug has come out yet. I go back on the 17th if he hasn't come yet. We will then set up a time for me to check in and start induction. I hope I go into labor naturally before then, but it doens't look like stripping my membranes will play a role in that.


Erica - January 18

I am sitting here waiting hopefully to start labor after having my membranes stripped today. On my first child the stripping worked within 12 hours and after 15 hours of labor I had him. I like the option and think it is worth a whirl. The baby will come when they are ready but why not give them a little push!


Rachel - January 18

I am 38+4 today.( january 18, 2004) I had my exam today. I also had my membranes stripped today. It did not hurt at all. I have not had any contractions like I have been the last couple days. I am keeping my fingers crossed.This is also my sencond child.



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