Stripping Of The Membranes

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angel777goddess - April 2

I have had 4 kids (ages 10,7,6,5) and had my membranes stripped with them all and within 24hrs after all of them I was in labor...I am not preg. with my fifth child and will do the same..hopefully this coming week.


Braydens Mom - April 3

My doctor stripped my membranes twice. The second time, I was at 2 cm, and I delivered the next day. Good luck!


angel777goddess - April 4

well I went to the doc. today and they stripped my hopefully within the next 24hrs I will be in labor..this is my fifth child and thats how it worked with the other 4 so we will see...It hurt real bad this time...I dont remember the other ones hurting so badly.


Nica - June 29

I’m 38 weeks and my doctor stripped my membranes yesterday. I had a contraction right after he did it but I have hardly had any since. I hope this works because at 38 weeks she said he feels like he’s around 8.5 lbs. how do I know how long it takes?


Anne4430121 - August 1

I got my membranes stripped at 36 weeks, without my knowledge or consent (I had *specifically* asked not to be induced). Labor started later that night but stalled after 7 hours when the baby rolled over into a transverse position ( I told the Dr about this at the next visit). I had my membranes stripped again the next week, that didn't work either. I eventually had to get chemically induced at 41.5 weeks (hurt like hell) which led to an epidural (my Dr insisted that she thought that was the only way to avoid a c-section, it was my 1st baby and I wasn't "flexible" enough without it). But I wound up having a c-section anyway because the baby was transverse. But the stripping itself was only a little uncomfortable at the time. My baby is 5 months old now and the inscision still hurts.


Revel - August 1

i had mine stripped 3 times so far adn currently over due x.x it did nothing for me besides help dispose of my mucus plug andmake me bleed alot and cramp some but not have any contractions...i was completely closed when my doc did it the first time he was able to get me 1 cm tho using his finger adn tahst where ive been since week 38 now week 41 :( only maybe 20% effacement i hope everyone elses stripping goes welll it didnt hurt to bad made me walk funny for a bit LOL was just really uncomfy


jessica_field - August 17

I am pregnant with my 2nd boy and I'm scheduled to be stripped next wednesday. I kept hearing from people at work that it is the most painful thing they have ever experienced. This completley terrified me so I called my doctor. He said that he has never had a woman so much as even cry during the procedure. He said it will feel a little worse than a normal exam but not much. He also said that if it's going to work it will start within 48 hours. If the baby is not ready though it's not going to do anything. So there really isn't any harm in trying. Trust your doctor and talk to them about your concerns. After all they did go to school for this kind of stuff. If you are truly afraid to do it - you don't have to. There are other ways if your overdue and the baby will come when the baby is ready. I'm personally a very impatient person so I'm all for trying the procedure to get the ball moving. Good luck to everyone in here.


inuk-mama - August 19

i got my membranes stripped with my first and i went into labor that night...worked great...asking dr. on tuesday if he can do it again, this time as i'm 36 weeks and dr. has said it's a big one!!!


third.time.mamma - August 19

Hi, I am also 38 wks 2 dys. 3-4 cm dilated. Dr. stripped mine yesterday nothing much yet. I did loose the last of my moucos plug (I think). With my second son my membranes were stripped and I still didn't go into labor for two weeks. Good luck keep me posted.


Andreawieb - November 7

This is my first pregnancy. I had my membrane stripped last week and nothing happened ... I went to see my doctor today and she stripped it again. I'm 1,5cm now wich is not much still and 4 days over due. I'm getting so unpacient now. No contractions yet!


caitigirl05 - April 30

my doctor stripped my membranes today at my appt and I have had some contractions but they stopped but maybe something will happen later on today or tomarrow


aliciavr6 - June 4

I have an appointment today, I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, 1cm dilated and 80-90% effaced. Do you think my doctor will strip my membranes today if I ask him to?


tonton7 - June 4

My last pregnancy(my 7th) my doctor stripped my membranes and it didnt work, I was dilated to 1cm at the time, he did it again 4 days later , still nothing, but I was put in the hosp, b/c of high blood pressure, I was stripped one more time, started on piticon, and an 1 hr later water was broke. SO for me it didnt work, but with this pg, He stripped me today I am dilated to 2 cm, and Im 37 wk 1 day, he thinks he will see me Wednesday, but if not Im being induced on Monday. So I will let you kow if it works this time.


linkonsmommy - June 13

my dr stripped my membranes 2 weeks before i had my son and nothing happen but the day before i had him she did it again and i mean she really stripped them and the next morning i woke up and i was in labor.


angelablodgett - October 23

I had my membranes stripped at 38 weeks at about 1. I started having mild contractions at about 3. nothing bad just like cramping. i took a bath about 7. im guessing that is when my water broke cause i had no idea it was broke until i got to the hospital. At about 9 i started having BAD contractions that i called my MW and she told me to head to the hospital. I was checked in at 9:36 and my daughter was born at 11:46. everything went very fast. no time for pain meds or anyting. the same with my 2nd daughter. got to the hospital and she was born 2 hours later. I am now 36 wks with my 3rd and dr. is going to strip in 2 weeks. So lets hope that it worked like it did with my 1st. I did go walking and have s_x after i was stripped so that might of helped to! But ws far as im concerned the strippin worked!!!!!!


mommyjoy - November 29

Hey everyone- I'm almost 38 weeks with my second child. (With my first, my water broke at 3:45 in the morning on his due date and had him 12 hours later.) So, I Went to the Dr. Monday 11/26 (37w3d) for my weekly checkup and thought I was getting a regular exam to see how far dilated/effaced I was (she said I'm 2cm now). I thought my Dr. was digging for gold and I was writhing and moaning with pain- all she said was I will most likely be spotting after the exam I just had. So- after reading all these postings, I have no doubt she must have stripped my membranes. I'm pretty p__sed she didn't explain anything or even ask if I wanted that done. Any thoughts of how to handle that? Anyhow, I lost my part of my mucous plug at 35w2d and it had a partially dried "rubber cement" consistency. Yesterday, (11/28) I discharged a ton of beige mucous that was a gross thick snot-like consistency and it's still going... Is this a result from the membranes being stripped, or has anyone else had this happen at this stage. I didn't experience any of this with my first pregnancy. Also, for a couple of weeks, I've had these stabbing pains where I would imagine my cervix to be. Don't know if it's my cervix changing b/c it really only happens when the baby is turning and shifting. I've mentioned it to my Dr.'s my last two appointments and they really had nothing to say...Should I be switching OB/GYNs for any subsequent children? Either way, they don't lie when they say every pregnancy is different!



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